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A young nobleman from another country, officially as an observer to the ceremonies. It is rumored his reasons for attending are entirely different than what's on record.

a character in “Battle for her Hand”, as played by Jakob Gray

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Jacqu Azhure
Race: Dragonkin (Human with mixed dragon's blood._
Aliases/Nicknames: Heir to Hightower
Preferred name: Jacqu
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Build: Quite skinny but very leanly muscled.
Eyes: Dusk
Hair: Dark Brown
Tattoos or Scars: Hightower Crest on upper arm.


Alert, calculating, and altogether a cunning man.
Special Abilities/Skills: He can speak multiple languages, including the ancient sign language. Also has years worth of experience sneaking around, as well as being skilled with a dagger. He is known to be able to disappear into shadows and reappear elsewhere as long as the shadow connects to another shadow.
Hobbies: He is a painter and writer.
Serious Flaws/Addictions/Disorders: Does not trust easily, to the point that he believes most people around him are fake and only act to achieve their desires. He is also very slow to grow close to people. He finds it hard to find pleasure in things.

Family: Father: Jach Azhure, Lord of Hightower
Mother: Iliana Azhure, Lady of Hightower (deceased)
Wife: Layla Azhure (deceased)
Ideal Partner (Name their traits): Not interested. However, anyone who has the will to break the cold shield around his heart would be suitable, as long as they had the wit to keep him on his toes.


Noble's Clothes,
Soft Leather Boots
Stiletto x 2
Wallet, half-filled with silver coins


Was married shortly several years ago, however his newly-wed died days after marriage, leaving Jacqu to be an unhappy widower. He was born and raised by his father's maid after his mother died when he was four. His father spent as much time as he could with the boy, which, however, was not a lot. Jacqu is a person who chooses isolation because that is what he has known.

So begins...

Jacqu Azhure's Story