Full name: Henry Flynn; insists that his name is Dillon Maxey, and refuses to answer to anything but Max.
Gender: Male.
Age: Sixteen.
Time at Bird's Nest: New arrival.
Reason for transferral to Bird's Nest: He has been in care off and on for years, having become unmanageable somewhere along the line. It is uncertain whether his parents gave him up or if he was confiscated by social services, as his records are sparse at best. He appears to have been registered under the Canadian social services, but was brought overseas when his Grandfather took over his care. Having been in and out of mental health facilities for the past several years, it became apparent when his Grandfather died that his care would have to be specially regulated when he was outside of mental health care.
Appearance: Not especially tall and very thin, Max has dark skin and vivid red tattoos on his face, hands and arms, shaped like diamonds. He rarely shows his body, and tends to be found wearing a variety of hooded sweaters with rude slogans. His flavour of the month in that regard is “Sorry, I don’t speak stupid”. He tends to look rather unhealthy. He wears a retainer brace, when he can be persuaded to put it in, which results in a slight lisp when he speaks. His hair is dark and plaited asymmetrically.
Skills: He is fluent in both English and French (but denies it). He is well read when it comes to psychology. He has been studying gymnastics off and on for the past ten years.
Medical Conditions: Rapid-cycling type one bipolar disorder (with occasional psychotic features).
Strengths: He can be a very persuasive talker when the mood takes him.
Weaknesses: He’s easily agitated and dislikes people as a general rule; when he’s not trying to use them for his own ends, he tends to ignore and shun the people around him. He detests authority, but varies between sucking up and outright disobeying them. When it comes to people his own age, he tends to have a complete disinterest unless he wants something. His mental health problems have proven difficult to control, and he detests taking his medication; he occasionally requires hospitalisation in a mental health facility. Insomniac. Often attempts to avoid eating, claiming that his medication makes him feel ill, though when he gets started he tends to eat a great deal in one sitting. Max is a smoker, and becomes highly irate when he's not allowed to indulge in his habit.
Personality: Variable; his true personality is difficult to judge, as he spends a great deal of time putting on false personas. He appears confident, self assured and arrogant, though his therapists predict a great deal of insecurity driving him. His moods are wildly variable when is medication has been delayed or omitted.
History: He refuses to talk about his past (at least the time before his Grandfather adopted him), and even then he only talks about it under suffrage. The stories he tells when he does choose to speak are varied and convincing, but mostly dishonest. The truth? His Grandfather most certainly died.
Other: Max is currently waiting for social services to locate his legal guardian.

So begins...

Max's Story