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"The Shapeshifter" - A Suitor after the heart of the Princess.

a character in “Battle for her Hand”, as played by Vivalavida

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Character Role: "The Shapeshifter" - A suitor.

Willing to *cough* 'take it to pm': Yes. (:


Race: Shapeshifter

Alias: Dākuenjeru - meaning "Dark Angel", As he often decides to spurt wins, and fly high over cities, buildings and rooftops.

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: A little under 6 foot.
Weight: 155 Lbs

Build: Slender, Trim and Athletic, But of course, He can change that at his will.

Deepset emerald green.
Hair: Close to Jet black, with a few strands of Dark Brown.
Tattoos or Scars: One tattoo, across his back, that even shapeshifting cannot remove. ( Ie: It remains there, regardless of his form at the time.) It is a small inscription, that reads his father name.


A noble young man, who knows when to call things to an end.He is completely loyal, and trustworthy with any information, he still holds some of his friends oldest secrets in his head. Never to be told. He is a charmer, a gentleman, and always has been, But he has some very deep issues. He will not argue pointlessly, Nor waste much time on words, Actions speak louder than words, after all. He is incredibly mild mannered, and accepting of all races and species. He always see's the good in people...... Unless provoked.

His wit is sharp, and his tongue too. Infact he quite enjoys talking about the deepest topics, the most contraversial of subjects. Everything he doesn't yet understand is fascinating to him, as he is eager to learn, Bloodthirsty for knowledge.

His humour is adaptable, and most people seem to laugh along with him. He gets along with most people well, as long as they stay on the right side of him.

If they don't, his personality can change drastically. If someone mistreats him, Or a loved one, he can lose control, and will not stop untill he is satisfied they have learnt their lesson.

Special Abilities/Skills: He is, as I say, A shapeshifter. Meaning he can alter his physical appearance to whatever he pleases. However, if it involves anything to break his flesh (Ie: Spurting wings, or growing horns) The ripping of his flesh can be incredible painful, so he doesn't ofter do this. If nothing will break his flesh, then it will be a painless transaction.

Hobbies: He enjoys the finer things in life. Art, Drama, Nature. he often decides to splinter some wings, and fly high over cities, admiting the city lights, and the world from a birds eye perspective. It is worth the agony of growing wings, as he finds it utterly relaxing. He also enjoys entertaining his close friends with his ability to shapeshift. Afterall, All work and No play leads to a dull life, right?

Serious Flaws/Addictions/Disorders
: -If heavily provoked, he loses control of himself. Anger can be a real issue. Should something anger him strongly, He may end up committing murder, Or worse. Thats right, Worse.

Relationship History: He has had no long lasting relationships. Often, people find him compelling, as he is a charmer, but eventually, when they find out the darker side of his life, they abandon him.
He has never murdered any of his Abandoners before though. Love conquers Anger, every time.

His Mother and His Father created him together, and it was not long after his birth that his Mother died. Leaving his father to raise him, and teach him the way a Shapeshifter must live their life.
His father had told him, as a shapeshifter, he must live in the shadows, and be ashamed of what he was.

And so Kouto left his father. Kouto refused to be ashamed of what he was. He was proud to be a shapeshifter.

Ideal Partner (Name their traits):
Someone who can accept him as he is. Someone who will not simply walk out on him. They must be strong willed, and determined. Willing to work with him, and not argue pointlessly.
He also appreciates a good sense of humour, and wants someone who he can talk to about anything, everything. A clever person, to share his life with. And of course, He recognises natural beauty, The person must not be fake.

So begins...

Kouto Nihinso's Story