The CastleZane Beast

The young Master of the Beast household that foolishly brought this curse upon them

a character in “Beauty and the Beast”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Age: 18 (he stopped ageing from the curse and it happened to be on his 18th birthday)
Monster: (Ha you thought it would be the beast didn't you?)(This is him fully transformed over time he will be able to be around humans in a semi-less monsterous form where he walks on two legs around the other monsters he can take a very human form)
Human: ... _cat_c.jpg
Race: Spiked King Dragon
Abbilities/Powers: A brilliant creature to behold but hideous to humans that did not know of monster's existance, with talons and teeth that slice through steel like butter. Unlike normal dragons this one breathes a cold frost that freezes everything in it's path as a reflection of the beasts cold heart. It can fly with it's large wings but can not leave the castle grounds giving the wings little point other than flying straight up or for use in combat. When in its beastly form it does not speak but telepathically comunicates with whoever it wishes. When around humans Zane painfully transforms into the beast and is stuck in its form leaving him to face all humans as the twisted beast. However he is free to wander the castle halls in his human form when he is only in the presence of other monsters.
Personality: Cold and heartless he greedily controls his castle with brutal force and a twisted sense of humor.
History: On his 18th birthday a witch requested to stay a night at the castle but he refused only to discover she was a powerful godess that cursed him and his entire household. The rose that represents the curse is hidden and carefully looked after in his room, he tends to it often in his human form believing it to be the only thing beautiful that he can be around in his human form.
Likes: Blaming the curse on others, brutally crushing opponents, fancy parties, games/challenges
Dislikes: witches, humans, people who say they have a solution for his problem, liars.

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Zane Beast's Story