Beautiful wild horses

Beautiful wild horses


your a wild horse be realistic

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Your a wild horse surviving nature and other creatures maybe even other horses. It is realistic and you can have a foal but no details or anything else that grosses people out have fun!

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Character Portrait: sprinter

smart wild fun funny lovs to run and is a mare


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Re: Beautiful wild horses

Ooc- ops sorry wath is watch

Re: Beautiful wild horses

Bow rears and neighs wildly while snorting wath out kid not all stallions are like me risking being killed by another stallion

Re: Beautiful wild horses

(ooc) any one can join

Re: Beautiful wild horses

Surprisingly, Jackson managed to stay still during the inspection. That is until he stopped in front of her and took a drink, then walked away. Snorting, she pawed at the water and then whinnied playfully, taking a few pounce-like steps towards him and whinnying once again. Being so young, she didn't realize the possible danger of this. Didn't realize that some stallions weren't as nice as others.

Re: Beautiful wild horses

Bow Courious of the filly trotted around her inspecting every inch he slowed again to the front of the filly and said nothing he just stood still. He took another sip of the water and slowly walked away still having a close look on the filly. He could here another horse but did not worry because he was farther away and could not possible hurt him without him hearing him stomp down the hill.

Re: Beautiful wild horses

Basil | Jackson

Jackson pranced around, tail high and head even higher. For a filly, she was still fairly tall, but extremely skinny. Winter had just ended though, and it was to be expected since she had been abandoned. It wasn't like a horse her age would know how to fend for herself or find food for herself.

Trotting down to the water, she stopped to take a drink before jumping into the cold current., watching the other horse that was at the river. Cautiously, she pranced towards him before throwing herself up and playfully pawing the air.

Basil stood up on a hill, not paying much attention to his surroundings and more just grazing on the land. The grass up there seemed in better shape, considering the higher you went the colder it got, which meant a lot of horses didn't go up there and trample the grass. A little ways down he noticed a filly running about in the water, causing him to snort and turn the other way, flicking his tail at invisible flies. Foals were such a nuisance.

Re: Beautiful wild horses

Name bow
Gender male
Age 3
Looks jet black navy blue eyes

Bow looks over the hills in search to take over a herd or just steal horses to start one. His big muscular body pounces on the earth as he trots to a river to take a sip. The cool water run throgh his lips with a few drops leaking and stoping to the ground.

Beautiful wild horses

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