Kylie Jenner

"Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession."

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Full Name

Kylie Kristen Jenner

Preferred Name


Mostly English, with a small amount of Scottish, Irish, Dutch, German and Welsh lineage in there

Date of Birth
August 10th, 1998


Zodiac Sign

Sexual Orientation

Relationship History
She dated Cody Simpson for a few months in 2012.

Current Relationship Status



Skin Tone


120 lbs

Body Shape

Body Type

This is the physical feature about her that changes the most frequently. She has her own extension line, so she doesn't shy away from sporting extensions and even wigs sometimes. Similarly, she's been through many different hair colors, including her favorite, teal blue. At the moment, her hair is in its natural state length-wise, but dyed a darker black.

Shape of Face

Brown, though she likes to sport blue contacts occasionally

Distinguishing Marks
She hates talking about it, but the media doesn't, so yes, she has lip fillers.

Physical Disabilities

Tattoos and Piercings
She's gotten temporary tattoos that look legitimate before, but she has no real ink. Her ears are pierced multiple times. Contrary to media reports, her belly button is not pierced, and the snapchats suggesting she had her nipples pierced were a joke.

Fashion Sense
Sometimes grungy, sometimes elegant, sometimes fancy, sometimes relaxed... no matter what, she always likes to look sexy.

Overall Attractiveness
She's surprisingly very insecure about her appearance. She likes wearing a lot of makeup and did get lip fillers to help her feel better about having thin lips. A lot of guys would love to be sleeping with her, so she's definitely attractive, but some people think that when she's getting dressed up, she just does too much.


Good Personality Traits
Fun, endearing, relaxed, generous, flexible

Bad Personality Traits
Impulsive, insecure, judgmental, spoiled, reckless, sensitive

The media portrays Kylie Jenner as an attention-obsessed, reckless and out of control teenager. It's far from the truth, though not all of it is a lie. She likes attention, but to an extent. That extent doesn't include being stalked by the paparazzi, receiving death threats and having to be followed by body guards if she wants to go to any event and feel safe. Good attention for her is getting lots of likes on her Instagram photo, or having millions of Twitter followers. Her attention-obsession isn't anything that most teenage girls her age have, but being forced into the spotlight at such a young age gave everyone the idea that they knew her. She didn't like it then, and she doesn't like it now, but she's used to it. She's used to waking up every day to find a million new, hurtful, and bizarre rumors splashed across magazines and gossip blogs about herself and her family. Though she's adjusted to this being her reality, it doesn't make the sting of them any weaker.

She's more sensitive than she seems, but she doesn't like to show it. She learned that it makes things easier to not respond to things, whether they're completely false or not, because it just gives people more to feed off of. At the same time, she's never been great at avoiding controversy. Publicly, she does a good job at fulfilling the role of the wild child that the media feeds off of. She posts videos of her texting and driving, smoking hookah and vaping, and is constantly photographed coming out of nightclubs when she's clearly underage. The way she interacts really depends on the situation. Around her family and a few close friends, she is usually down to earth, easy going and has all of her walls down. At the same time, it's easy for her to be wild, impulsive and reckless.

She's gained a very strong social media following, so she's doing something right with her image. She's influential, stays on top of the trends, and knows how to paint the picture of a perfect life, even when it's really anything but perfect.

She isn't well-spoken or athletic, she can't sing, she's not academically talented, she loses focus and gets bored easily.

Mental or Behavioral Disabilities

Life Philosophy
"Be happy."

Short Term Goals
Convince her mother that she doesn't need to go to this school again next year, reach 50 million Instagram followers

Long Term Goals
She wants to buy a Rolls Royce, and get her own house in Calabasas. She wants to get married and have a daughter.

She doesn't have a single clue about what she wants to do career wise. Her biggest dream right now conflicts, depending on her mood, between finally proving that she can get her act together, and living a totally crazy, wild, reckless and fun life.


Los Angeles, California → Calabasas, California → Beverly Hills, California

Kylie's life has been public knowledge for as long as she can remember. She was born to Kristen and Bruce Jenner, the second and last of the two children they would have together. With nine siblings, her life was never boring, but it got more exciting when she was nine and her family landed their own reality television show. Before that, her life was fairly normal. She attended a private school, had a lot of money, and her parents had famous friends due to her father's career, but they didn't make it to the real spotlight until offering up their privacy to E! television. There are a lot of people who criticize Kylie for sharing too much and being too public, but they fail to realize that she neer asked for this. She was just a child when she was signed onto the show, and back then, it was fun. She wasn't featured very often and having cameramen around all of the time was exciting and cool. Since then, the excitement has wore off, but she's embraced the fame and the opportunities that it's brought her. The money is great, the recognition is great (sometimes), and the opportunities are great, but having no privacy isn't, and constantly having to explain herself for being a teenager sucks. Her childhood was normal, but once her reality was featured on television, her life became anything but a normal girl's reality.

Childhood Hero
Her dad. She was always daddy's little girl, and that's why when he began to distance himself, and then when his secret came out via the media and rather than him himself, it really damaged their relationship.

Dream Job
She has no idea at all. Maybe something in fashion...? Media...? She doesn't know.

She has two dogs, Bambi and Norman.

Sierra Canyon School (Preschool through Grade 8)
Laurel Springs School Online (Grade 9 through Grade 11)

Social Class
Upper Class


The family's main compound is located in Calabasas, so she's currently residing in her sister Khloé's Beverly Hills home. Her brother Robert also resides there.

TV personality, socialite, model, writer (or... had a ghostwriter write a book for her), has several lines of products in her name

She's currently residing in Khloé's Beverly Hills home

She has her learning permit, but cannot drive on her own yet. She generally uses a private driver, or her assistant or family members will drive her where she needs to be.


Caitlyn Jenner: Father: Age 65
When Bruce became Caitlyn, Kylie was one of the ones who took it hard. She wants to be happy for her dad, she wants to be okay with him doing whatever it takes to be happy, but she can't. It's hard, and for her, it really feels like her father died. She's trying to adjust, she really is, but she doesn't want this. She wants her old dad back, but the media has been so supportive of her father's change that she has to support her publicly too. It's something that she doesn't ever want to talk to her friends about, and her family knows that she's the least adjusted to her father's new life as Caitlyn.

Kris Jenner: Mother: Age 59
She's been doing it for years, but Kris still hasn't mastered the role of being a mother and a manager to her kids. Sometimes she's too much of a friend, and oppositely, sometimes she's too absent. Either way, Kylie sometimes wishes that Kris was just a normal mother. Right now, she likes to take advantage of the fact that Kris treats her like she's an adult rather than a teenager, but the thrill of it wears off sometimes. She especially dislikes how quickly Kris will switch between that friendship relationship, and being a strict mother whenever the media starts speaking on it, or when one of the other daughters calls her out on it.

Kourtney Kardashian: Half-Sister: Age 36
Kylie adores Kourtney, and always has. She likes to go to her for real sisterly advice, since Kim tends to be judgmental and Khloé is too motherly when it comes to some topics. She also adores Kourtney's three kids: Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

Kimberly Kardashian: Half-Sister: Age 34
The favorite child of the family... Khloé and Kourtney always claimed that, and Kylie can't really argue it. It's obvious that Kris puts her most famous child's needs before everyone else's, but for a while, Kylie idolized Kim. She still loves her sister's taste in clothes and is constantly raiding her closet. Her relationship with Kim is good right now, but she definitely is the most judgmental and image conscious of the family. Regardless of what Kim thought, though, Kylie had no regrets about her blue-hair period.

Khloé Kardashian: Half-Sister: Age 31
Once their reality show took off, Kris became engulfed in her role as a "momager" to the three older girls, and especially Kimberly. Khloé took over a lot of the child raising responsibilities regarding her and Kendall, so Khloé's like a second mom to Kylie. Honestly, Kylie's more scared of Khloé's reaction than Kris' when she knows she's done something wrong. Despite her being a parental figure, Kylie is closer to her than she is with any of her other half-sisters, and she has an enormous amount of love and respect for Khloé.

Robert Kardashian: Half-Brother: Age 28
Rob has distanced himself from most of the family, and Kylie isn't really an exception. He spends a lot of time at home, which is currently Khloé's house, but Kylie is out a lot too. They don't really hang out, and Kylie wishes there was something she could do to shake him out of this depression, but she lets Khloé do the motherly work in this family. She used to be closer to Rob than her other half-brothers, but right now, he feels just as foreign to her as they do.

Kendall Jenner: Sister: Age 19
Kendall is her best friend but they clash a lot. It's usually nothing major, just typical sibling-bickering, but lately Kylie feels a little abandoned by her. They were always the "little kids" in the family, but now Kendall's been allowed to move out, finish her high school degree online, and immerse herself in her career, while Kylie is stuck at home, going to some lame public school.

In addition to the children on her mother's side, Kylie has four half-siblings from her father's earlier marriages. She doesn't see them frequently, but gets along with them well enough.

Shopping, social media, traveling, hanging out with her family, clubbing, tanning

Musical Instruments


Spending Habits


She is known to smoke hookah and vape, but she smokes marijuana too. It's just one of the few things that she's supposed to keep private from the world.

Other Drugs


Fashion, makeup, her dogs, clubs, rap music, concerts, Coachella, hot chocolate, beaches, privacy, vacations, her family, fashion shows, New York

Working out, rumors, criticism, being yelled at, jelly beans, being underage, tabloids, paparazzi, freezing weather, waking up early, being compared to Kendall

Favorite Color

Least Favorite Color

Favorite Music Genre

Favorite Food
Salad, though she's a recent fan of Popeye's

Form of Entertainment
She is a social media fanatic, and her Snapchat feed can attest to that.


How was sophomore year?
Her sophomore year was a breeze because she didn't have to do any work. She would put in one, maybe two hours of true effort in every week, and her assistant covered the rest of it. It was online school, though, so she expected it to be easier than a brick-and-mortar school anyway.

How do you feel about attending B.H.H.S?
When her sister and mother first confronted her about how it was necessary she return to a real school, she was completely against the idea. When they proposed that she return to a public school, she was even more against it. It's supposed to be an attempt to show the world that they really are a normal family, that Kylie isn't as out of control as she seems, and that Kris is actually in control of her underage daughter. Aside from that, getting a high school education is something that she needs, considering she's blown off the online school she enrolled in after leaving her private school. The fact that Aaliyah goes to this school makes it a little bit better, but not by much. She's trying to treat it as a joke, since she doesn't think she needs an education but she is nervous about coming into a new school. Famous or not, she's a normal teenager with insecurities. She isn't looking forward to anything specific this year, school wise.


How do you feel about your group/clique?
She's a transfer, so there's not much to say there. She doesn't like the idea of coming into something that she isn't familiar with, but she's come to peace with the fact that this is going to be her life for at least the next year. Besides, she expects to find her place quickly, and it's not like she's a normal, nameless transfer.

Are you happy with your place on the social ladder?
Being at the bottom of the ladder is rough, and honestly, she's nervous about jumping into a school's set social ladder. She's not really integrated into the social ladder yet, but that will surely change quickly. She wants to believe that she doesn't care about where she falls on the social ladder at some high school, since she's already established in the real world's social ladder, but it's not true. She's sixteen. She likes attention, and not only wants to fit in, but wants to fit in with the right group. For her, that'll probably be somewhere on the top of the ladder.

If you could be in any other group/clique which would it be and why?
Probably the royals or the animals. In her own family's social ladder, she'd probably be an animal: the one who's all of the place, too interested in partying and having fun than things that really matter. At the same time, her fame, money and connections could make her a good fit in the royals group.

Average Grades
Her homeschooling report card showed she had all A's, but on her own, they probably would have been C's at best.

Study Habits
Kylie enjoyed school as a child. She looked to be a promising student all throughout elementary school. When her family's show took off, that started to change, though. Her parents didn't have time to focus on her, so whether she did well in school or not was no longer a priority to them, and no longer became a priority to her either. She attended a private school, Sierra Canyon School, until the end of her eighth grade year, and didn't do well here. It led to her opting for online homeschooling, where she was able to get her assistant to do all of the work for her. Needless to say, she doesn't really know how to "do school" anymore, so figuring it out this year should be interesting to say the least.

Do you plan on trying out or rejoining any sports?
She enjoyed cheerleading at her first school, but doesn't think that she wants to join a group that's probably cliquey as a senior coming in to a new school.

Do you plan on joining or rejoining any clubs?
Her sister insists that she join a school club, so she's considering the fashion club.

What classes have you taken?
She hasn't taken any classes at BHHS before, but took all of her core classes at her old school, as well as Spanish classes and a few art electives.

What did you get in those classes?
A's, though she didn't do enough of the work on her own to justify her claiming that she actually earned those grades.

Your current GPA
4.0, but the same issue from above applies here

1. United States History 2. Journalism - Beginning 3. Spanish 5-6 4. Algebra/Trigonometry 5. Introduction to Theater Arts 6. Physical Education 7. English 8. Lunch 9. Environmental Science



How Often Do You Post
This is my first RP in a very long time, but the only one that I'm in, so it should be regular.

So begins...

Kylie Jenner's Story


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For the past hour, Kris had been pestering Kylie about attending a party that was being thrown by one of her future classmates, Tristan Elliott. Kylie had known about it for a week or two, through a text that Aaliyah Jauregui sent her, but she had no intentions of attending. It wasn't anything personal against Aaliyah's friend, because though she knew little about Tristan, she knew that he had to be wealthy and fun if he was hanging with Aaliyah. It was just simply that she had made another commitment, one that she was more excited about. Models Sama and Haya Khadra were hosting an angel themed dinner party and Kylie had already picked out the perfect outfit for it. She didn't think that her mom would ever find out about the boy from school's party, but she assumed that even if she did, Kris would want her going to the twins'. The event wasn't going to be extremely publicized or anything, but it would surely look better if she was spending her weekends hanging out with exclusively wealthy and influential people, over a mix of wealthy and average kids.

Of course, she hadn't considered this new version of Kris. In July, Kylie had been photographed kissing rapper Tyga, during a party at 1oak. It was a grainy photo posted by TMZ, so it gave the family's publicist some wiggle room in claiming that it wasn't Kylie and that she was out of the state at the time, but it was her. It had really just been one simple make out session, and after the photo hit the press Kylie promised her family she'd be more careful about who she hung out with, especially considering that he was nine years her senior, but enough damage had been done. It prompted Khloé and Kim to have an "intervention" with Kris, who, following that, apparently made it her life mission to prove that she could be strict. So, in an attempt to show the world that they were still a relatable, normal family, Kylie was removed from her online homeschooling program and enrolled in Beverly Hills High School. It was rare that Kris ever acted like a real mom following the launch of their reality show, and to have it back suddenly now, when Kylie was old enough to want and know freedom, wasn't sitting well with her.

"I'll think about it!" she responded to her mother's millionth demand that she go to the party. She was quickly regretting coming into Kris' bedroom to steal a pair of heels for the twins' party. She hadn't even made it halfway across the room when her mother, sitting in a chair being worked on by a stylist, brought up Tristan's party. Apparently, Kendall had somehow found out about it, and shared the information with Kim, who told Kris.

Kylie rolled her eyes as her mother asked the stylist to give the two of them some privacy. The woman obliged quickly, and as the door shut behind her, her mother responded in her typically dramatic voice. "No, Kylie! I'm your mother and I'm saying that you're going. Weren't you with those girls yesterday? Now it's time for you to focus on some of your new school friends!"

"I was with Stassie yesterday. She's not coming tonight. This is the dinner party that Sama and Haya are throwing. I told you about this a million times. Kendall's going and --"

"Kylie, I said no. You need to start getting to know the kids you're going to be going to school with. Besides, the cameras are already scheduled to stop by later to film you getting ready." It wasn't unbelievable in the slightest that her mother's attempt to be a good mother coincided with a filming day, or that this new "normal teenage girl" life would give Kylie an interesting storyline for the next season. That part didn't even bother her, though. She was so used to being filmed and having her entire life exposed, that being forced to go to public school for some extra views wasn't even startling.

"Okay, so they can film me getting ready for my dinner party," Kylie shrugged dismissively. She abandoned her plight towards Kris' closet, deciding that it would be easier to just go out and buy a new pair than to deal with this. Before she was able to reach the door, though, her mother spoke again, refusing to let Kylie win this one.

"I said no, and that's final. Now, go ask Victoria to drive you to Khloé's. The camera's are going to come over in an hour or so. Did you invite any of your new friends over to film with you?"

"No, because I'm not going to be with them tonight. If Kendall's going to the twins' party, so am I." There was a three year age difference between she and Kendall, and though Kendall was technically a legal adult at this point, it didn't matter to Kylie. The two of them had always been the "little" girls of the family, when compared to their half-siblings, and she didn't think it was fair for Kendall to suddenly be free while she was being unfairly oppressed. She felt like she was just as mature as her sister, and this was just another one of her family's attempts to lift Kendall higher while pushing her down.

"Victoria! Kylie needs to be driven to Khloé's now!" Kris was infuriating her today, and by the time that she was calling out for Kylie's personal assistant, Kylie was already slamming her bedroom door. She found Victoria hurrying up the stairs and informed her that she was ready to leave. She would go to this party, which in her anger, she now deemed stupid, for an hour or two, and then make it to the twins' party before anything good even happened. She would be fashionably late, still have a good time, and keep her mother from going into dictator mode again.

To: Aaliyah Jauregui
Hey so I might actually be able to make it tonight. Send me the time and address again?


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A A L I Y A H ~ J A U R E G U I
"Now I remember why I hate shopping."

Location|| Beverly Center Mall
iPod|| Control by Halsey
Mood|| Indecisive


By the time Aaliyah's two friends had met up with her, Aaliyah had already made her way to Teavana to buy more chai tea for her home collection, but also purchased a blackberry mojito tea lemonade. In the process of arriving at the shopping center, she had not glanced back at her phone and only glanced back at it while waiting for her drink to be prepared. Just before acknowledging the friends who were approaching her, she sent out her response to Tim with a smirk.

To: Tim
Cute. U wish, but ur cute. Did ur sis come yet?

"Hello, my darlings," she greeted the two females and they headed to their first stop at Beach Bunny Swimwear. While neither of the girls were either of her female best friends, Aaliyah considered them really close friends. More than that, they were two of her most trusted followers in the school. Deanna was her inside man on the B-Listers as she was an Animal and Shailene was her cheerleader. Aaliyah didn't always claim being paranoid, but she spent a good chunk of her time being in the know. Someone wanted to start a rumor about herself or Mikayla, she knew about it. Someone slept with someone they weren't supposed to, either of the girls would tell her. Or, have someone else inform them so that she would learn the truth, at least. A roundabout way, indeed, but it had worked. It also helped that she actually liked them enough.

"What about green? Not that you of all people are envious of anyone, but it'll match your eyes," Deanna offered, rifling through the selection while Aaliyah did the same, unimpressed. Despite loving fashion and styling, she hated shopping. It was tiresome, especially since she received selections before they reached the stores most of the time. It was interesting with fun people, but not when she had to do it for herself. Shrugging, Aaliyah picked up a yellow number and threw it at Shailene. "Well, if I can't shop for me, I've got you in the bag. You're greed." Smirking, Shailene eyed the bikini before pretending to have an attitude. "What ya tryna say, Allie?" Aaliyah stuck her tongue out at the dark-skinned gymnast. "Wouldn't you like to know?" She shot back and glanced down at her phone to see both the text from Amelia and from Kylie.

To: Kylie
Starts at 4. 1307 Sierra Alta Way. Do u need a ride?

To: Amelia
I likey. At least u kno wat color ur wearing D:

L A T E E F A H ~ W A L K E R
"Chill. She's my girl...and that's a lot more than I can say for the rest of you."
Location || En route to Cargill Estate
IPod || Me & My Girls by Fifth Harmony
Mood || Excited


"Let's be real, ain't nobody coming in as their actual sin. This is a party, not a truth circle," Lateefah interjected in the midst of Bella and Chanel's back-and-forth. Once Karina confirmed that she didn't want anything from Starbucks (with Lateefah shutting down any smart retort Chanel might have had with a sharp glare), the girls all headed towards the Cargill estate. Bella was trying to figure out if she should go as wrath or as envy, which Chanel thought was ridiculous because that was just telling everyone that she was both extremely jealous and had a bad temper. Definitely not a turn-on. Which prompted a full on debate with Tori tuning them out by switching stations on the radio from her seat.

"Fine, whatever. What color are YOU wearing then, Tee?" Bella asked and Lateefah didn't respond for a moment, distracted by the massive homes of the premiere neighborhood. Large and spacious estates with sprawling lawns, fountains, sleek gates and long driveways that were seemingly endless - they were enough to almost turn her literally green. Whether or not Lateefah wanted to admit it, her color for sure would always be green as she was an envious individual. At the same time, however, purple fit her better and was her choice for the evening. After all, she was too damn proud to admit to anything. "Purple, I obviously. I always look good in purple."

Luckily, they didn't have to drive into the Cargill's driveway. Karina was waiting at the gated entry and Lateefah's entire face brightened immediately upon seeing her bestie. While she could have parked and waited for her best friend to climb on in, Lateefah pulled her vehicle close to the sidewalk, put it into park, and then climbed out to attack the tiny Drifter. "RINA!" She squealed before launching into a massive bear hug, practically hoisting Karina up initially. Anyone could argue that the majority of Lateefah's relationships at Beverly Hills High were superficial. This one, however, there was nothing but genuine love here and she honestly preferred having her bestie by her side for the day above anyone else.