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Friend of the Princess and Martial Arts Expert

a character in “Battle for her Hand”, as played by 321Rave123

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Character Role: Princess's friend

Willing to *cough* 'take it to pm': Sure, why not?

Full Name: Nicholas V. Fernidad

Manditory Picture: Image

Race: Human
Aliases/Nicknames: Undercover: Charlie, V. Nicknames: Nick. Nicky, "That Guy."
Preferred name: Nicholas or Nick
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 182lbs
Build: Lean but somewhat muscular. He's very fast and has very strong bones.
Eyes: Charcoal
Hair: Black
Tattos or Scars: 4 long scars along his spine from where he fell off the side of the house while practicing free running.
Personality: Usually very kind and loving to his friends, especially protective over them. Nick loves to go outside and drink tea or coffee with them, but, as soon as people he doesn't know come onto the scene, he grows very competitive and protective. Secretly, he does not want to be left alone unless he is outside practicing. However, lock him in a foreign room by himself and he might just end up breaking everything in sight, smashing out the windows, and breaking down the door before running to the closest person to hug.
Special Abilities/Skills: Very skilled in martial arts, especially Brazilian and Chinese. He is currently focusing on advancing his skills in free running.
Hobbies: Practicing his skills, a good fight, and sitting/drinking with others outside.
Serious Flaws/Addictions/Disorders: Slightly bipolar, calm one moment and snapping one's neck the next. He has no feeling/care about killing or hurting someone, that is, unless he considers them his friend.
Relationship History: A few girlfriends in the past and one boyfriend, however, he broke up with all of them saying that he "didn't feel the spark."
Family: Renowned for their fighting skills, Nick has a mother, father, and two brothers, ages 6 and 11.
Ideal Partner (Name their traits): Kind, not afraid to boss him around a little, someone who lets him protect them, loving, and a little feisty.
Other Remarks: N/A

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