Betrayal knows my name: Final Reincarnation

Betrayal knows my name: Final Reincarnation


The final battle between the Zweilt guardians and the Duras is about to begin. Except this time, the neverending war shall end forever.

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"Only I know your pain..."

"Your uncertainty..."

"Your loneliness..."

"If only we could be together forever."

"I'll say it as many times as you wish."




"I will not betray you!"


The war between Reiga and the Duras(The demons) against the Zweilt Guardians has been going on for over 1,000 years. It is a neverending war that goes on through generations. No matter how many times they die, Reiga and the Zweilt Guardians will continue to be reincarnated. It is the year 2058. It has been exactly 60 years since the last battle, and the neverending war is coming to a close. Takashiro of the Giou clan has been rallying the new guardians over the years to prepare for the final battle. The final bout with Reiga the necromancer. The final Reincarnation.

Now that the guardians have been gathered, it is time to call on the God's light. The one human who above all can asure the Zweilt guardian's victory in the upcoming battle. Always by their side, there will be an opast. An opast is the highest ranking type of duras there is. But this opast has never seen itself(giving the opast a chance to be a female if possible) as a duras. He/she resents its birth, and instead sides with humanity. This opast has betrayed the demon lord, and become a member of the betrayal clan. The few opasts who are part of this clan have powers greater than most others. This opast is the only remaining member of that clan. His/her reasoning for betraying the demon lord was because in a past life, the opast fell in love with a human girl(Will also have free range on his/her sex during this reincarnated life). But this was no ordinary girl. She was in fact God's light. God's light has the ability to cure or heal anything, and even dispell the duras who hunt it. Considering that wounds inflicted by a duras are impossible to heal by human means, it is understandable why God's light is needed. It is the only reason the Zweilt guardians have been able to fend off the duras for so long(Please note that each guardian other than God's light has a specific type of weapon not pertaining to their individual abilities).

God's light- This guardian has the ability to mend the wounds delt by Duras. It can also dispell low-level duras such as the regular kind, and Mid-villians. However, overusage of this ability could be fatal to the user. Even resulting in death. This guardian would ussually be overly caring towards others. Willing to push his/her limits for it's comrades. Even at the cost of it's own life.
Opast Traitor- Feels a special bond between itself and God's light. This opast having powers rivaling a High-General's is one of the Zweilt guardian's biggest resources. He/She has a familiar which aids it as both a companion, and a fighting partner. However, this familiar's true power can only be revealed when the opast chants the ritual to unseal it. This makes the contract between the two unbarely hard to maintain. Unsealing the familiar is very risky. The opast would ussually remain distant and cold towards most others other than God's light.

God's ears- This guardian possesses to ability to hear anything. He/she can hear anything from an ant to someone's ache'ing heart. No sound is beyond what this guardian can hear. It's duras tracking abilities are only rivaled by God's eyes. This guardian would ussually have a calm, collected yet friendly personality.
God's touch- This guardian has the ability to bring people together. There is almost no one in the world that this guardian can't sympathize with. This guardian as well as being able to tune in with other's emotions, possesses incredible strength(a good, large, melee weapon would be good for this character). This guardian would ussually have an exuberant, free-spirited personality.

God's voice- This guardian possesses the ability to call upon God's voice. They can manipulate and form their own hatred, sorrow, and really any strong, negative feeling into flames of rightiousness. This guardian is a particularly loud, hotheaded one. Ussually hostile towards most, other than people it considers it's friends.
God's eyes- This guardian possesses the ability of complete insight. It can even use abilities such as clarvoyance for short periods of time. God's eyes can create an illusional wall around an area to where only specific people can see whats going on inside it. Anyone else will continue their daily lives, even if a fight is breaking out a few feet next to them. However, abilities such as these completely tire the user out. Just like God's light it comes with a risks. This guardian's nature is much like God's eyes, except it has more of a creepy feel about it at most times.

God's mind- This guardian possesses the ability to completely unlock it's own mind. It can manually reconstruct it's own physical abilities to it's full potential. God's mind also possesses minor magical abilities much like a duras. This guardian is ussually very touchy, and easily manipulated emotionally. Although very clingy to even strangers, this guardian is often walked over by many people, thus requiring a strong guardian to stand up for it. Basically it is a complete pushover personality-wise.
God's will- God's will possesses the ability to endure anything. Even if it's body is in shambles, it will continue to fight on to it's last breath. No matter what stands in it's way, this guardian will face it headon, never dwendiling in resolve. Continuing to fight until either it or the enemy has fallen. This guardian is ussually over-protective of it's partner. It most of the time is very serious and hostile. But in times of peace and serenity, the guardian is rather talkative and casual.

Zweilt Guardians(The Zweilt guardians are always grouped in pairs. Each harbors a special aspect of god in which their abilities revolve around. Whichever you choose will also predetermine your partner.):
God's light-
Opast traitor-

God's ears-
God's touch-

God's voice-
God's eyes-

God's mind-
God's will-

Duras: Reiga sees the world for how it truely is. War, pollution, betrayal. He sees only the negative aspects of the world. For this reason, he seeks to destroy it. He as a representative of Aristocacy has put together a band of Duras to aid him in retrieving God's light. Ironically being the only person who can save the humanity, God's light is also the one person who can be used to destroy it. Reiga hopes to steal the God's light's power, and use it to erase humanity from the face of the earth. Only then can it be saved from the ditestable 2-legged creatures who plague it. Also aiding him is another member of Aristocracy. But this member also happens to be the brother of a certain opast.
Duras Ranks-
Demon Lord(No Role)
Aristocracy(represented by Reiga the Necromancer, and the opast traitor's brother)
High-generals(Most powerful among the opasts)
Opasts(Highest ranking duras/take on beautiful human forms)
Mid-villians(Are able to possess humans who have darkness in their hearts, and use their bodies to empower themselves. Can be indicated by a small, formless, black tatoo somewhere on their host's body.)(No Roles)
Duras(Regular demons who can take many gruesome shapes and forms, almost never human-like, and have no consiousness. Note that Duras is a term for all of demon-kind, including the higher ranks such as opasts.)(No Roles)

Reiga(He was born half human, half duras. He has lived as a normal human until now, but through his instinctual hatred of humanity, has recalled his past self. An additional sheet for this character's human life will also need to be made/added to Reiga's.)-
Opast traitor's sibling(High-general level)-
High-general 1-
High-general 2-
High-general 3-
Opast 1-
Opast 2-
Opast 3-
(More opast roles may be added later)
Takashiro will not have a role, and will be the only canon character in the rp besides Reiga(who's human self will still be an OC). He will be moved around as an NPC when needed. All rp'ers are allowed to use him as they wish, but I will handle everything when it comes down to combat concerning Takashiro.

Zweilt guardian skelly-
Code: Select all
Age(Note that they must at the very least appear young enough to attend a high school.):
Weapon(s)(may have 2 of the same type for dual wielding weapons):
Individual abilities:

Opast traitor skelly-
Code: Select all
Age appearance:
Actual age:
Partner(automatically God's light):
Abilities(Not too powerful. Still need him/her to be defeatable):
Familiar's combat form:
Familiar's true unsealed form:

Reiga skelly-
Code: Select all
~Human life information~

Duras skelly(including the brother)-
Code: Select all
Age Appearance:
Actual Age:
Duras Rank:

Toggle Rules

1. If your going to be gone for longer than a week, then I need to be notified.
2. Limited perverted antics. Keep it Pg-13. No direct romance, it will occur "slowely" as the RP goes on.
3. If you do not post within a week and I am not notified, then you will recieve a PM. If there is no responce within the following week, then I will look for a replacement for your part. If I find a replacement and you come back, then I will ask the replacement if they would like to hand the part back over. If they do not, then you will have to switch your character for another role, or make a new 1.
4. Preferably an anime pic.
5. Only three posts per day(per rp'er). We don't want anyone getting left behind, or getting too far ahead in an rp.
6. Shounen Ai and Yuri are both allowed, but both people have to agree on it. If you ask me to Shounen Ai, Ima reject you. Just sayin. xD

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