The Black Bath HouseRika Noshinawa

The very first Death Note user, Rika is hightly respected and feared in the dark realm.

a character in “Beyond The Death Note”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Name: Rika Noshinawa
Age (When Died): 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Picture - Image
Written - Rika Noshinawa stands at about 5"2 with a very slender figure. Her skin is very pale, and quite often bloodsteined, and she usually wears a traditional kimono. Her long black hair goes down to the base of her spine, hanging loose. Her eyes are a firey dark brown, almost red.
Time Period and Country: 550 AD (Asuka Period), Japan
Reason for using The Death Note:
I wanted others to suffer as I had suffered, I still do...


Personality: Rika appears to be a sweet and very gentle young lady but all this hides a sinister, bloodthirsty nature. She doesn't just want people to die, she wants them to suffer the most excrutiating pain possible. Her intelligence is extremely high, almost unrivalled, but it is often overshadowed by the sheer brutality of how she kills people. She is also quite insane, often mocking and teasing the other users, establishing her power over them. Deep down there is a tiny bit of compassion and longing for the love she never had in life but it would take a very special person to tap into the small piece of humanity left inside of her, no one has even attempted it yet.


Favourite Weapon: A handmade fan, with shards of glass attached to the edge.


History: Rika had been forced into an arranged marriage at the age of thirteen by her parents to an odious and abusive warlord. Her parents had never cared for her and this warlord certainly showed his young wife no affection whatsoever. With no friends, no one to care about her, Rika slowly became withdrawn, ruthless and bloodthirsty. That was when she found the Death Note, and her life changed forever. At first Rika did not believe it's words, just keeping it hidden away in her chamber. But after a particularly cruel night of abuse from her husband, Rika found herself writing the most hideous, gruesome and painful death she could possibly imagine for that terrible man. The next day, he was dead... in exactly the way she had written. Discovering that the Death Note was real, and meeting it's Shinigami owner, Rika started using this powerful weapon to take revenge upon all those who had ever abandoned or hurt her. Her parents, those who claimed to be her friends... everyone. She carried on like this for three years, no one ever discovering that this sweet looking girl was behind a series of terribly gruesome and hideous murders. But eventually her bloodthirsty nature and her desire to make people suffer as they died led to her downfall and she was discovered by several members of the Emperor's guards. She was executed without delay, given a slow and torturing death to rival her own murders, and her death note was confiscated... but then passed on.
When she arrived in the Black Bath House, Rika was extremely confused but her bloodlust still reigned high and barely an hour after she arrived, a new user came and she killed him. That was when the rule was established, that everyone in this realm must kill at least one person. Rika was more than happy with this arrangement, earning alot of fear and respect from the other users, none of which have ever managed to match her brutality.

So begins...

Rika Noshinawa's Story