Mr. Thumper

"The meanest son of a bitch in Rapture...."

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a character in “Bioshock - Would you kindly?”, as played by Raidose


"The meanest son of a bitch in Rapture...."

Name: Mr. Thumper

Gender: Presumably Male.

Race: Bouncer Class Big Daddy.

Appearance: Image
Thumper is easily distinguished from other Bouncer's by his sheer size alone. While it's unknown what man was turned into this monster, it's agreed that he must have been a giant. Even with his slouched posture, Thumper is only a foot shorter than the Defiant series Big Daddies, making him about 11 feet tall, which is about 3 feet taller than most other Bouncers. His thick armor, which was added to by those loyal to Tenenbaum, is riddled with bullets that hit and stuck, as well as hundreds of tiny dents and scars, marking him as a veteran of many fights with splicers. The cage on the right side of his helmet is busted and twisted outwards, while the entire right side of his body as received supplement armor. The big red stripe going down his left shoulder marks him as a prototype, which might explain the added augers on his drill, which is known to spark menacingly when he revs it.

Date of Birth: Unknown


For the longest time, it was little different then you'd see in any Big Daddy. The little difference being "angry". While most Big Daddies are rather cookie cutter, Thumper earned a reputation for being by far the angriest damn thing to ever walk the halls of this sunken metropolis. He was known for his trademark stomps echoing for entire city-sections of Rapture, thus earning his name from the rabbit in the film "Bambi". It's not known whether he does this to warn away Splicers, or as an open invite to anything desperate and stupid enough to try to get near Alice. After time spent with Tenenbaum, after Alice was made human once more, certain neural pathways that had been previously blocked off by his Big Daddy procedure have been re-opened and thus allow (extremely limited) free thought.

There is little that can be done for a brain that was practically lobotomized, however, as his every waking thought still revolves entirely around Alice. Where is Alice? Is Alice okay? Is anything threatening Alice? Why am I not killing it? Should I kill everything in the room with Alice just to be sure? And while he's capable of understanding now, like the needs of a normal, living little girl, he still only listens to Alice. Which is a good thing considering he often forgets those previously mentioned needs. And while raging Bouncers are perhaps the scariest thing any resident of Rapture could ever see, it goes without saying that when Thumper rages it's hands down the most terror inducing experience since the Atomic bomb test videos. He even once scared a visiting whale (yes, as in the mammal) by roaring at it after it spooked Alice. In fact, if it wasn't for Alice lacking the ability to breath underwater, he probably would have went through the glass after the damn thing....

Job: Protect Alice.

-His Drill, which has been upgraded with added augers for extra grinding and bashing gore, errr..... I mean effectiveness. Yeah, that's it. At least three out of the four augers have a couple of crooked teeth on them, which scrapes against the drill and each other when revved and produces a cascade of sparks. This is known to add to the "Shit your pants" factor when he's superman-diving at a Splicer.

-His armor, which has been heavily reinforced on his right side for added protection and shielding of his Little Sister.

-While technically not a weapon, his roar is capable of stunning anyone within 30 feet of him.

Team: Alice, and by extension Tenenbaum, or generally anyone she tells him not to attack. Warning!: Will ignore or forget this in certain situations!


Practically nothing is known about this monolith prior to becoming a Big Daddy. Marked as a possible replacement for the Bouncer class Big Daddy, "Mr. Thumper" began his new life as any of the others. After the decline of Rapture's collective sanity, however, he earned a reputation for being the one thing no Splicer wanted to mess with. Claiming the Poseidon Plaza as his personal stomping ground, Thumper enjoyed an air of invincibility gained from many of the failed attempts at his Little Sister. Life was regularly typical for the undisputed king of Rapture, until he met Alice. At the time, she was like any other Little Sister, and he would guard her with his life. One day, however, she was stolen. Like, literally stolen. The splicer responsible for this hadn't even attempted to harvest the little sister, to afraid for his life to even consider stopping, for the living incarnation of death's stomps were drawing closer. The Splicer eventually crossed paths with the good Doctor Tenenbaum, who made him an offer. Free ADAM in exchange for the girl. Eager to get rid of the thing Mr. Thumper was pursuing with a mad vengeance, the Splicer accepted. Alice, being reverted back to a human state, turned out to be the only thing that stopped her devoted protector's mad rampage against Tenenbaum's loyalists. It seamed as though his connection to the girl hadn't diminished at all. Seeing this as a useful tool to maintain the psychotic Splicer population and secure valuable supplies, Tenenbaum opted to use Thumper as a valuable blunt (and very, very angry) instrument for her own goal. However there was a snag. Even with the many Plasmids used to try and undo the brainwashing on him, Mr. Thumper would only listen to Alice. This meant that she had to be his guide. Even though the girl was willing to do this, Tenenbaum still regrets putting her in harms way, even with the giant as her knight.

All in all, one thing remains for certain. He may not be the biggest, the strongest, or the scariest thing in Rapture, but he is still damn sure the meanest.


So begins...

Mr. Thumper's Story


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#, as written by Raidose
"Daddy..... Daddy won't you please come home?" was the tune that played eerily through the dank halls of the plaza. It's source, a barely functional radio, flickered to life every now and again to play out that same lyric. Much like everything here, it too was trapped in a perverted vision of a single moment in time. The radio died once more as the dust and sediment around it began to ever-so-slight stir. A new rhythm echoed throughout the plaza. Glasses tinged and clanked, loose chairs wiggled and wobbled. A sound soon followed the tiny tremors. A sound like that of a marching drum, or perhaps like tiny beats of rolling thunder. In truth, this ominous thudding came from something much more horrible. Through the dead air, striding past the many scattered corpses, a behemoth marched to it's own rhythm. Clad in iron and painted in blood, it's eerie yellow gaze poured over the macabre surroundings of this, the rotting carcass of Rapture. No man, sane or spliced, would believe that something as wretched as this abomination of flesh and ADAM would carry something so innocent. This was Poseidon's Plaza. The monster was known as Mr. Thumper, and the girl it carried on it's back was Alice.

This bogeyman trudged his way through the still, foul smelling courtyard, with his stomps as a clear warning to every living thing of his presence. Nothing wanted to cross Thumper, and even the most insane of the Splicers always gave a second thought about attacking this walking death-wish. But he wasn't here for them, no. He was here for the new needs of his charge. The beast let out a low, ghostly moan in response to it's eyes landing on a vending machine, seeing it as a means to accomplish his goal. The machine sensed the presence of a potential customer, and began spouting out it's various recordings to try and draw their attention.

"¡Bienvenidos, Señor! Me llamo El Ammo Bandito!" *Smash!*

Apparently not one for a sales pitch, Thumper simply brought his drill down on the machine, splitting it in half as several bullets and shotgun shells began to pour out of it. The Machine could do nothing but voice it's final complaint, "Hey, I've got a familia to feed", only to be completely ignored as the Big Daddy picked through the various ammo that scattered across the floor.

"No, Mr. Thumper, no! I told you the other one has the food in it" Alice chimed in.

Mr. Thumper gave a drawn-out moan as a sign of his obedience, as he stomped his way to the opposing machine on the other side of the hall. The familiar clown-face was badly beaten, showing signs that someone had already tried to break in. Thumper was sure he could be more successful. The light behind it's creepy, glass face flickered and sparked as he approached, not uttering a single word. Unusual for these often annoying advertisers of random crap. Alice peered over his shoulder, leaning in closer with curiosity.

"Do... do you think it still works.....?"

Thumper's hand inched towards it, giving it a light tap. The machine suddenly sprang to life, and made the horrendous mistake of startling Alice, causing her to let out a tiny shriek.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Welcome to the Circus of Val-" was all it got out, before having it's big, annoying smile impaled with an enormous freaking drill. To Thumper, this was simply cause and effect. Creepy-ass clown scares Alice, creepy-ass clown gets drilled through the face. Clearly, his logic was flawless. The machine sputtered and sparked, as if trying to cling to it's fabricated life as it slipped away.

"Wel-Wel-Welcome-come to the Cir-Cir-Circus of Values-ues-ues-ues-uuuueeeeesssssss......."

It's contents began spilling out of the slot at the bottom, as Alice merrily hopped off Thumper's back to rummage through the spoils for edibles. Satisfied with her findings of a few bags of potato chips and some pep bars, she clambered her way back to "her spot" on the combustion engine attached to the Big Daddy's back. His mission was accomplished, and so he moved on. All the while eyeing all those doors into the Plaza. He never liked doors.

Doors let things in. Sometimes those things are bad. That means doors are bad. Doors might be bad for Alice. I should kill those doors.

With that, he was completely for the idea of going over and killing those doors. However against his better judgement, he decided against it. The doors weren't doing anything right now, so he didn't worry. If it really came down to it, he could always just kill whatever came through them...... and then kill those doors. With that comforting thought, he proceeded on his way. Completely ignorant of the vending machine, which was still impaled on his drill, that he was now dragging with him.

"Uhh...... Mr. Thumper?"


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The little brother and his guardian, the big brother, found there way to a Big daddy and a little sister. "Who are you? I haven't seen you before." Said the Little brother. "Yes, You are in our side of Rapture, So please leave or we will have to force you out." Said the Big brother with a Robotic like voice.


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#, as written by Raidose
Strange, these beings, these unfamiliar abominations that stood before the two. Alice hunkered down, disturbed by the little boy that began proclaiming this as "their" territory, not liking the erie tone in the child's voice or his empty, souless stare. Thumper didn't even register them as living things, walking right past them while wondering why his arm felt heavier than usual. This was his place of dominance, his turf, and so long as these things didn't make a move for Alice, the giant could care less. Had he been of mortal mind, he may have asked why it gave off an unfamiliar smeel, not like that of a normal Daddy, or why it's little sister was dressed weird, but he wasn't.vMr. Thumper danced on the borders of being an automaton and drone, with occasional spurts of free thought popping into his steel-incased head. So he merely groaned deeply as he plodded past them,and while Alice was scared of them why should he be? She was with him, she was safe. After all, he'd never fought anything that could rival the undisputed King of Rapture.....

Not even ten feet away, two metalic clanks echoed within Thumpers helmet, along with Alice shrieking and leaping into his hand. Something was on his back, something alive. It wouldn't be for long. "Ello there, lil' darlin'! COME 'ERE!!! A bloody hook arked out for Alice, as Thumper let her fall to the ground to evade the strike. Challenge Accepted. The Splicer on his back seemed to have jumped the gun, succeeding only in getting it's head crushed by Thumper's hand as he tore the Spider off his back. Now he could hear them, the clanking and cackling. Alice bolted for the best hiding hole she could find, an overturned Vita Chamber, as Thumper turned to face his attackers. His heart began to race, his ADAM enhanced muscles flexed, his breathing escalated, and his External Adrenaline Suppliment began pumping the fluids straight into his veins. The bioluminescent chemicals in his helmet reflecting the haze overtaking him, burning with a shade of red torn straight from Hell. The monster roared out a deefening whaal, the sheer intensity causing several street lamps around him to burst and shatter. Thought left him, replaced by endless rage and demanding instincts. There was no need for anything else, things just....... needed to Die!

With might surpassing that of any creature in Rapture thus seen, the Big Daddy swung his drill forward, dislodging and flinging the remnants of the vending machine at the biggest of the Splicers. this also served to free his drill for the upcoming backhand. The airborne Spider hadn't had time to react, being swatted out of the air by a tornado of teeth and sparks which decimated his body into bloody fireworks of gore, the meaty ribbons of remains spraying through the air back towards the oncoming group. No one threatened Alice, nothing ever would, and He was the reason why. Letting loose with another bone-shaking roar, his drill spun wildly and spat out torrents of sparks as it's teeth chattered and engine screeched angrily. The Tin Daddy charged, drill forward and Hell following with him.....