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I might restart this on my new account; Yuoiea Pm me on that account if you'd be interested. Don't bother if you're going to quit a week or two after it starts, I don't wait to revive it if the roleplayers wont also put in an effort..

Character Portrait: Isabella Isabella Kuran, vampiric princess to her parent's throne.
Character Portrait: Cobo Angel id be the werewolf suitor
Character Portrait: Kouto Nihinso "The Shapeshifter" - A Suitor after the heart of the Princess.
Character Portrait: Jenny Spokensilver A crossdressing boy whom has befriended the princess. He is constantly seeking her for advice on fashion and make-up, but always offers his oppinion on whom she should try and marry.
Character Portrait: Alan Pericoloso A 19 year old with his eyes set on the throne. He and his twin sister work together on everything and this is no different. They will do anything to get what they want.
Character Portrait: Shiro Hearth Seto Elf male suitor for the princess
Character Portrait: Diamond H. Bell Evil Minion
Character Portrait: Bella Pericoloso 19 Year old with her eyes set on the throne. She and her twin brother work together on everything, This is no difference. Once she sets her sights on something don't get in the road this chick is brutal.
Character Portrait: Nicholas V. Fernidad Friend of the Princess and Martial Arts Expert
Character Portrait: Jacqu Azhure A young nobleman from another country, officially as an observer to the ceremonies. It is rumored his reasons for attending are entirely different than what's on record.