The CastleClara Beast

The young Mistress that still loves her big brother

a character in “Beauty and the Beast”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Age: 12
Apearence: (Human and Monster)
Race: Water Dragon
Abbilities/Powers: To put it simply she is permanently a blob of water that can change it's form but remains watery and translucent. This allows her to travel via pipes and cracks in the wall. Her true monster form is a dragon but generally she prefers to look human but isn't as vain as her brother. She has amazing healing abilities and can not die unless frozen or evaporated.
Personality: Sweet and innocent Clara has always been supportive and loving towards her brother, he was her protector and always has been. Zane is as cold to her as he is to everyone else but she still supports him faithfully because she knows deep down he's still the brother that played childhood games with her. She greets everyone with a smile and her voice is angelic remaining in the castle has done little to her cheery behavior.
History: She was the one who informed her brother there was someone at the door and insisted he go see who without knowing what the result would be, she blames herself more than she blames him.
Likes: rainy days, the ocean, jewels
Dislikes: heat, cold, harsh words

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Clara Beast's Story