Albakove CastleJenny Spokensilver

A crossdressing boy whom has befriended the princess. He is constantly seeking her for advice on fashion and make-up, but always offers his oppinion on whom she should try and marry.

a character in “Battle for her Hand”, as played by Vio-Lance

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Character Role: Princess's Friend

Willing to *cough* 'take it to pm': Yes

Full Name: Jensine Jackie Spokensilver

Manditory Picture:

Race: Human

Aliases/Nicknames: Jen, Jenny, Dress Boy.

Preferred name: Jenny

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Height: 5'6

Weight: 110

Build: Slim, healthy but slender

Eyes: Emerald Green

Hair: White, slight tinge of purple

Tattos or Scars: None

Personality: Jenny is a soft, but outspoken individual. He is a little shy about his crossdressing to strangers, but once he knows, them, he is very comfortable around them. He is polite, and very smart for his age, having been schooled. But he cannot hide his primary boyish instict to be protective of the princess. He knows that she is in danger, and has told himself that he would protect her. Towards her, he is very friendly, and upkept. He pushes her to get married, and kind of advises her...though she could probably give two flips about his advice.

Special Abilities/Skills: Diplomacy, minor swordsmanship skills, understanding of nature and history.

Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, fashioning new outfits.

Serious Flaws/Addictions/Disorders: He's completely "Addicted" to wearing women's clothing. If he is adorned in men's clothing, he becomes rude, loud, and upset very quickly.

Relationship History: Had quite a few past boyfriends, and a couple of past girlfriends.
Father- Deceased.
Mother- Friend of the Queen
Sister- Twin

Ideal Partner (Name their traits): Strong, caring, decisive, headstrong and dominant. Preferably male, but is not shy about a female partner.


His weapon:

So begins...

Jenny Spokensilver's Story