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The sunset looks beautiful against the water. It gives me the strength to go on, ya know?

a character in “Begining Anew”, as played by dawnfire07

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Name: Comet
Gender: Female
Age(In human years): 14
Reformer, Wanderer, or Starter: Wanderer
Race: Big Cat
Species: Jaguar
General Appearance/Image: Comet has dark turquoise and navy blue fur, along with the usual black spots. She has bright azure-colored eyes that sparkle at the chance of an adventure or anything exciting, really. She has strong, lean legs, which help her run at fast speeds and help her swim, climb, etc. Her tail is also very long.

Mutations: Blue fur
Powers: Water and Intelligence
Skills: Comet is a very strong swimmer & climber. While she does not have speed powers, she is extremely fast.
Phobias/Fears: Dying, losing a friend, large amounts of blood
Quirks: Stubborn, reckless
Best Qualities: born-leader, kind but fierce, independent
Personality: Comet has a fierce temper, but she has a soft side too. She loves to be around her friends, and will always try to protect them. She is playful and sarcastic, but she's serious when it comes to danger. She always had a bit of trouble at trusting others, but eventually she became more open.
Worst Qualities: short-tempered, bossy, loud-mouthed
Theme Song:
*Miss Independent

So begins...

Comet's Story