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Tristan Elliot

"Turn down for what!?"

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a character in “Beverly Hills High School”, as played by Girl2Fine2




“There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm.”
~ Christina Aguilera

[ T U R NXD O W N X( F O RXW H A T ? ) XB Y XL I L XJ O N ]

[ A N I M A L SXB YXM A R O O N X5 ]



Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ:E8A317 || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ:#985300


Tristan Xavier Elliot

"There's only so much you can do with Tristan, so most people call me that. Except for the few who call me T-Man which sounds like a fucking superhero but my weird ass was down for it. A lot of girls call me Elli though, mostly cuz of Leah but she's the only one who calls me Leo."
His name (your best bet) || T-Man|| Elli || Leo (only by Aaliyah)

"Age never stopped me from doing what I wanted before. Now I gotta wait til that 2-1 so the cops can finally get off my back."

January 28, 1997

"As stated before, age has never kept me from doing what I wanted. I've always just had that mature kind of look."
Late teens to early twenties

"Kinda fitting, huh? I'm a water sign and I'm captain of the swim team."

"I mean, look at me. Let's just be really real right now. What else was I gonna be?"
African American

"Dude, I'm fine as fuck. I get it. But I'm here for chicks, not dicks. Not like I've got a problem if you do, I could care less what you do with your body. But I'm straight. Nothing but."

"Look, there seems to be a stigma about Animals. We all do don't relationships and all that jazz, and I'm gonna be frank, I'm not really looking for anything long term. But that doesn't mean I don't do relationships period. I'm a senior. I'm graduating and I don't want empty promises when my life's starting around the corner. So, honestly, I'm just tryna' do what I've been doing since freshman year - have a little fun, rock your girl's mind, and then move on with my life. If something more comes out of it, sure fine whatever. I'm a faithful guy. But for now, I'm not looking."
Single and not really looking

12th|| Senior

"I'm apparently the new King of the Animals or something like that. Makes no difference to me, these peeps have been life family to me since freshman year. No other place I would've wanted to be at than with the people who know how to have a good time."

"Damn, can I live? Some of us don't have time to be making companies, saving the world and shit. Some of us are just tryna' live in the moment."
High School Student




164 lbs

Mesomorph Body Build

Inverted Triangle

"I'd personally like to think of my skin as smooth, dark chocolate. And, not to brag or anything, but I know a lot of these girls have been feigning for a bite."
Dark brown

Dark brown

"You will never catch me wearing my glasses. EVER."
Tristan remembers all too well the bullying back at Dalton for wearing his glasses and his hair, and abstains from wearing his glasses. You mostly see him in contacts.

"Not like anybody's ever seeing them pics in life, but I had cornrows growing up. Always fresh and my black hair was thick back then, but after dealing with them racist fuckboys and girls over at Dalton, I knew I wasn't dealing with bullshit coming to Cali. So, I cut my hair super short, close shaven, and that's the way it's gonna stay."

"As badass as I am, I'm not dumb. The same money I used to get a tattoo will be the same money my Moms will use to get that shit removed. I'm not pressed. But I did get an ear piercing. She wasn't happy, but a tattoo would be World War Fuck."
Left ear piercing

"I think girls are more prone to having a particular set style when it comes to fashion. I'm cool with wearing sweats all day, to be honest. That's just the kind of guy I am. But make no mistake, I always look good and am always well put together. Do you have any idea how fast my Mama would board her jet just to change my outfit in the middle of class?"
Casual and cool, but never uncouth

"Is this really a question? Haha, 10/10."
While some might be willing to say that a guy like Tristan isn't their immediate taste, there's no denying his very much obvious attractiveness. With skin like dark chocolate, eyes that have too devilish of a twinkle in them, full lips that part to reveal sparkling white teeth in a dangerous smile, and a body that he took the time to get sculpted and perfected, it's no wonder how Tristan has strung on more girls than even some of the most popular guys in school or even why he's gotten out of as much trouble as he has. His handsome and sexual appeal is ineffable.



XXXAdventurous ✦ Seductive ✧ Idealist ✦ Perceptive ✧ Impulsive
Positive ✦ Charismatic ✧ Loyal ✦ Arrogant ✧ Smartass
Stubborn ✦ Playful ✧ Deceitful ✦ Competitive ✧ Protective
Confrontational ✦ Vindictive ✧ Flirtatious ✦ Manipulative ✧ Bold


It's dark, or at least it would undoubtedly be save for the flashing neon lights of the house party you were invited. But you can't even focus on that or the stain of weed in the air because your eyes are on him. In line with the heavy beat the DJ dropped only moments ago, he's walking towards you and for the life of you, you can't move. No, because his eyes, darker than normal, pin you where you are and you have the faintest suspicion that he could keep you like this for as long as he wants. Closer and closer he gets, and your mouth dries because there is a tantalizing amount of skin being shown from the undone top buttons of a blouse that almost strains to encompass the mass of sinewy, yet not overbearing muscle beneath it. Full, kissable lips part to reveal teeth that should not gleam as brightly as they do right now and suddenly, he's on you, a twinkle in his eyes, large hands on your hips, and there's no doubt that you're a goner and like always with every other female he encounters, Tristan Elliot has you ensnared in his web.

Befitting his Animal status, Tristan is alluring in that way your mothers and fathers warn you of - that way his own mother would probably isn't too happy about. He's the bad boy you've been warned to lock your heart away from or, at least the one you probably should find a new lock for your chastity belt around. He positively oozes sexual prowess and he has no shame about it, even flirts with some of his female professors without thinking. Not too obscenely, of course, but just enough to show you that this is no act. This is a way of life for him. Tristan isn't ashamed or hush hush about sex and having a fun. In his head, he figures that he's a teen and there's no time like now to explore and perfect his skills. And oh, he's perfected. Even some of the most uppity uptight prisses of Hollywood High have found their way in his bed and even if they originally had never wanted to be there, they don't leave dissatisfied. Tristan is all about mutual satisfaction, after all. More than, Tristan's all about having a grand old time, regardless of the consequences or responsibilities.

In fact, it's a wonder he hasn't gotten into more trouble than he already has gotten into. Well, it's not too much of a surprise. After all, as much as he does things on a whim or when the mood hits him, he also has the debonair charm to back himself into a safe corner. Whether that corner be in your heart or in your good graces is entirely up to you, but make no mistake. Being considered an Animal doesn't detract from the fact that, despite the color of skin, Tristan has been brought up in the same elite neighborhoods and crowds as his classmates. Just because he chooses to live his life a bit in the fast lane doesn't mean that training as gone away. After all, that same training has made him likable, smart, confident and damn well charming. Being able to be known as someone who throws some of the best parties at Hollywood High is one thing - being known is as the one who could throw a wicked ass party and still manage to get the cops off of you without anything having to get back to your mother is unfathomable. Or, at least it would be if it were anyone other than Tristan. He's sweet-talked his way out of lower grades than he would have wanted, cops arresting him, and even the principal being ready to give him in school suspension simply because his hands might have been on some girl's derriere and his tongue in her mouth, but that's besides the point. He's smooth, damn well cocky about his shit, and is probably as fun outside of parties as he is at them.

More than anything, Tristan is just a really swell guy, or at least he tries to be. Sure, he might not seem like he has much direction, but that's mostly because he wants to enjoy his life while he can. While he's proud of what his mother has accomplished in her life, he also knows that she regrets not doing certain things - fun things - and he doesn't want to get to that point. So, he tries to find the good and the fun and the possibly-but-possibly-not-but-definitely-possibly dangerous because he knows he can. He's an adventurer like that and he's typically just light-hearted. And sometimes that leaves people to think that he's just a simple reckless party animal, which is fine with him because he's controlling the image he puts out, not the other way around. Despite the carefree nature, there is a bit of a method to Tristan's madness and it's a bit deceitful, putting on this show of absolute carelessness or just plain seductiveness, but it's easier this way. He can live and be free, while also letting people have their guards down around him. It helps them have a good time, but also allows him to catch onto small quirks and the like. He's not the type to use what he learns against people in too negative of a light, but make no mistake - Tristan is far from harmless. Even the most mellow of people have a breaking point and while Tristan isn't close to anger as some are privy to, his is definitely an explosive one, particularly when it revolves around someone hurting someone he cares about. And in those situations, you find just how powerful those muscles he holds are.

But of course, who wants to mess with that side when it's very easy to deal with the fun, upbeat, and playful smartass who's one hell of a showstopper on the dance floor, a flirt with not an inch of prejudice when it comes to the girls he goes after, and a friend who would do anything for those he cares about? The only real danger Tristan technically has ever been is to a girl's panties and if she didn't have a tight hold on them beforehand, she more than likely won't regret losing them later on in the night. At least, he won't.

"As much as I am an Animal, family and friends come first in this long lift of things that make me happy. Second is definitely partying and just being young and dumb. I'm eighteen. I'm not required to have it all figured out. I'm allowed to have fun and I plan on enjoying these years to the best of my abilities."

"I'm a thrill seeker, I will admit that, but if you ever bring a fucking anaconda around me, I will roundhouse kick your bitch ass back into your mom's womb, I swear to God. Snakes themselves are cool, most of them aren't big. That's one of the biggest snakes in the world. It can kill. Get that shit the fuck outta here if you even have thought about bringing one near me. But besides that, losing my mom is my greatest fear. She's my rock."

"Duh, it's the same thing you'll hear me say over and over again. Throw kickass parties, enjoy my senior year and get across that stage."

"I love by Carpe Diem."
Carpe Diem or "Seize the day"



Cooking Drinking and having a good time His favorite TV shows {Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Ridiculousness, Game of Thrones, Arrow, The Flash, Agents of SHIELD & Daredevil} Roller coasters and anything that can give him an adrenaline rush Talking to his mother Eating Christmas Parkour Throwing wicked parties Sleeping

Party poopers Cops Winters without snow Rules and being controlled Being woken up early in the morning Lame parties Beer Brussel sprouts His father

"Favorite color is blue. Dark blues, really. And grey. Those used to be the colors of my bedroom in our old apartment."
Dark blues and grey

"Anything Marvel or DC. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was literally the best so far and I can't wait for Civil War. That's gonna be epic."
DC & Marvel film adaptions

"Anything that's in and is mainstream is on my radio and my iPod. Some, not as much like Childish Gambino and Ryan Leslie, but Drake, A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd, even Justin Bieber? I listen to them."
Mainstream and what's in

"A book's really gotta keep my attention for me to actually like it. So, I'm still a big fan of the Harry Potter series. The movies were decent, but I really liked those books growing up."
The Harry Potter series

"I've got a lot of favorites in the world cuz food is fucking awesome, but you don't know cookies until you've had Aaliyah's chocolate chip cookies. Dude, I don't gush about shit, but these cookies...they're seriously the best fucking cookies I've ever had. She bakes them with two types of chocolate, they're always soft and they literally melt in your mouth when they just get out of the oven. My own batch and a glass of ice cold milk, and that's dinner right there. Fuck, she needs to make me another batch."
Aaliyah Jauregui's chocolate-chip cookies

"Of course, I'm an Animal and what do we do always? Stay turnt. I'm literally always ready for a good party and unlike some people, I don't need to be high or drunk to do so. Hell, it doesn't even have to be a party. My number one hobby is to have fun always. Whether that's acting like a fool in Venice at the karoke by the beach, having sex, or at the Greystone Manor with my fake ID. It doesn't matter. Second is sports. I keep active and that's not necessarily just the traditional basketball and football. My Moms got me into fighting when I was younger due to shit that happened at Dalton and I've been perfecting it ever since. I love it and it's a release. And lastly, surprise surprise, I cook. Rich kids don't normally do that, but my Mama didn't grow up rich. She had to learn and so she taught me when I moved to Cali. I still get lazy and just order out, but I actually like to cook. Especially for people."

"Before you even say it, no it actually isn't just partying. I'm always down for a turn up, but my ideal weekend would be enough time to go visit my Moms, see how she's doing, have dinner, et cetera et cetera. And then...go turn up. We live on two different coasts and it may just be a three hour plane ride, but we don't make nearly enough time to do it. Call me a wimp if you will, but I do miss my mom."

"Noooooowwwwww, it's about that turn up. I don't even have a set location, somewhere where I literally can turn up at every fucking corner. Of course, my friends or maybe people who I know will actually have a good time are there, but it's somewhere fun. I want the best hangover in life after this vacation, wherever it is."


"Mama had me in chorus for yeeeeaaaarrrsss...and then I moved to California and that was a wrap. I hated those years. Aaliyah still has pictures and a video, and I'm still trying to find it to delete that shit."
No, unless you count the vocals he tends to only show off at home or during karaoke

"I've been playing basketball since I was ten, but swimming was my number one sport back when I was a kid. My cousin threw me in the pool when I was small and I hated the idea that I almost drowned, so I asked for swim lessons. But then I loved it and it's my favorite sport. I'm into a lot of other stuff too like parkour and football with friends. I can be really active when I want and it's a good stress relief."
Swimming, basketball and a host of others outside of the school

"Most of my money is on groceries and video games. Clothes? Every now and then, I buy something super expensive, but I try not to. My mom tells me it's okay to splurge and every now and then I definitely do, but my splurge game is real when it comes to food and video games."

"I try not to do it too much around Leah, but I do smoke weed occasionally. Not too much since I am an athlete, but when two papers are due and it's five o'clock in the morning, you already know I'm hitting that tree. Or midterms and finals? Always. But anything else, not really."

"I'm sorry, but have you seen my parties? They're a rager. Do you think I wouldn't have liquor? Me? You must not know or must not have ever been invited, but let me tell you, yes I do. Hell, my Mama knows I drink. Doesn't stop me from grabbing a nice shot of vodka. Just not when she's around."

"It's bad enough that I smoke weed and drink. If I ever decided to do drugs, that's my funeral right there because my mama will end me. It's been declared. Plus, not all of us Animals do drugs. Hell, I haven't even experimented. I'm not dumb or pressed for a fucking high. Life itself is enough of a high and addiction for me, thanks."



"Hands down, my Mom. She didn't exactly have me too young, but she was dumped by her family with a baby on the way and a man they didn't approve of. Instead of crying and having a woe-is-me moment, Mama set straight to work. She had her degree, still went to school with me in her belly, and then made time to be my mom and be a business woman in a field typically dominated by white men. She's my biggest motivator which is why I wanna try my hardest to solidify what I'm doing with my life."

"I guess my goals for now are to enjoy my senior year, get high school squared away, and then actually figure myself out. Do I immediately go to the army? Do I need a year off to just fuck shit up? Do I possibly go to school? I don't know. I used to tell myself when I was younger that I was gonna pledge Alpha like my mom's brother at Berkeley, but I don't even know. Honestly, my goals are to actually find some goals."

"It might surprise people, but in five years, I'm probably gonna still be in the army. Maybe doing school when I'm not on base or something, but I've always considered it. It's what my Dad did and I honestly have no real direction at the moment since I don't wanna go to school, but I definitely see myself there. Obviously, I see myself still having fun because being in the army doesn't mean your life is over. In ten years, I'm probably still in the army and I'm either as an Army Diver or a Combat Engineer. Makes no difference to me, honestly. By then, I'm hopefully married. After all, I'm twenty eight or so. I'd like to at least have a pretty little lady on my arm or at least waiting at home. At the twenty year mark, I'm either still in the army overseeing drills or something, or I'm retired and doing whatever it is that I would be doing. Possibly running my mom's company or at least overseeing whoever is running it. I haven't looked that far ahead, but I do know that the army is a definite possibility for my future."



New York, NY

"Before I ever came to California, I was a New York kid and I honestly do miss it, but I like the California weather just a smidge more. No hate, but the sun is definitely where I shine. Anyway, New York was fine and we were good. My Dad was still not officially a fuck boy back then, so it was easy for me to think of him like a god among men. He had already granted us middle class status and my mom's company was still up and coming, gaining bank but still in the process of becoming what it's known as today. And I never wanted for anything. I was taken care of, and I didn't have to deal with nannies or servants taking care of me. I had two parents. One would take me to her office and I knew all of her partners and associates, and they would let me draw on notepads that probably were meant more for meetings than entertaining a young kid. And then there was my Dad who introduced me to all of his army buddies, took me to the houses that he was restoring and let me pretend with my Bob the Builder accessories.

But Dalton was probably the worst part of growing up. I was fine outside of it. Like, the implicit racism of the Upper East side can always be ignored. Half of them aren't shit, they literally just inherit and do nothing but allow everyone under them to do the big work while they attend art galas, charities, and upper crust dinners. But the kids? They were worse. I was smarter than a lot of them. To be honest, Aaliyah and I would have the highest GPAs in our class if I had actually wanted to continue being that kid. The darkest one in the class who happened to also be the smartest and therefore, a continuous target. So, when there came an opportunity to leave, I left that kid in New York. Shaved my head, bought contacts, worked out more, and spent more time having fun than hitting the books. Soon enough, my bestest friend ever joined me and it's been a wrap. Do I regret not at least applying myself in that secret way Aaliyah does? Sure, a little. I'm not a dumb person and the guidance counselor has probably more notes from my teachers about my not applying myself the way I should, but I've gone on telling people I don't care for so long that I honestly don't. I like this me. He's stronger than the one who was ready to cry to his mommy cuz the kids at Dalton were assholes and his best friend couldn't always be there to have his back. Now, I dare a fucker to mess with me."

"I've had Lexi since I moved here. She's an Australian Shepherd. She's my baby girl and literally the most energetic, spoiled woman in my life. Like literally, get her and Aaliyah together and it's like I'm their slave."

"My Dad. Hands down the best childhood hero a kid could have. Army leader, taught drills down in a base in Virginia, and was a drill sergeant at home. Honestly, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even be considering the army. He was just so cool to me, and tall and buff and literally I thought he was the strongest man on the planet. Of course, I grew out of that shit now, but back then, nobody compared to my Dad. Except for my Mom. She was queen."
His father

"Fuck everything you might have heard, I was gonna be a Yugi-oh Master. Bruh, that show was lit and I slick had all of the cards. Blue eyes white dragon? Yo boy had it. Egyptian god cards? All of them are still in my deck in the man cave somewhere. I lie to you not, I was gonna be fly as fuck and even Keiba would've had to hate on me."

K - 8th grade {The Dalton School}|| 9 - Current {Beverly Hills High School}

"Due to Dad's military background, we were definitely upper middle class for the majority of my childhood. But then mom started ranking in bank and before we knew it, none of the kids at Dalton honestly had shit they could possibly say to me other than me being black. My mom was richer than their parents. Hell, my mom could probably buy and sell their parents."
Upper middle class - Wealthy


"I don't know my mom's parents. They kinda disowned her for marrying my Dad and having me when they told her they didn't like him so fuck them. She says they've reached out over the summer and wanna meet me in the next year, but I'm not pressed. You can't hold a grudge against your child for damn near eighteen years and expect shit to go your spoiled, entitled ways. That's not how life works. But I digress. On my dad's side however, my Grammy baby is awesome. She's all tiny and fiesty and she chases me around the house with a spatula if I get on her nerves. Betty declares she hates it when I bother her, but I know she's happy to see me. And I'm always happy to not cook when she decides to get on the jet and come see me. Or when I see her, makes not a lick of a difference to me."

"I may not have my mama's name, but there's no doubt which parent I'm closest to. I won't say I love my mom more, but I damn sure don't respect my dad as much as I respect her. Derek Elliot isn't a bad man, let me just be real with you. He was my original childhood hero growing up. Every second I spent with my Dad meant the world to me. But I'm not a kid anymore and his fuckery can't be ignored. Once my Dad officially retired from the army, he went into architecture and home restorations, which was fine. It brought in money and he was around. But over the years, I guess he's lost his way. He was so used to returning to the army and when he retired when I was about thirteen because of something that happened overseas, he just...he pulled away and honestly, I shouldn't have to beg my father for a relationship. He came here with me to California to watch out for me, and I haven't seen him in about a year now. But it's whatever because Susanne Shank is THE love of my life. That's my mom and I'm so proud of what she's accomplished. We've always been super close and I might have said that my Dad was my hero, but who is in my every childhood photo? Definitely not him. I love my mom, miss her more than anyone, but she's always been a New York woman and she knows that I like it over here, so we simply board the jet to see each other. I wouldn't trade her for anyone in the world."



"Basically, I've been living on my own since freshman year. I know, I know, that sounds crazy but I had staff who were a hell of a lot more dependable than my Dad. I won't sweat him too much since he helped build this place with a few old pals, but after a while, he left me a fucking note and dipped. A note! So, you can see why I could give two fucks about him right now. Mom was really upset about it, but Leah's Dad was still in California and he checked in on me, and I would spent the night over there more often than not. After sophomore year though, I stopped needing my own chef and just cooked for myself. It was fun and I've loved being on my own since."

"Hold your hats, ladies and gentleman, cuz this is about to be one bumpy ass ride since it might come as a surprise to you how much your mom ain't shit compared to mine. Not only does my Mom serve as a black female financial titan on Wall Street, she garners a net worth of over a trillion dollars! How ya like me now? Susanne Shank is the CEO, President and municipal bond trader of her own Wall Street finance company, Siebert Brandford Shank & Co., LLC, which is the largest, minority-owned municipal finance firm in the United States. Don't believe me, google her. Her company serves as the managing underwriter for municipal bond transactions exceeding $1.2 trillion dollars and her firm ranks among the top 10 in seven key infrastructure categories for underwriting municipal bonds in the world."

Address: 1307 Sierra Alta Way, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Meticulously crafted to the highest of standards, this architectural off the Sunset Strip was conceived with an eye toward leisure and modern design. Beyond the home's massive front pivot door and floating staircase is a setting both serene and powerful, where a wealth of glass elements allow the natural surroundings to flow freely and create a dramatic visual experience throughout. Fleetwood pocket doors seamlessly integrate the private, sun-drenched grounds with water features, zero edge pool & luxurious cabana. An entertainer's dream, the formal dining room is joined by a 21 ft. motorized wine rack that allows a treasured vintage to travel from the upstairs master wing to your table at the push of a button. Furthermore, the sprawling basement level evokes an upscale lounge with theater, gym/sauna, and full bar offering an alluring view into the pool overhead as well as the impressive 7-car gallery. This stunning residence also includes maids quarters and an additional 2-car garage.



Kitchen & Dining Room

Lounge & Bar

Living Room

Theater || Pool || Car Gallery 1 || Car Gallery 2 || Man Cave || Gym || Side Fountain || Spa

Guest Bedroom(s)

Tristan's Bedroom

2015 Camaro 2SS Coupe
Bentley Azure T
2014 Yamaha Sports Bike

Bombardier Global Express



"It's about fucking time, to be honest. I was tired of being a student last year and I know a lot of people are pressed about leaving and going to college, I just don't know how I feel about enduring four or more years of extra schooling. Sitting in a classroom is boring as fuck, I need action. So, I'm just ready to enjoy this year to the best of my abilities and getting the fuck outta the classroom."

"Um, other than this awesome party I'm throwing pretty soon and winning championships? Walking across the stage, duh! This year's gotta be the greatest. I'm a senior now and it's my last time to make it count."

"Basically, another year filled with episodes that honestly should just be a part of some soap opera on NBC or ABC. Seriously, we're what 90210 was probably trying to mimic. So, the only feeling I have is a desire for popcorn or maybe an Oscar cuz I might be a part of this teen chick flick. Who knows?"

"Let me tell you like this, we aren't the Royals. We don't deal with people wanting to fuck us over. All they might wanna do is fuck us, point blank. We have fun, nobody's parties are ever as live as ours unless we're there, and to be honest, the only feeling I have for these people are love."
Loves them

Why would he change? He loves where he is!

"High Bs, a very As, and only a small trace of Cs. Only two, I think. I'm not dumb, I'm just not a perfectionist like some fashion forward people with green eyes."
B+ Student

"I'm gonna say this loud enough for the boys and girls in the back...AALIYAH! When I tell you she is my number one study partner in the entire fucking world, I mean it. Don't get me wrong, I was with her back in Dalton and even when she left and we were both smart as fuck. And it's not that I don't understand. But she checks me, keeps me focused. I can do the work, I just don't always feel like it and she reels me back in."
Is pretty decent on his own, but there's no study partner better for him than his best friend

"I've taken all of the classes required to get through the year with the occasional extra sports class as my electives and both Spanish and Chinese. I started learning Chinese back in New York and it never really left me, so it comes as one of those easy As that I don't mind having on my transcript. Most of the grades have been high Bs, a few As, and one or two Cs."

"My mom's not pissed, but I know she's not as happy as she'd like to be. Honestly, I've gotten lax since moving to Cali and Leah calls me out on it, but I honestly don't care enough. Besides, GPAs were never indicative of intelligence. If that was the case, we wouldn't have as many fuck boys and girls on the senate, would we?"

"I'm taking over the mantle of captain of the swim team, no surprise there. I also play point guard for the basketball team. Don't plan on joining any clubs, too much responsibility and not nearly enough fun."

1. Mandarin Chinese 7-8 2. Advanced Architecture 3.English 7-8 4.American Government and Economics 5.Physiology 6. French 7-8 7.Probability/ Statistics 8.Physical Education 9.Lunch


FACE CLAIM|| Ronald Epps

ROLEPLAYER|| Girl2Fine2 (but you can call me Nellie or Nelle)

TIME ZONE|| Eastern

FREQUENCY OF POSTS|| I could post about three times per week, maybe more if I'm ignoring school work or just not doing anything

So begins...

Tristan Elliot's Story


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A five hour flight was never a problem for Aaliyah, especially after the trip included seeing her family and being with the ones she loved. However, being with them now, particularly so close to the beginning of the school year was draining and she'd practically high-tailed it on her private jet at around eight in the morning, even going so far as to skip out on breakfast with her mom and siblings. Not that she didn't love them enough, that wasn't it. But they had spent an entire summer together mourning and being all family like, and there was only so much coddling and foolishness Aaliyah could take before she was ready to rip heads off. So, once it was declared that her photo shoot for Teen Vogue had been wrapped up and she had completed the interview followed by a nice dinner, Aaliyah had packed the night before and then was quick and in a hurry to board her flight back to Los Angeles.

When they were about a good ten minutes into landing, Aaliyah had the tropical mimosa she had been sipping on while she had been arranging some minor details for Tristan's party taken and then went into the bedroom area of the private plane to change into her outfit. She had arrived in only sweats and was adamant about not changing until they got close to California. Once there, she put on a NBD Don't Turn Back dress with a Chanel vintage gold chain belt that was interwoven with black leather, and Alaïa cut-out boots. She was in the middle of brushing her hair when she felt the plane land, pausing only for a moment to take a seat on the bed, and then went back to fixing up her hair, making sure that two strands of hair framed the sides of her face. Just as she reached for her sanitizer so she could get to her makeup, her text tone for Amelia rang out and Aaliyah leisurely moved so that she could retrieve the device. Naturally, the youngest of the Cargills was preparing ahead of time for her first Beverly Hills High school party, which wasn't a surprise to Aaliyah at all. It made her smirk and she could only imagine what Sophie was going through since if one was searching, that meant the other was being dragged right along with her.

To: Baby Cargill
#2. Party's casual & red fits better. Wat bikini r u wearing?

Once that text was sent out, Aaliyah retreated to the bathroom to fuss over her makeup. She didn't need to do too much today considering she planned on taking a dip in Tristan's pool when she arrived, so she gave herself a light touch up for her eyes followed by a quick application of NARS' pink-mauve lipstick. Mostly ready, Aaliyah spritzed herself with her Jasmin Noir perfume from Bulgari just as the flight attendant rapped on the sliding bedroom door.

"They're preparing your luggage for exiting now and they sent the town car for you, Miss Jauregui," the woman announced and Aaliyah hummed thoughtfully before shrugging. It wasn't too big of a big deal for her to drive today anyway and she usually took drivers for parties just in case she drank more than she needed to. "Thanks. I'll be out in a minute." She replied and waited until the footsteps receded before moving again. After five more minutes, Aaliyah was ready with her Givenchy messenger bag, Rolex Day Date Diamond Dial 18k Yellow Gold watch, and was sliding on her Dior Technologic sunglasses when she slid out of the bedroom. As she descended the stairs and approached the waiting Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class, she phoned up her bestie.


"Wassup best friend? And no, I'm not still sleep when my party's only in about four hours," Tristan Elliot drolled into the phone and Aaliyah rolled her eyes. "That's good. I thought I'd have to come through and dump ice water on your lazy ass. Did you get Taylor's party rules?" Her little sister had drawn up the rules the night before and Aaliyah had faxed it over to Tristan before falling asleep. He nodded before remembering she couldn't see him, leaning down to give her her food. Once that was settled, he propped himself up on the island of his kitchen. "Yep. All set, mom. I even have the caterer bringing the food about thirty minutes before the party." Aaliyah smirked as her luggage was loaded and the vehicle started moving. "Whatever. Just know that the bartender and DJ from Boulevard3 will be there by three to set up." Tristan grinned. "You the real MVP, best friend. What color are you wearing?" Aaliyah chuckled, "Wouldn't you like to know? I'm guessing you're wearing blue?" Tristan only replied with, "Wouldn't you like to know?" Aaliyah only laughed. "Whatevs. See you later." She didn't wait for a response and hung up, opting to go back to texting Amelia and her two main followers to see if they wanted to go on a quick shopping trip to the Beverly Center.

To: Baby Cargill
Just got back in Cali. Wat's Sophie wearing? Do I need 2 pick her up something?

Tristan, on the other hand, set to making sure that things he didn't want to be broken were being put away. One of his older friends, a recent graduate of BHHS and a bit of a mentor to him, would come to pick up Lexi in an hour, but after that he had time to kill. It wasn't the typical party where he would just buy snacks and maybe order pizza later. Pizza was still an option, but most of the foods had a bit of a purpose. Each item had something to do with a sin and he even gotten Cold Stones creamery to come through later in the party for the sins of greed and gluttony, since you couldn't get any more gluttonous than Cold Stones creamery. While doing a run through of the house, he decided to text a few friends to see what they were up to. Might as well chill with some video games until later.

To: Tim
Ur girl's back in town. I'm bored, wanna hang so I can kick ur ass in Madden?

To: Friedrich
Bout to play Madden. U in?


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((My spellcheck program isn't working at the moment so forgive me for all of the gramatical errors.))

Friedrich really hated mornings. Absolutely nothing about them pleased him in any way. There was always traffic, there was never anything good on the TV, all the gyms in the surrounding area was cramped by people who tried to justify their horrendous fiesting by an hour at the gym every other morning, and quite frankly few of his other peers was awake before 10 so there was really no reason to get up before that. Besides, Friedrich enjoyed sleeping, so when his [ulr=http://api.sonymobile.com/files/xperia-z3-green-1240x840-6bb99ebaedf8db306387d0a873ae870d.jpg] phone[/url] started to vibrate around 12 the guy who drowsily reached out for the cause of the desturbance was not exactly a happy character. An audible sigh escaped him as he picked up his phone and read the text from Tristan. Friedrich yawned before clapping his hands and thus turning on the lights in the luxarious bedroom in his appartment before he sat up and sent an answer to his Animal friend.
To Tristan
"Sure. I'll be there in an hour."

With the text sent Friedrich drowslily left the bed and headed for the eaqualy luxarious bathroom where he turned on the shower and letting it run for a while while he turned to the touchpad mounted in the wall that controlled everything about the bahtroom, like heating, ventilation, and best of all; the hidden speakers. With a self confident smile Friedrich selected a Spotify playlist made up of Rolling Stones and Queen before he headed into the large shower.

About half an hour later Friedrich was well into the extremely complicated prosses of cooking eggs and bacon for breakfast. As he ate he had to make the though and defiantly first world problem of which of his three cars he was goin to take to the party. Everything else that had to be decided before a party was already taken care of, like the outfit whit was just a pair of ordinary denims with a white shirt and a purple blazer. Not that the car really was a problem, there wasn't really any doubt that Friedrich would go with his Wiesmann mf5 though it only has two seats, Friedrich wasn't really planning on driving tonight so to be honest it was perfect for just showing of.

A bit over one hour after the text Friedrich pulled up infront of Tristan's rather magnificent house where he roared the engine a few times just to announce his pressance before heading towards the front door and ringing the bell as common courtisy demands. At the moment Friedrich was wearing a simle pair of jeans with a plain white T shirt with his party-outfit was in a bag casually thrown over his shoulder.


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#, as written by Rivers
Timothy & Kayleen Cargill
Image Image
"Perfect! Now remember, be nice, Tim. Mary said that she's still adjusting to the idea of moving to California," Austen said in a hushed... and was it a nervous?!... tone as they approached the baggage claim area.

"Come on, dad, you know I'm going to be nice. Mia... maybe not... but I always try with Kayleen. Why do you think I'm here?"

"I know, you're right. I just want this to be easy on everyone, ya know?" Timothy didn't have time to agree with his father and reassure him that everything would be fine, because they were soon in too close of a vicinity to Kayleen, and his father was talking again. "Kayleen, over here!" Austen said, waving to catch her attention as the father-son pair approached. "How was your flight?" Timothy considered adding in a tidbit of his own, maybe something about how Mia and his mother wanted to be there but had big commitments, but he remembered how uninterested his half-sister had seemed in making conversation and just smiled.

He's worth billions of dollars, and he can't even pay for a chauffeur to pick me up? I have to get right off the plane and deal with them? Can someone please kill me now? Kayleen mustered up a smile that she hoped looked authentic enough to hide her real feelings. She didn't want to be in California, at all. It used to be a nice vacation destination for her, because it rarely ever involved seeing her father. Despite what her father's new family might believe, Kayleen didn't have a say in moving to California. Her mother was leaving for England in a few days, and it wasn't possible for her to remain in Montana alone. She begged and begged to be allowed to move to England with her mother, but her pleas fell to deaf ears. Her mother used the excuse that she wanted Kayleen to finish her high school degree in the states, where things would be less complicated, but Kayleen was convinced that her mother just wanted to "live" again and start a life with her fiancé on her own. It was likely a mix of the two, and a lot less of a personal attack as Kayleen wanted to believe it to be, but it didn't change the fact that she was stuck in the last place she wanted to be for the next year.

"It was okay. You guys didn't have to come out to pick me up, though. I'm sure you are busy, I would have been fine with a car." She wouldn't have been fine with a hired driver being here instead. She would have been relieved, thrilled, happy. She allowed her father to take her two pieces of luggage from her hands, and forced a smile of appreciation. The rest of her things had been shipped from Montana a few days ago, and Kayleen hoped that being reunited with her things would be a step towards putting her into a good mood.

"Nonsense! We can always make time for family. Amelia and Jackie spent the day getting the house ready, but everyone's been so excited for you to arrive." Timothy prayed that Kayleen really knew their father so poorly that she wouldn't sense how scripted what he was saying sounded. Tim knew that his father really wanted this to work, and what he was saying wasn't so much of a lie as it was a wish, but come on! His mother wasn't against the idea of Kayleen moving in, because there really wasn't any reason for her to feel that way. Had it been Timothy moving in with Kayleen's mom, that would have been awkward, but Jacqueline was the one who had come out on top in the entire affair ordeal. If anything, Jackie seemed more willing than usual to accommodate Kayleen, because it was clear to everyone how badly Austen wanted this to work. He still wouldn't call his mother "excited" for Kayleen to move in, but she was content with the situation by now, and willing to do what it took to help Austen. Amelia, on the other hand, was the definition of the opposite of excited.

"Mmm... great," Kayleen muttered, still trying to seem positive. She didn't want to be here, but she also wasn't going to be nasty right now. This wasn't like a Christmas vacation where she would be in California for five days, two of which she spent with a friend from home who was vacationing in Los Angeles at the same time. She was going to be stuck in the same home as these people for months. The Cargill estate was big, but not big enough where she wanted to maintain a cold and bitchy front for months. That wasn't to say that she was going to be warm and peachy, but Kayleen's plan was just to do her own thing. She would interact with her father, his slut-of-a-wife and her half-siblings when necessary, but nothing beyond that. She would go to school, go shopping on her own, go to the beach on her own, and try to make the best of this without allowing herself to fall into this new life. This new life wasn't her life, and she was stubborn enough to wish that it never would be. She had enough friends who loved her at home to want to make any new ones here. Besides, it would be easier to leave at the end of the year if she hadn't actually found anyone to make staying worthwhile.

Austen was a people person and doing his best to compensate for the seventeen years that he missed of his daughter's life, so conversation was rampant on his part throughout the ride home. Tim would do his best to chime in here or there, agreeing with his father that Kayleen was going to love Beverly Hills High, and that his friends were all excited to meet her too. A lot of the things he was saying were just as fabricated, or at least exaggerated, as his father's words, but it seemed like the only thing to do. Kayleen would respond with single words and phrases, but she didn't seem as stone-faced as she had during her Christmas visit. She was being nice enough, and he decided to brush off the borderline curtness as her just being tired from her travels.

Two of the housemaids came out to greet the trio as they stopped at the end of the long, private driveway, and Timothy was ready to hop out and get on with his day when his father addressed the staff. "No, no, don't worry about this. Timothy will help Kayleen bring these up to her room. Just make sure my lunch is hot in fifteen minutes," Austen requested. His non-business streak was nice while it lasted, because almost immediately after he finished speaking, he sunk further into his seat in the car and pressed his phone to his ear. As the woman scurried away from his window, he turned back to his children. "I'll be right in, I just have to take this."

"Alright, no problem!" Tim put on his best happy and willing act as he stepped out of the car and headed towards its trunk. "Let me just grab your bags, and then I'll show you where your room is," he said as he pulled the two large bags out of the SUV. "Wow, did you pack the entire state of Montana in here?" he asked with a chuckle. If Tim let it, he knew that the situation could get awkward since he didn't know Kayleen and from every past interaction, had been shown that she didn't want to get to know him. He didn't want that to happen though. If not for his own comfort, but to help his dad out in this situation that he wanted to work out so badly.

Oh. My. God. Fuck my life. I seriously should have had everything shipped here. Now I have to deal with more small talk. Okay, it's fine. You'll just let him bring your bags up, tell him you're tired and are going to take a quick nap. You can get through this. Kayleen's thoughts would suggest that she was dealing with something a lot more detrimental than moving into one of the nicest estates in Beverly Hills, but right now, she was entering crisis-mode in her head. She meant to laugh at the joke that she didn't find to be an ounce funny, but couldn't force herself to do more than exhale from her nose. "Just clothes. I can take them, really. It's not a big deal, just let me know how to get to my room."

"Nah, it's cool. They're not that heavy. Besides, I don't think he's going to get off our back unless he sees me going in with you," he followed up with, as he nodded his head back towards the car. Timothy thought he noticed Kayleen's smile softening a bit, but as he lugged the two suitcases into the house, he couldn't be positive. One of the housekeepers that wasn't working on Austen's lunch informed Timothy that his mother and Amelia were both out, and he was able to breathe a sigh of relief over just that. Unknowingly, Kayleen was doing the same thing, but mostly because it meant that she didn't have to deal with any welcomes or awkward re-introductions. A con of having such a large home meant that it took nearly ten minutes for them to reach Kayleen's room. On the way there, Timothy did his best to mirror his father and fill the time with conversation, but it was easier now that he could just act as a tour guide, pointing out where everything was. It didn't require much of a response from Kayleen which was helpful too. "... And last but not least, here's your room," Tim said, resting the luggage bags against the wall as he opened up the bedroom door in front of him. "I'm sure you want to get settled in, but in case you're bored later on, a friend of mine is hosting a big party. Everyone from school is going, and it should be pretty fun. You're more than welc-"

"I'm really tired, so I don't think I'll be up for any partying tonight. Thanks anyway," Kayleen didn't mean to cut him off rudely, but she was desperate for some solitude right now, and didn't even bother to drag in her luggage before closing the door in his face.

Timothy, while not oblivious of just having a door shut in his face, was just as relieved to be off of host duty that he didn't think much of it. He tried to remain sympathetic, and decided that if he were in her shoes, he would probably not want to go out on his first night in a new home and city. Still, he was unsure if his father would be content with the idea of him and Amelia leaving for a party without Kayleen. He supposed that it wasn't his problem yet, and for now, he could just relax. On his way down to the kitchen, he responded to a few texts he had gotten while at the airport, and sent one to Aaliyah, Amelia and Bradley as well.

To: Tristan
In ur fucking dreams. I wanna come over there and kick ur ass just so you never even think that again, but my sister just got in and idk if my dad will be cool with me leaving. Give me 10 and I'll let you know

To: Aaliyah
How was ur shoot? If you've got any pictures that weren't PG-13 enough to make it to the magazine, you know my snapchat is always open ;)

To: Amelia
Heads up that Kayleen is here. Ik you want to act like a brat and throw a tantrum, but try to be nice for dad's sake.

To: Bradley
Pregaming at ur place tonight? Might be bringing Kayleen. Idk


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F A B I A N__A S H D O W N

August 1st, and instead of basking in the glory of the Los Angeles sun, Fabian instead found himself in bleak and bleary Scotland, ankle deep in mud and grass and hunting fucking grouse. His father stood somewhere at his back, having a chat with Prince Charles and the Duke of Norfolk, while packs of hunting hounds sniffed about at their feet.

Once in a while, a bird would be spotted, and there would be a scramble for triggers and the cracking of guns. Normally, he'd be right in the middle of the fray, rifle aimed and finger hovering over the trigger, but today, he decided to stand back and watch.

And if he had a scowl on his face the entire time, well, nobody cared to point it out.

He wasn't sulking. He's too dignified for that (or at least that's what he believes). He just wasn't in the mood for killing fat, defenceless animals just because his esteemed father thought it would be a wonderful idea to go hunting eleven fucking days before the start of grouse season, and—coincidentally—on the very day of his flight back to Los Angeles. Tristan Elliot's party was also that night, which irked him even more because he'd already picked out the perfect outfit a week before.

That's one flight canceled and one perfectly good outfit wasted. Thank you, father, for your magnificent timing.
Sighing, Fab took his phone out of his pocket, pulled up Snapchat, and snapped a few quick pics:

There he was, looking dapper in a bespoke charcoal grey hunting coat, his rifle nestled at the crook of his arm and a mop of curls sticking out of a beagling cap that he quickly coloured purple.

'purple for pride right? ;)'

Then another with Prince Charles laughing in the background with a hand on his father's shoulder.

'sorry can't go, hunting w/ royalty x'

And lastly, the vast emptiness of the Scottish moors. And—to his surprise and amusement—Prince Harry at the very right, making kissy faces at the camera. Oh yeah, the girls are definitely going to love that one. He thought as he typed out a quick caption. He then hit 'add to stories' and sent it to the Royals and whoever else he considered relevant.

'harry sends his love xxx'


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#, as written by Rivers
Timothy Cargill
He had left his father outside only around ten minutes ago, so that meant that he had five minutes to get down to the kitchen, find someone to cook for him, and get out of there before the patriarch came in. Timothy knew that he was being dramatic. He didn't really need to avoid his father, and he wasn't going to die if he ran into him, but he also didn't want to be pushed with the whole Kayleen thing. It was true that he was certainly the most willing in the family to get to know her and give her a chance, but he was already doing both of those things, and it was clear that she was barely receptive to it. Timothy didn't want to deal with his father trying to push him farther on top of Kayleen, and if he saw him now, he was sure he would insist that Kayleen come to Tristan's party later. He had offered, she had said no, and that was that. It didn't seem necessary for her to attend, for one, because she didn't know anyone, and it would likely be uncomfortable for her. She not knowing anyone meant that Timothy would also be forced to babysit, and besides that, if Kayleen came, it meant that there was a chance that she and Amy would run into each other. Tim wasn't sure that he wanted to deal with that, on what was definitely going to be the last, sickest nights of the summer.

To: Aaliyah
Can't blame a guy for trying ;) And yup. Not going great but Amelia's not here so it could be worse. Maybe it's u she doesn't like tho. Didn't wanna come bowling now she's rejecting an Elliott party invite and coincidentally ur gonna be there too....

To: Aaliyah
BTW bring Kendall Jenner tonight or i don't believe ur actually friends w her

Soon after texting Aaliyah back, he made a stop in his room to change into swim trunks. He didn't know if he was going to go to Tristan's early yet, but even if his father was cool with him leaving Kayleen alone, he needed to eat first, and where better to eat than out by the pool? Along with his texts to Aaliyah, he sent her a snap of his shirtless form, with the caption "prepping for our skinny dipping", and one of him flipping off the camera that went to Fabian, with the caption "wow bro, missing the party of the summer". Lastly, he sent one to Tristan, with "poolside lunch b4 i kick ur ass". When he arrived in the kitchen, he was pleased to find it vacant, aside from a a staff member who was working on Austen's lunch. "Hey, would you mind making me a grilled cheese? I'll be out by the pool when it's ready," he said, barely pausing as he made his way through the doors and towards the pool.


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A A L I Y A H ~ J A U R E G U I
"And this is why you're not in FIDM."

Location|| Beverly Center Mall
iPod|| Control by Halsey
Mood|| Unimpressed


Aaliyah scrolled through her Instagram feed idly as Deanna went to go try on her selection and Shailene was still rummaging around in the store. Dolce & Gabana was not her favorite place to be, not that she didn't appreciate the art of the place, and so Aaliyah was very certain she wasn't going to find anything that she would want here. So, she had no need to look. Besides, the others needed their outfits. She was certain about what she was going to wear considering the fact that she planned on taking the dress off the second she got to Tristan's. In the middle of that train of thought, she received the notification from Fabian about not being able to attend.

While some of the others might have literally gone crazy when Fabian had initially been introduced, Aaliyah had just shrugged off his family's title and simply introduced himself. Not that she didn't take his title seriously, but he was a student still. He was just another kid in a building filled with kids and she saw no need to suck up to him. She saw no need to suck up to anyone and Fabian was cool enough. She liked his style, that was for sure. But at the moment, all she could feel was sorry for him. The last place Aaliyah herself would ever want to be on a day like this is somewhere where the sky was gray when she knew damn well LA was going to be bright and sunny. No amount of hanging with actual royalty would make her feel better about that situation.

To: Fab
Ur sure we don't need 2 send a rescue party? Make up some random excuse?

Just as she sent that text, Aaliyah received the notification about Tim's message and snap and was going to answer but Deanna came out of the changing room in a horrendous (if you asked Aaliyah, anyway) dress. Shailene remained silent on Aaliyah's left, but Aaliyah's raised brow spoke volumes for the both of them. "What about this one?" Shailene would have spoke, but Aaliyah cut in quickly. "Sure, if the plan was to dress like it was your last night on the Titanic back in 1912." The cut didn't fit the tall girl, the color did not complement her tanned skin, and the whole look in general looked stiff and unappealing. Granted, Deanna hadn't been shopping for today's look, but as many times as the two of them had been seen together, Aaliyah would not be caught dead beside one of her friends in some outfit like that.

Her input taken into consideration (since Deanna pouted her way back to the dressing room and Shailene snickered off in another direction), Aaliyah returned her attention to her phone to see what Tim was talking about. Only to bite her lip slowly to one, keep a chuckle from escaping but also not to make any other sound of surprise...because...he's not fair. The snap of him shirtless was not fair and he was being a tease when she had been trying to be nice about the "unwanted" sibling and she had the right mind to send something back. She could have, but as she bit her lower lip again, decided against it. He wanted a show for tonight. She'll give him one.

To: Tim
Cute show. Hope u can put ur money where ur mouth is.

To: Riley
Soooo...no text. No welcome back. No nothing? Rlly?

L A T E E F A H ~ W A L K E R
"Chill. She's just Kylie Jenner."
Location || En route to Beverly Center
IPod || Me & My Girls by Fifth Harmony
Mood || Excited


Lateefah grinned in glee once she and Karina separated and waved off her best friend's compliment with a laugh. Not that she didn't know she looked good or anything like that, but still. Her smile waned just a little when Karina rushed for them to not hold the others up and her brain was quick with wanting to respond with, Them bitches can wait, but she didn't say it. Instead, the two girls headed towards the vehicle with Karina climbing into the backseat and Lateefah reclaiming her driver's seat. She gave a warning glance to Bella who hadn't even done anything, but Lateefah knew that out of the others, Bella was the mouthiest and she would be real quick to kick the skinny bitch out of her car if she said one rude thing to her friend.

Which was why she was grateful that Tori was the first to interact with Karina. "Last I checked, she was. Pretty sure Aaliyah said something about it on her Instagram." She said, pulling her phone out to see if she could find said post. Chanel hummed thoughtfully before grinning, scooting over for the tiny brunette. "Which brings me back to the argument last week. I'm still marrying Rob. It's decided." Bella stuck her finger in her mouth as if she was about to force herself to barf and Tori's nose wrinkled. Lateefah chuckled before peeling away from the curb and driving down the road. "Okay, ew! Second, it's Kylie Jenner. At the end of the day, I'm not starstruck over some chick who honestly hasn't done much. If she is a student or isn't, it honestly doesn't matter at this point." Lateefah didn't have a problem with Kylie, liked the family name and all, but Kylie was still Kylie. And that was a Kylie her mom would never permit her to hang out with even if the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan decided to become Mother Teresa over night.

After a few minutes of perousing through her online shopping link via her phone, Bella glanced back at Karina with a grin. "Soooo...what color are you wearing, Karina?" Lateefah glanced back at her best friend through the rear view mirror with a bright smile. "Oooooh, red. Definitely red, maybe pink and red."

T R I S T A N ~ E L L I O T
"Man, this party's about to be sick."

Location|| His Residence
iPod|| GDFR by Flo Rida (Theory K Remix)
Mood|| Excited


By the time Tristan heard the roar of an engine in his driveway, he had already decided upon wearing orange for gluttony instead of being the stereotypical blue for lust like Aaliyah thought he would be. It was a split second decision, but with his stuff spread out on his bed, he had walked back to the kitchen and began preparing his own lunch like Tim. Well, at least, he was preparing it. Tim had staff to do that and Tristan knew he could get that if he wanted to, but it honestly wasn't necessary. A cheesy chicken and bacon melt sandwich wasn't a hard thing to make and as he let the pan cool on the stove before he placed it in the dishwasher, Tristan scooped up one half of his sandwich with paper towel and went to open the door. Friedrich had already rung the bell and he didn't want to keep the guy waiting outside.

"Hey, man. Wassup? How was your summer?" He greeted and let the Royal male inside. Lexi came poked her head out of the kitchen, but then went back to drinking her water. No surprise there. Once she got used to certain people's scents, it was a wrap. Unless you were one of her faves, she didn't always come out to greet you. A very decisive dog, his mom had joked once, but Tristan just saw her as another one of his girls. She was just as picky about her people as both Aaliyah and his own mother. As he led Fritz to the downstairs lounge and man cave areas since both had the video game systems, he nodded towards the bar and miniature fridge. "Want anything to drink or something? I invited Tim, but he might be over a bit later." While Tristan normally told his friends that they basically lived in his house and that they could raid his stuff on their own, spending time with his mother two weeks ago brought out his manners and well...there they were. Taking a bite of his sandwich, he also sent a text to a few friends.

To: Rhia, Cas, Angel
None of u r allowed 2 skip my shit. I'm cuttin mofos if u do