Better Left Unknown: Corpse City

Better Left Unknown: Corpse City


A city in shambles, A world gone to hell, and a Plague that's sweeping the nation. To save the others we must warn them, to warn them we must escape the city. [WIP]

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Made with permission of the Role plays original owner BloodyJane22345 on a different roleplaying website than this one. Please pay attention to the full backstory as it adds well needed information on the way this RP will work. Do not skip over the rules as many of the things included are crucial to me accepting your character.

Warning Viewers Be Advised: This role play will contain adult themes, language, and Violence. You have been warned…

Better Left Unknown

“Here lays the bodies, the souls, the minds of people long forgotten by the plague. Even now as we stand here, lamenting to those lost. We do not cry, we do not fear, and we do not seek to change the past. Our future is here, and now within the wasteland of lost souls. On the brink of blood induced Insanity.”
– Kinley Swift, 2010

Twenty Two years have gone by since the end of our world. People have begun once more to rebuild civilization from the ground up. Most of the infected have fled, drove back by the threat of the new military and all seems to be going well. Within one rebuilt city there lies the new government, and the people who survive. Most are young kids, others adults, the government consisting of nobody over forty years old and not necessarily qualified for the job they have taken on. Yet we all help to progress towards a new society, a better one with no secrets and no lies that will bring with it a second fall of civilization.

But nothing is simple…No government can just let something so viral as the Half Life virus slip through their hands. Within this city is the very disease that has ravaged our world. Nobody knew about the lab until a reporter found a way into it and documented the horrible research that the victims of infection are going through. To cover up their mistake the government officials claim that they are trying to find a cure and bring back more humans from the brink of death. But they were only engineering it, making those infected stronger and faster, ripping them up and sewing them back together to create mutants.

They recreated the virus to withstand any attacks that are not internally damaging. They created monsters that nobody could fight off. So they did what they did best when shit hit the fan and tried to lock down the city, to cut off the plague that now runs rampant inside all because one damned scientist accidently brought a sample of the new virus into the city. Now it’s up to us to find a way out of he broken city to warn the rest of the world of the new plague.

(Based loosely on the first plot of Better Left Unknown.)

Project Half-Life:
To create the perfect human a group of talented scientists engineered a virus meant to enhance the functions of a human brain. However instead of helping the people the virus made them go insane, the virus found its way into society and spread like a wildfire. Project Half-Life was meant to make humans more advanced so that our race does not die out…But it didn’t work.

Starting in Canada it spread over the border to America, then to Mexico, and from there various people brought it across the waters to Europe. From there the virus was lost track of and most humans had either become infected or died.


Half-Life is a virus meant to enhance the human’s brain function. Instead it has induced cases of extreme paranoia, schizophrenia, and Dissociative Identity Disorder. It has increased strength and agility but a lack of endurance that makes any kind of damage to the body able to kill the person. However this new strain of virus has led to an extreme mutation in the bodies of the humans that only lets them die if A) Their brain is destroyed, B) The Heart is Destroyed, or C) An internal Organ vital to living is destroyed. It may still seem easy to kill the infected but the virus has also changed their skin to be more hard and able to take a lot of hits before being punctures.

Symptoms of the Infection:
Most Symptoms come in the form of physical appearance. A rash is the most common way of identifying the infected. It looks as if the victim has black mold spreading across their skin, mostly the rash starts around the area of a wound or a bite. But if a blood or Saliva transmission is involved It will start in the mouth, or eyes. The skin begins to become rough and flaky. Bleeding from the Mouth, the Nose, Ears, or Eyes is another sign of the infection. If someone starts coughing up blood and has no prior history of doing so that means the infection was immediate.
Other Symptoms may include fevers, stomach aches, dementia, and weakness to light. The body will go through a period of chills and vomiting up blood before the full infection takes over. It is very painful for the first few days of infection which is usually why people go insane so quickly. New Infected are known as Criers since they tend to cry for the first few days. The longer someone is infected the more dangerous they become.

Character Skeletons!
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[center][b] Insert Full Name Here [/b]
[b]Insert Image of Character here, Realistic Please.[/b]
[b]Age:[/b] (remember this is an Adult based RP, anybody above sixteen is fine, anybody below will have to get specific permission from me.)
[b]Brief Written Description:[/b] (Appearance wise, describe anything not seen in the picture or any physical traits that may differ.)
[b]Brief History:[/b] (If you need help contact me. The virus has been around for twenty two years so don't think your character will have an apple pie life.)

Toggle Rules

Commitment - Please do not join and then suddenly leave without telling me. If there is something you need to go away for then contact me first. If you disappear for more than two weeks without notice your character will be killed off to allow the role play to flow forward.
Maturity - No fighting or bickering OOC, any concerns or comments may be taken to me first. Otherwise do not incite any kind of violence from other characters. There are adult themes in this role play so please try to not act like children. Sexual themes may be included but nothing explicit will be allowed. Anyone found to break this rule will be expelled from the role play without notification. Do not god mod or power play either, its rude and ridiculous. Also try to make your character as original as possible. If you are someone familiar with the Better Left Unknown series then you may play an original (only if you are familiar with the original series of role plays that have been spread out across the internet.)
Character Skeleton - Is subject to change and anything may be added but do not take away any of the main fields.
Have Fun! Please tell me your favorite song in your characters sheet if you have read these rules.

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Character Portrait: Kinley Anna Swift


Character Portrait: Kinley Anna Swift
Kinley Anna Swift

"Theres a lot that I regret...Killing my best friend....Killing that woman at the police station...Hell, I regret being born to be honest."


Character Portrait: Kinley Anna Swift
Kinley Anna Swift

"Theres a lot that I regret...Killing my best friend....Killing that woman at the police station...Hell, I regret being born to be honest."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Kinley Anna Swift
Kinley Anna Swift

"Theres a lot that I regret...Killing my best friend....Killing that woman at the police station...Hell, I regret being born to be honest."

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