BattleMons Royale

BattleMons Royale

Paragon Genetic Sciences presents Battle Monsters, the new ultra pet available now.

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Monsters and owners of BattleMon

Battle Monsters, or BattleMons, are a new creation from Paragon Genetic Sciences. These creatures are the ultimate pet, making both an adorable and lovable friend for the entire family or a powerful battle creature to enter in competition. You can choose your own from the various types and selections we have available, then a custom BattleMon will be made for you.

BattleMon? Sounds dangerous.
We're aware of concerns over public safety, but we would like to reassure everyone that when a BattleMon is purchased the owner enters an agreement the same as any pet owner does. Should they order or train their BattleMon to attack ordinary people or animals and not just other BattleMon then they will lose their BattleMon. It's no different to training an attack dog.

How could you regulate such a thing? Criminals could use these creatures.
Each creature is microchipped and connected to a special Nourishment Chamber, which heals them when hurt and provides them sustainance. Should a person misuse their BattleMon we can track it down by the microchip, and if its removed it will be unable to use the Nourishment Chamber. Unless this is then sorted out the person will be unable to ever own a BattleMon from that point and will be reported to the authorities.

What do they eat?
BattleMons do not require normal food, which makes them the ultimate pet. The specialised Nourishment Chambers allow for BattleMons to be stored in a simple portable case. While inside they receive all their dietary and healing needs. If injured while playing with a child or battling they can easily recover from burns, cuts, grazes and many other small wounds. For more severe wounds or injuries, store them within the Nourishment Chamber and bring them to your nearest BattleMon Lab where a trained Paragon Genetic Sciences vet will fix up your BattleMon.

I'm still not sure they're safe.
BattleMons are trained from creation to recognise the difference between BattleMons and other creatures. They have a sort of sixth sense for it. They are likewise trained only to be allowed to attack other BattleMons, and only when commanded to do so. Families and even household pets can be assured that the BattleMon will not attempt to harm anyone in the home. As a part of their pre-'programmed' genetics, they will quickly adopt a sense of loyalty to those who they spend time around. Within less then a few weeks your BattleMon will consider you family.

How do I train a BattleMon?
It's easy! First, when selecting your monster at the lab, specify that you would like it either as a pet or for competition. Competition BattleMons are designed to listen to orders on a higher level then their Pet counterparts and are also more hardy, but they do have slightly subdued emotions to prevent them from feeling negative feelings from losing in a battle. Be warned, though, if you wish to train your BattleMon hard they will suffer a drop in loyalty to you, but the emotional supression will make it so there are no other negative results. A training manual is given with your purchase of a BattleMon and you can always ask one of our trained professionals to come either lend a hand with the training or pass on the skills of teaching.

What if I'm not satisfied? Do you euthanise the BattleMons?
Our company policy is against euthanasia. All unwanted BattleMons can be returned to the Lab where they will be stored and available for adoption at a much lower fee then normal. We do have a refund policy, but you will not get a full return for the BattleMon to account for the cost of creating a custom designed creature for you.

Is there such a thing as a wild BattleMon?
It would be irresponsible of us to release genetic experiments into the wild. They also require the use of Nourishment Chambers, and can only be released externally.

Do BattleMon breed?
No, they can only be customly designed. If you find two BattleMon with favourable traits we can create a new BattleMon with the genes from the first two, though genetics isn't a perfect society and there is still a chance you won't get what you are aiming for.

What senses do BattleMon have?
Every BattleMon has the five basic senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste at least, so that none of them have a technical advantage. This means that no matter the shape of form of your BattleMon it will have a nose, be it slits or nostrils, a mouth of some form, eyes and at least holes to hear sound from. Talk to our scientists about specifications.

What's an attunement?
Attunements are customisations for your BattleMon's. They give that personal touch and allow for more diversity. A BattleMon can have up to four different attunements as well as an innate attunement they begin with. Attunements may provide your BattleMon the ability to sing, a resistance to poisons and many other interesting features both for pets and competition. Each BattleMon starts with one innate Attunement and one selected by staff which you can choose to use or not. An attunement is not permanent, but they are very difficult to remove. Take caution in your purchases as we do not offer refunds. There is a list of Attunements here.

Details on the Nourishment Chamber and BattleMon in general.
BattleMon have an expected lifespan of twenty to thirty years, reaching their prime roughly at the age of twenty before beginning to show signs of growing old. However, our technology allows us to make a replication of the same genetics from the BattleMon to make a similar replica, but it should be noted that they will not be exactly the same. Nourishment Chambers lock the BattleMon into a stasis, slowing the aging process while inside, providing any neccesary nourishment needed and providing neccesary healing of small injuries. While inside a Nourishment Chamber the BattleMon is effectively asleep. It is reccommended for lifespan that the BattleMon is placed in its Nourishment Chamber when you sleep, but we understand that some people will wish to cuddle up to their adorable pets, so feel free to go against that.
All BattleMon are at tallest three feet high. They can stretch much longer, sometimes five feet long. They can vary between many animal types of your choosing.

BattleMon Standard Package
1x BattleMon (custom design; type/s, animal breed/s)
1x Nourishment Chamber
1x Training Manual
1x Innate Attunement
1x Staff Selected Attunement

BattleMon Adoption Package
1x BattleMon of your picking
1x Nourishment Chamber
1x Training Manual

Lab Credit
You can earn Lab Credit by battling. For each victory you have you earn two Credits and for each loss you earn one. A common Attunement costs only two credits, a valuable attunement costs four and a rare attunement costs six. It costs two credits to remove an Attunement, so be careful with your placements!

Toggle Rules

This is a design for creatures intended for the pre-existing Multiverse roleplay. However, if you like this concept and you would like it in your RP, just ask.
BattleMons. At this point, limit one per customer (player) as I have to manage them all. BattleMons was a concept intended to add to pre-existing roleplays by giving an alternative to 'fight to the death' style situations with practically unkillable monsters still capable of being severely injured.

Physical and Magical
BattleMon have both physical and elemental attacks. When creating your BattleMon, consider the parts of their body where attacks come from.

Attack: High
Defence: Very Low
Speed: Very Low
HP: High
Weakness: Water
Strength: Dark

The Indomitable Spirit
Fire represents power and persistence, the destructive capabilities that something can cause with a little fuel. Fire monsters hold great capabilities for damage while also holding the lasting power to strive on what little they are given. While mostly the embodiment of heat, they may also represent anger, passion and other powerful emotions that invoke action and change. However, even when weak, Fire still holds emotion, smouldering quietly away. These may burn down if not given more fuel to continue.

Fire Specialities
Fire and flame based attacks as well as generating fuel. As such, they are excellent at bypassing natural armour, their attacks being focussed less on impacts and cuts and more harming the opponent and wearing them down over a period of time over going for the immediate win.
In addition, if they choose to play defensively they are able to keep a dangerous style of producing burning walls and smokescreens to conceal their retreat as the enemy is forced to pursue.
While Fire is primarily weak to Water, it’s worth noting that Sky can also be a problem or aid them to grow stronger. Likewise, Fire may seem to have an advantage over Nature, but should the flames subside Nature can quickly grow stronger in the after effects.

Fire Innate Attunement
Heat Resistance - BattleMon is resistant to the affects of heat including those they generate (does not include fire)


Attack: High
Defence: Very Low
Speed: High
HP: Very Low
Weakness: Light
Strength: Water

The Soaring Spirit
Sky possesses the spirit of true adventure, leaping off into the world to explore and find new things. They can barely be chained, often seeking out trouble due to their own curiosity. But the greatest desire of the Soaring Spirit is to be free and to search across the lands.
Sky monsters can be found hunting or searching, sometimes striking without warning on unsuspecting prey from above. Often their behaviour is mistaken as cold and heartless, but that is just a person confusing the Sky’s spirit for something aggressive and emotionless.

Sky Specialities
Sky like to swoop in with a lot of power behind them, using their speed and height as an advantage to quickly strike before fleeing. They are capable of doing a lot of damage very fast without much warning, however this leaves them frail. The usual way to keep them unharmed is to keep them back until the time comes to strike.
Wind can provide air flows and drafts to slow opponents or quicken themselves, aiding in rapid motions in short areas and giving them the manoeuvrability they require to last.
Sky’s weakness may be Light, but they can rely on other elements like Nature to cover for them. Their main strength is over Water, the vulnerable oceans below unprepared for the sudden dash of talons or wind, but they have been known to work together.

Sky Innate Attunement
Glide - BattleMon can glide or hover under the right conditions, but cannot generate lift themselves.


Attack: Very Low
Defence: High
Speed: High
HP: Very Low
Weakness: Sky
Strength: Fire

The Sudden Spirit
The fluidity of Water is undeniable, but that does not mean waters motions and flows are obvious. Quite the opposite, as Water may be floating freely in a calm current only to suddenly unleash a drowning torrent to sweep away the unprepared. Waters nature is ever changing, flowing, moving with the stream to meet what might be at the end. It is easy to relate feelings of sorrow or calm with water, its casual flow giving peace and a chance to think, but at the same time water can turn into a raging swirl, urged on to cause chaos and destruction.

Water Specialities
Water specialises in keeping things moving, but suddenly striking with overwhelming force. They are unlike Sky in the sense that Water may play carefully, defensively, until the opportunity presents itself to become a sudden overwhelming force, rather than the sudden rapid strikes of their airborne monsters.
Water can impede an opponent’s movements, disrupting them, misdirecting them. They can also aid themselves and allies in their moves, creating currents and flows to aid them in their attacks and dodges.
Water have a tense relationship with most other elements, from Light which pierces through the murky depths to Dark which reside within them. Water can combine with their weakness Sky to create storms, quench Fire and feed Nature, allowing for probably the most versatile type.

Innate Water Attunement
Amphibious - BattleMon is adept at swimming


Attack: Very Low
Defence: High
Speed: Very Low
HP: High
Weakness: Dark
Strength: Light

The Timeless Spirit
Nature holds an uncrushable stance leant to its ancient skills of evolving to a new set of skills when presented with a new challenge. As such, Nature has developed the timeless and serene patience, willing to adapt slowly and carefully. Nature do not often make mistakes as they are being careful, though not too cautious. While another might rush into a situation headlong, Nature will instead approach steadily, exercising preparation but without being hesitant. The change in Nature is very subtle, sometimes even unnoticeable. As time moves, so do they, but with less haste and more patience than any other.

Nature Specialities
Nature specialises in providing for itself, using what it can in the surrounding world to feed, protect and heal themselves and those around them. It provides its own defences and calmly let’s an opponent throw themselves against it while traps of acid and entangling vines lie about. Poison will slowly wear down an opponent who hesitates, as nature can easily out last them with its many defences.
Nature carries little in the field of aggressing, but it can come up with a few nasty tricks if a monster is particularly creative. Nature, while primarily weak to Dark, can find Fire fuelled easily if lacking care, but will come out from the ashes only stronger with some planning. They can also find strength in Light and from Water, if they choose to branch out.

Innate Nature Attunement
Regeneration - BattleMon can slowly recover from light wounds


Attack: Very Low
Defence: Very Low
Speed: High
HP: High
Weakness: Nature
Strength: Sky

The Determined Spirit
Not a thing passes unnoticed beneath the piercing gaze of Lights. They watch on with steely determination. There is little that can shake a Light, their strong will and unshaking resolve capable of pushing them through the most difficult of times. Should a challenge approach they will rise to meet it. The conviction they carry is unlike any other, confidence in themselves and their words providing a strong set of morals regardless of goodness or evil. They stand loyal to their friends and will not bend when pressured.

Light Specialities
Light specialises in the field of uncovering the truth and throwing back what others have put forth. They are able to work against other elements with a combination of negating the enemy’s specials and providing healing and energy with their own. Light can be aggressive or defensive, capable of striking quickly with a piercing attack while being able to take a beating themselves.
Light will find it difficult to overcome Nature, who feed from the energy Light produce, but they will find that Sky are unable to get away from the endless Light resolve, matching their speed while being able to outlast them.

Innate Light Attunement
Light Vision - BattleMon is not affected by bright flashes, but has difficulty seeingin the dark.


Attack: High
Defence: High
Speed: Very Low
HP: Very Low
Weakness: Fire
Strength: Nature

The Overwhelming Spirit
Darkness is always there, always present. It is an inevitability, something that will happen. As such, Dark are often like Light, but lacking the same passion. Their determination is cold and any emotion they do show is uninviting. Most Dark prefer to be alone, to figure things out themselves. They enjoy peace, serenity, silence, as do others, but they don’t wish to enjoy it with other people. Nothing makes them more calm then being in a quiet room with no sound and their eyes closed.

Dark Specialities
Dark likes to overwhelm their targets with large attacks while still holding a persistent defence. They will shroud themselves in darkness, concealing their attacks and actions while plotting the inevitable downfall of the one they oppose. They are capable of cursing another, weakening them to allow for that perfect moment to strike. Darkness, in essence, is about biding ones time before delivering the final blow, somewhat like Water, however unlike Water, Darkness lack the subtly and suddenness that Water possess, rather relying on more strength and attacking while unseen to aid them.
Dark find that they can drown out the source of Nature’s strength easily, but will find it difficult to overcome a lit flame. As such, they have a very tenuous relationship with other elements, using clouds of Sky or deep waters of Water to help them towards their goal.

Innate Dark Attunement
Dark Vision - BattleMon can see better in the dark, but is more affected by bright flashes


Attack: Low
Defence: Low
Speed: Low
HP: Low
Weakness: None
Strength: None

The Machine Spirit
Tech lends itself to the Machine Spirit, the slow and steady concept of progression, constantly moving forward and unyielding to things that would halt it. When a problem arises, Tech figures out what is needed to overcome it, and gets it. The world is very simple and plain to Tech, answers to questions arising where needed. If Tech cannot provide an answer they will seek one, giving a curious nature to the otherwise entirely logical creatures. Their curiosity lends to them studying things, more often practically then theoretically, which can often come across as invasive and unwelcome, however they mean no harm if they wish to prod at something they don’t understand in an attempt to learn about it.

Tech Specialities
Tech is balanced, if nothing else. They seem to have no advantages, strategy being developed on a per-foe basis rather than entering with their own. They carry the tools they need and adapt them to whatever situation they arrive at. However, this does not provide them with complete superiority, as Tech can be tricked, not prepared for strategies pre-planned by others. Unexpected changes can also throw Tech into a loop, forcing them to try to keep up.
Due to their neutral nature, Tech does not have an advantage over any other element nor does it have any weaknesses. It’s interactions with other elements are often severely limited, though it does understand how they all interact.


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Re: BattleMons Royale Q&A

First BattleMons Tournament is now in the planning phase. If you're interested, sign up here.

Prizes to be won...
Third Place: Voice Attunement
Second Place: Sound Attunement
First Place: Exertion Attunement

Re: BattleMons Royale Q&A

Attunement List

Amphibious – BattleMon can hold their breath for an extended period of time and are more used to swimming)
Gills – BattleMon can breathe under water (Requires Amphibious)
Wings (Butterly, Bat, Dragon and Bird) – BattleMon are capable of gliding. This does not include flight and will require a strong updraft to lift them
Flight – BattleMon are capable of flight. (Requires Wings)
Heat Resistance – BattleMon is resistant to the immense heats they produce. They are not immune to fire. If a trait of theirs involves them in some way catching on or producing fire they are immune to that fire alone.
Burn Resistance – BattleMon is resistant to burning caused by acid or fire, but not immune. (Requires Heat Resistance)
Regeneration - BattleMon slowly regenerates their body, healing grazes and injuries slowly over the course of a few minutes.
Rapid Regeneration – BattleMon can temporarily induce rapid regeneration, healing over wounds, cuts and grazes in under a minute. However, this causes the BattleMon to tire at an accelerated rate and should only be used with well-prepared tactics or out of competition. (Requires Regeneration)
Light Vision - BattleMon eyes react less strongly to changes in light making them resistant to sudden, temporary light changes, but slow to adjust to permanent ones. (Does not function with Dark Vision)
Dark Vision – BattleMon can see more clearly in dimly lit and low light areas, but are more sensitive to sudden changes in light. (Does not function with Light Vision)
Voice – BattleMon gains the ability to ‘sing’, akin to the pleasant warbling of a well-trained songbird.
Sound – BattleMon can produce dramatic and powerful sounds, either loud or extremely high pitched. Most function to distract or annoy opponents, but loud sounds can be used to upset the chemicals in an opponent’s ears and cause them to lose balance.
Exertion – BattleMon can push themselves beyond their normal limits of physical capabilities, allowing them to carry much heavier objects then themselves (such as their owners). However, this can be damaging to the BattleMon if they over-exert themselves.
Ki – BattleMon can harness their physical strength for a single powerful motion every so often through immense focus. This will tire them out quickly with repeated use.
Agility – Can suddenly produce a sudden burst of speed at the risk of muscle strain. Repeated use may result in permanent injury.
Durability – BattleMon can brace themselves for an oncoming force and taking it without moving. If the BattleMon does not have a strong base (feet dug into the floor) then they will find it can cause serious damage to their own body.
Great Globs – The BattleMon produces a viscous goop from their threat of their element.
Advanced Interfacing – Can copy other tech or tech-cross specials (Requires Tech Type, does not apply to Attunements)
Wall Crawl – BattleMon can scramble up walls and other objects effectively
Breath Attack – BattleMon can produce attacks in breath form
Dark Water – BattleMon produces a darker water than normal, making it difficult to see through (requires Water Type)
Exhaust – BattleMon has slits along their spine which allow the venting of excess heat or flames (Requires Fire Type)
Coalskin – BattleMon has a flammable layer of skin over their body
Photosynthesis – BattleMon grows stronger in sunlight
Antidote – BattleMon can analyse poisons and slow their effects (Requires Tech Type)
Wing Burst – BattleMon can produce all attacks from their wings (Requires Glide)
Refraction – BattleMon can manipulate the flow of light around them to reflect and refract. They can become harder to see and can focus lights at their opponents eyes. (Requires Light Type)
Footprints – Leaves prints of type on the ground where the BattleMon has stepped (for Fire, fire, for water, Water etc.)
Fluid Pouch – BattleMon can store large quantities of liquid and release them. Note, this is not a part of their digestive system.
Poison Resistance – BattleMon has a resistance to poisons, but not immunity

BattleMons Royale Q&A

BattleMons Royale Q&A.

Got a question? Like the design and want it for your roleplay? Interested in getting in on this action but not keen on the multiverse? Want to join a competition?

Ask here or drop me a PM.