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Black and White

Black and White

Good and evil, yin and yang, black and white... There's always two sides of the same coin. Will you make it to the other side?

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(This amazing pic of fan-art for the RP was made by DragonDunc, much love to him for this <3 Thanks to everyone who's made this an incredible experience for me and I hope to continue having more incredible experiences with this as we go along~)

We have always been interested in telling stories to one another, whether they be real or not. There are many children's stories that we could choose from as examples, but there is one many do not know if it was real or not. This children's story has been passed down through many generations, and each time someone has added something that was not there before. With so many people now existing in the world, each one has taken their own interpretation of the fable. The story suggests there have been many conflicts in our world, with all of these conflicts revolving around magic. But where has the magic gone? Well, the story focuses on one such conflict that takes place during the Early Middle Ages.

A mass of people conducted dark rituals using magic for evil intents, resulting in the creation of a new and dark entity that could only be described as a wizard. This entity tainted magic and corrupted it into The Black, which took all of the evil aspects of magic and allowed the users absolute power. The Black quickly spread and corrupted the very image of magic, leading many to fear it and distance themselves from it. However, a warrior rose up with The White, which was said to have taken all of the good aspects of magic and allow this warrior to fight back against The Black. This warrior soon fought his way to the evil entity and fought it, though the battle was great, the warrior soon prevailed over the dark entity and sealed it away.

Although the warrior was successful in bringing down The Black, magic was never fully restored on the Earth and has remained as The White and The Black ever since. The people's faith in magic was never the same ever since, and over the years, usage of The White and The Black faded on our world. Eventually, magic was seen as a myth and The White and The Black became nothing more than history. Many claim the fight still goes on to this day, that good and evil continue to clash behind the scenes to protect our world. Whether you believe in it or not does not matter, for life continues to go on even without proof behind this story. The year is now 2020, and the world still shows no signs of magic, The White or The Black ever coming back, if they existed at all. Perhaps you are different, maybe you are meant to see more? But only time will tell...

Welcome to Black and White, a tale of many things as you might have guessed, though there is still much to see. Perhaps you are interested in seeing what is true and what is false? Though many are welcome to join, I will have five spots open for those who are feeling brave enough to step forward. For those of you who get accepted, you will be given a word to put somewhere in your profile. Now, to give a brief idea of what the RP will be like, I want to get this out of the way. No, it will not be a typical RP, but there will be an emphasis on normal life. There is a good reason for this, I assure you, but think of it like this. Half of it is around normal life, while the other half is about the unknown supernatural. That is all I can say without giving away what I have planned. To all who are interested, I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see you soon!

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Appearance: I don't mind if you use anime or non-anime for this.

Name: Your birth name.

Nicknames: Anything you or others tend to call you by.

Age: How old you are, date of birth is optional.

Gender: Male, female, or otherwise.

Height & Weight: How tall are you, how much do you weigh?

Additional details: Anything you want to tell about yourself that cannot normally be shown or seen?

Personality: How does your character act, maybe there's more going on than most will know? Include as much detail as you wish to share.

Likes & Dislikes: What does your character like, what do they tend not to like? List them separately to avoid confusion. Again, share as much detail as you wish.

Strengths: What is your character best at? Are some of these known or hidden? Share as much as you like.

Weaknesses: Everybody has them, whether they know it or not. Perhaps you have figured it out sooner than others? Or perhaps you play ignorant. Again, share as much as you like.

Favorite Color: Trust me, this is important for later. Seriously. . .I mean it. Here's hoping.

Hobbies: So, uh, what do you do when you have free time? Perhaps there's something you practice every day? Maybe you do things nobody knows about? Share as much as you wish.

Desires: This is pretty much where anything like hopes, desires or dreams go. Have you thought about your future and where you want to end up? Or maybe you are more in the moment kind of person? Share as much as you like.

Profession: You don't just have to go to school. You can also have a job, part time job, etc.

History: This is your story, after all. And every story has a beginning.

This application may change later on depending on how things go in the roleplay. I will notify members if things have been added.

Team White: Yohan Belmont (The Vanguard), Sienna Cartlow, Frederick Bell

Team Black: Sonea Almsworthy (The Rearguard), Leo Pichard, Amber Hill, Sebastian Winters, Felix Tolbert


1. Please try to be respectful toward your fellow members.
2. If you are curious about something or do not know what will be coming in later on, please ask me either through PM or through the topics. If I am not available, either wait or ask one of the members.
3. Supernatural Elements have been introduced, please check in with me before adding them in to your character.
4. Please do not go too far with unsettling details or excessive swearing.
5. If the situation calls for it, I may add in new rules later on to fit with the changes happening in the RP.
6. Slots are filled up! To clarify, you do not need a slot to have fun and enjoy the RP!
7. I do have a story in mind and will have plans, as I am sure others will too. I am looking for cooperation between not just myself and the members, but between the members as well. Please come to me if you have any plans you wish to discuss, but if it involves another member's character, you will have to ask them.
8. If you go missing for a long period of time, others can gain permission to move on without you until further notice.

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Timberland by The Great Thundorz

A simple little town on Earth in the year 2020. Although it has not been popular in the past, recently strange events have started to occur here.

The Other Side

The Other Side by The Great Thundorz

When one finds a Gateway and says the word Purgatory with their hand in it, all users of The White and The Black within the Gateway's range will be transported to here...

The Sunny Shield

The Sunny Shield by The Great Thundorz

"If your searching for your favorite weapon, sporting a new set or armor or looking to get your favorite spade fixed, The Sunny Shield is always ready for service!"

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Rise of the Iron Kaiser

With a power vacuum left behind by Ricky, others come to take his place. Timberland will never be the same again, for the Iron Kaiser has come to announce that he is Ricky's successor!

Here Comes Ricky

After the first group returns from a stressful night, strange things begin to unfold within the town. A new group emerges, answers may lead to more questions and a man will make his mark on all of them. That man's name is Ricky.

Welcome to the Other Side

It is the year 2020. The town of Timberland is the same as always: School will soon begin, fall is coming and once more, nothing exciting happens. It all starts with a dream of fantasy, but fantasy soon becomes reality. Welcome to the Other Side!

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The Sukodo Emperor


Having made his way past Ryan, all of the other guards stationed about looked upon Sigma with fear and panic. He had easily taken down Ryan, one of the Sukodo Empire's Generals, and now was on his way to see The Emperor himself. None had the manpower to stop him from heading towards The Emperor's throne room, even if they did gang up on him in numbers, they knew he would simply push them aside with but a flick of his wrist. Stopping before the doors, Sigma pushed his hands upon them and began to push open the doors that would normally be too heavy for even five humans to open! As a golden light began to shine out from the room, a clapping of hands began as Sigma finished opening up the doors and looked upon The Emperor's form before him.

As The Emperor stopped his clapping, he appeared to be wearing his traditional golden armor that fit with the golden room surrounding him. Figures of lion's heads could be seen having been built over the walls of the room leading towards The Emperor's throne. Though it was not a traditional throne since The Emperor usually sat upon the ground of his rather large Litter. The only time people would be seen carrying it around would be when The Emperor needed to go somewhere and needed the utmost protection. Sigma walked forward to stand before The Emperor's Litter and knelt down before it. The Emperor gave off a light laugh in response.

"Well, Ryan appears to have been defeated. It was kind of expected, but what else could be done? He tried his best, and in the end, your will to see me proved stronger than him. I see you are determined to speak to me no matter what, I concede to your request, Sigma of the Order of Gray." The Emperor gave off another laugh from behind his helmet as he shook his head. "Rise, Sigma of the Order of Gray. Tell me what you seek from our peculiar meeting today." Sigma rose back up to his feet, looking up to The Emperor's cheerful form. It was unusual for him to see The Emperor so delighted to see him, it might be a charade considering the circumstances he could note while passing through the Sukodo Empire's castle.

"My apologies, but I wish to discuss something else first before I bring up my questions." Sigma looked around at the frightened guards throughout the room. "I know I may have barged in, but that is only because you have refused to see me so many times that I cannot accept it anymore. Regardless of that, you have more powerful warriors than Ryan. You appear to be lacking a lot of your best here actually, Emperor Sukodo. You do not have your daughter Morrigan around, your Head Guard and his two trained Guards. Those are but a few of many examples, why send away all of your best to leave yourself open like this?"

"So you noticed, I thought you would." The Emperor put his hands on his knees as he lowered his head and Sigma could hear a sigh emit from within the helmet. "It is time for The Empire to act and not hide behind the actions of others. With grim times approaching all of us, I wish to let it be known that we will be there to help out with whatever comes about. Be it the Dark Wizards, or the Demon Legion itself. I will not allow merely myself protection and allow others to fall. If I should be attacked and slain, so be it!" The Emperor waved his right hand across the air at this statement. "But the people will have faith in The Empire again, and we will all be able to stand together and unite in the end to overcome the rising forces of evil!"

"I see. I must apologize again, Emperor Sukodo. I did not mean to make it emotional for you, only curious why you did this. Now that I see why, I will not pry into it any further." As Sigma gathered his thoughts on what to speak to The Emperor about first, he heard the doors begin to open behind them. Turning his head slightly to look, he could see a menacing red aura glowing and slipping through the doors as they were forced open by one man. As the person shoves the doors aside and walks in towards Sigma, everyone could see that it was Ryan who had forced himself back into the room. The Emperor and Sigma both remained silent as Ryan stopped just a few feet away from Sigma, while all the guards looked on in shock at Ryan somehow managing to push himself back up despite being knocked down by Sigma beforehand.

"Father, do not give this man another moment of your time!" Ryan practically shouted out between heavy breaths, everyone watching him intensely as they did not know whether he would attack or continue to remain standing where he was. "I, Ryan Wynngard, shall continue to fight him until he leaves! Allow me to redeem my honor, father! You set expectations upon me, and I did not match up to them! I will not let that be the end of it, I will not let you down again! I will never let this man knock me down ever again!" Ryan raised up his right fist towards his father. "For The Empire itself, I am ready to stand up time and again until your voice is heard! Until your requests are met by others! Please, father, do not give in to him just because he is a member of The Order of Gray!" Silence swept throughout the room after Ryan had given his say on the matter, The Emperor standing up and walking over to stand in front of Ryan as he places a gentle hand upon his shoulder.

"Look at yourself, exhausted and beaten. Yet you still manage to push yourself back up to your own two feet. That is more than I could ever ask of my newest General and my son." Ryan's eyes widened at his father's words. "It is my fault in the end, General Ryan. I gave the request to not allow Sigma to see me, and I told you to stop him despite your new position due to everyone else being busy right now. I put off Sigma for the longest time, and you, my son, were thrown into the middle of it all without me considering what may or may not happen in the process. Had it been anyone else, you may be dead right now. I could not bare to live with myself had you been killed in my place trying to protect me. You are strong, Ryan, never forget that! You have not dishonored me or The Empire upon this day. You have managed to prove yourself in combat today, you have show me your resolve to protect our home no matter who or what may stand up against it. Well done, General Ryan! Well done!" His father's words caused Ryan to collapse to his knees, putting his right hand over his face to hide his coming tears from everyone else. The Emperor pats his shoulder twice before walking back over to his Litter and sitting down with his legs crossing again.

"My apologies, Sigma of the Order of Gray." The Emperor spoke out to Sigma again. "But now you may resume where you left off. I will allow no more interruptions on your behalf. Forgive my son, and forgive me for both of our foolish actions today." The Emperor bowed his head to Sigma before lifting it up and waiting for him to speak. Sigma was more shocked that Ryan had managed to stand back up after his Zenith Strike. Even when holding it back, Zenith Strike would still drain the target of all energy and strength to carry on fighting. He had seen this happen with Ryan when he collapsed after taking his Zenith Strike head on. He thought he would be unconscious for at least three whole days, a normal person would of been unconscious for around a week's time! Yet Ryan had returned, moments after being struck by his Zenith Strike, and was more than willing to put his life on the line to stop Sigma. Ryan was stronger than he had been lead to believe, he would need to keep an eye on all of The Sukodo Empire's soldiers from now on.

"As you wish, Emperor Sukodo." Sigma spoke up after taking a little bit to think to himself. "If I were to begin, I would say it is time we spoke of your involvement with Timberland. I believe it's time you answered us, and by extension me, for a change. Everyone knows of the fall of the Blue Haired Dragonborn family, yet most do not know it was by your hand that they fell. They have since been labeled as devil's to your Empire, enemies if you would. Heretics who are to be cast down if any of the family had survived. I wish to start off by changing this to allow any survivors to come out of the shadows and live their lives normally." Sigma's hands slowly tightened as he spoke up. "Emperor Sukodo! I request that the Blue Hairs be cleared of the accusations and charges that have been put against them!"

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#2017-09-03 04:12:21, as written by Kagerou
Takeo was awakened by the slap across his face. He lazily opened one eye to see Sebastian's twin sister looming over him. He sighed with annoyance and rolled over on the couch. "Get lost, Rebecca." Takeo growled. Little Becky was not having it, not today. She physically pulled Takeo off of the couch and dropped him hard on the floor. She simply glared at Takeo (while he glared back, mind you) until he relcuctantly pulled himself up and guzzled down the tea and breakfast. Sebastian was not a bad cook. It was one of the things Takeo admired most about him...that and ya know, not letting Takeo starve to death out of pure laziness. That was pretty important, maybe, potentially. He showered in about five minutes and got dressed in clothes that he randomly grabbed out of his still packed bag. Luckily for him, all of his clothes matched (he...might wear a lot of black...) regardless of what he chose. He slithered into his signature red hoodie and put earbuds in. The more he could ignore the world, the better.

The ride was obviously quiet. Rebecca and he got along well, they just did not have much in common to his knowledge. They soon met up with Sebastian in the parking lot. Takeo looked as if he didn't want to be there, but he tried to make an effort regardless. Before he could say hello to Sebastian, a young woman walked past them that caught his eye. No, not in that way. She looked...oddly familiar? A faded, fuzzy memory came to mind when he saw her, but it was nothing definite and not helpful. She glanced at them and smiled, but something seemed off to Takeo. No one else would notice, and not even he could point out what was wrong with it. The girl was quickly making her way towards the college, writing and walking at the same time. Probably a to-do list from what Takeo could see. He watched her go as he and Sebastian made their way in a different direction. He would have to keep an eye out...

"I've gotta go this way, we'll meet up at lunch? Cool." Takeo quickly said to Sebastian. The day was going normally otherwise until about halfway through his first class. There was suddenly a frenzy among the students. "A bomb?! At the high school? No way!" He listened more intently. "That weird kid Chase had it I guess....he set it off while fighting another kid. What was his name? Yoyo? Oh! It was some kid named Yohan!" Takeo immediately stood up and approached the students talking. They looked at him with a bit of fear as Takeo barked out to give more details. "They both went to the hospital. Hey! Where are you going?!" Takeo was already out of the room before another word could be said to him. He ran all the way to the hospital. Once he explained that he was Takeo Belmont, brother of Yohan Belmont, he was escorted to a waiting room. It seemed that girl Sakuya was in with him...Hopefully, his younger brother would want to see him and would be alright.

"Mom is going to kill me."


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To Make You Happy


Class started off fine for Sakuya. The teacher introduced herself, some students were working on some early projects, life was good. About 10 minutes in, however, a terrifying sound reached them and the music of shattering glass was the only thing Sakuya heard. Thankfully, she was towards the front of the room and away from the windows. Some of her classmates weren't so lucky, but no one was dying. They all stood up, looking around. Sakuya, however, felt something familiar. Magic...specifically Yohan's magic. Something had happened. While everyone was distracted, the girl slipped out unnoticed and followed her instincts. It lead her towards the back of the school. A group of people was already starting to form. She approached with caution, just in case, but soon saw Kraus, Yohan, a boy known as Chase, Saiph, and other faces she recognized. Kraus was trying to wave people away, but Sakuya only got closer. She had to know.

Yohan was still breathing, thankfully, but looked like he was in horrid pain. Sakuya let out a gasp and covered her mouth, but her shock was mostly contained. She stared for a minute before snapping out of it and coming up next to Yohan. "Yohan?" She whispered, knowing he couldn't really hear her. Without much thought, her Dominion started to radiate around her. Normal humans would feel much calmer and warm at most, but those with magic would be able to see a bright light over their wounds. This was effecting both Yohan and Chase. "Hang in there, Yohan. I got you..."

It would be some hours before Yohan would wake back up. His body shook as he opened his eyes. It must of been first lunch period, he felt hungry. But his body suddenly jolted up and he felt someone's hands lightly pushing him back, looking over to find Sakuya sitting next to him. That's when he looked over at a nurse nearby. "Thank goodness you are alright. We had some people coming in to check on you. School is still going on, thankfully, but you have been given the day off. Along with this girl here. She more or less volunteered to stay by your side, she said she was the closet person you had at the school." Yohan looked over to see Sakuya's hands glowing. She must of been using her Dominion all day on him. He could feel his body not being in as much pain, though it was still there. "I'll be going now to inform the doctor. You might get some visits later today." The nurse left the two alone, and that's when Yohan knew it was time.

"Sakuya... I'm sorry." Yohan spoke up. "I'm... Such a screw up. I stood up against Chase and got everyone worried. Most of all, I got you worried. I... I don't really have anyone else. I keep pushing it all on you, don't I? I'm starting to have more friends now, some of my family has turned back up, but you are... The only one who seems to be the closet to me. And I... I feel like you might of picked the wrong guy to be best friends with." Tears started to swell up in Yohan's eyes as he avoided looking her directly in the eyes. "I... I feel like I can't be honest with you right now. I don't know if you have been feeling the same way, I just..." Yohan raised his arm up to wipe away some tears. "I'm sorry... I feel like I don't deserve anything or anyone. All I do is just cause trouble for everyone. I don't deserve to be happy."

Sakuya was just happy to see Yohan awake and well. She listened to him intently and blushed. "Oh, h-hush! You deserve it just fine. Besides, I'm not the only one here to support you...I'm just the only one in the room right now." She petted Yohan's head a little, trying to calm him down. "You have people who love you and just want you to be happy. Don't let that Chase get you down. Although...did you feel something weird from him?" Sakuya lowered her voice as she said this. Her magic senses never quite turned off. She kept a hold of one of Yohan's hands, rubbing a little circle over and over. "I dunno...I just have a strange feeling...."

"I did." Yohan mentioned. "He had something." Yohan sighed out as he held her hand in his, looking over at her. "... I don't know what's gone down in the past between others. Or what my family has gone through. But I..." He swallows as he looks at her. "... I really want you to..." He hesitated, taking in a deep breath as he closes his eyes. "I'm sorry... I shouldn't say it. I'm..." Yohan stopped again, looking over at her. "... I really want to be happy. And, lately... I've been happy the most around you. Ya know?" Yohan said with a stupid smile as tears began to run down his face. ".... I want to be happy... Together."

"To-together?" Sakuya repeated. It took a moment for it to click in her head. "I would love that!" She exclaimed and hugged Yohan a bit too tightly probably. "Sorry! Sorry...I thought you would never really feel that way about me." She had a huge blush on her face (really, it was like that anime stuff all the kids are uppity about these days) as she held his hand tighter. It really did move along quickly, didn't it? Only two days ago did they really start talking, but maybe their attraction was more than a crush. It seemed like fate was working its wonders quickly. "Are you sure about this?"

"Well, at long as you don't have seven evil ex boyfriends I have to fight. I mean, I'm not ready to take up the mantle of Pilgrim." Yohan locked his fingers with hers as he couldn't help but blush and smile. "Yeah, I'm more than certain. I don't want anyone else but you. I thought you would feel like you were cursed to being stuck around me so much, like most seem to act. But if you are happy to hook up with a guy like me, well... Thank you." He said, grabbing her shoulder with his free hand to pull her in and, well, close his eyes and lock lips! If this was Scott Pilgrim, he might have just gotten the Power of Love power-up!

Sakuya kissed him back, her heart threatening to bust out of her chest. The kiss was...well, way better than the first one they had the other day. This time there was no fear, no forced feelings, just the two of them entwined into one another for this moment. She broke off the kiss, smiling at him. "You probably need your rest...I can just tell your brother that you're really tired and send him back home...he seems really worried about you though." Sakuya kissed him again lightly and put a hand lightly on his cheek. She was starting to feel drained. Her magic reserves were running low and she was starving. "Yohan...let's take it easy today, okay?"

Yohan returned the light kiss as he smiled right back at her. He couldn't help but stare right into her eyes as he rested his forehead against hers, holding her gently against him as he couldn't help but keep her close. "We can go to my house once we're out of here, go on a first date. I'll cook something up for us to eat. Just tell me whatever you want." He couldn't help but get another quick kiss off of her as he thought about what she suggested. "If he comes here, I... I'll appreciate that. I forgot about him for ten years, he must feel so bad to know that. I want to make it up to him. Besides, I... I want to introduce him to the cutest girl I know." He decided to throw out a flirt, blushing a little as he let off a little chuckle.

"I'll go get him then." Sakuya said, still blushing as she slowly got up. She stepped out of the room quietly and walked down the hallway to a semi-private waiting room. Takeo had basically paced a path into the tile. Sakuya lightly tapped him on the shoulder. "Yohan said he wanted to see you." The two silently went back to Yohan's room, Takeo entering cautiously. Yohan didn't look as bad as he had imagined.

"Hey, bud, how ya doing?" Takeo asked him quietly. Sakuya took her seat back and Takeo stood on the other side of Yohan. "I heard something about a bomb? You look...considerably less charred than expected. Sakuya has been taking good care of you...good, good...." Relief was visible on Takeo's face. He dared not touch Yohan without his permission, but it was obvious that Takeo deeply cared for the younger brother who had been separated from him for a decade. Sakuya was glad that Yohan finally had a family...and gave her hope that hers would be reunited as well.

Yohan smiled as he saw Sakuya and Takeo walk back in. "I'm good, thought I was going to have a Chase scar on my chest for the rest of my life. That would of been freaky. Luckily, it looks like I'm not going to have anything left over from that jerk beating me up for ten years." Yohan took Sakuya's hand into his own once she had sat down. "Uh, Takeo. This is Sakuya Lecarde. She's, uh... My g-girlfriend." He said with a slight blush, but soon brought that smile back on. "Sakuya, this is Takeo Belmont. He's my older brother, You met him earlier at the gather up yesterday. I uh, think it's a good idea to ease mom into the whole, hooking up thing and all that." Yohan sighed out as he leaned back and rested. "Bomb? There was no bomb. Chase had a knife, he had The Black, but like... There was no bo--" He stopped as his eyes widened. ".... Oh no." His grip on Sakuya's hand tightened slightly. "I.... I used my power, didn't I? I couldn't control it, it -- it went out like a blast and.... Shoot! He has some things coming, but now he's gonna end up in jail because of me. And without magic, no one will believe me because magic can't be backed up with simple evidence! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to cause a scene, honest!"

Takeo and Sakuya both patted Yohan, trying to reassure him. "It happens, little brother. It seems he had it coming. But the rumor is that he did, in fact, have a bomb. But if he had the Black..." Takeo and Sakuya exchanged a glance. "Things just got a lot more complicated. Timberland is making quite the stir and I'm positive that it's going to garner attention from all sorts of magic types." Sighing and rubbing his head, Takeo sat down. "I'm not quite sure what the best course of action is. your back." Takeo then turned his attention to Sakuya, taking her in fully. "Erm...Mom is going to be...less than happy about this. If she doesn't know already, she will find out. She doesn't have the best history with the Lecarde family." He saw Sakuya's face fall and the knowing look in her eye. "I have no problem with who you like or whatever. Good for you guys." Takeo gave a thumbs up. However, another person gaining magic suddenly was not good. "I assume they probably won't let you out today. Do you want anything from the house? Here's my number in case you need me. Sebastian makes sure I don't leave without it, the knucklehead." Takeo chuckled to himself.

"You know...where is Mom? I thought she would be in here already."

Yohan ran his free hand through his hair as he thought about it as well. "Probably still out. After you left, she used that strange device in the basement to go somewhere. I presume she hasn't returned yet if you don't know where she is. Doesn't matter. Let's focus on the issue at hand. I thought how strange it was, when Ricky, this little petty criminal, suddenly comes out of nowhere with The Black. Then suddenly people like Chase start having it? I think there was more to Ricky's plan than just targeting us last night. It almost felt like too much of a taunt, baiting us in to distract us from the overall bigger picture. I think that somehow, Ricky must of gotten some friends of his to help spread The Black throughout the town while we were all busy with him. We were all exhausted after it was over and then he suddenly pops up a martyr on the news. I remember dad used to tell us stories about warriors clashing in the past." Yohan pulled Sakuya's hand up to his chest for comfort, while keeping his hand in hers as he did this. "... I think we're about to see another clash like the legends."


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The young woman that had caught Takeo’s eye had also caught the attention of Sebastian, he’d speak up just before the glance and smile “Good morning” leaving the stranger be for now, Seb felt the firm clip about the back of his head from Rebecca’s hand “not even done with the first hour and you’re already checking out the opposite sex” Rebecca folded her arms and raised an eyebrow, Sebastian just gave a smirk and a chuckle. Which gained a roll of the eyes response from the twin.

Stepping inside the group soon split away, Takeo with his computer engineering Rebecca with her business administration and Seb; he was mechanical engineering student, he had already two years of his diploma he just needed to do two at a different college on the same subject, to pass the level 3 before going into university levels.

The block of the college he was studying was rather uneventful, heck the rumors didn’t reach him until midday, Sebastian on hearing the rumors and those involved immediately called Takeo, to make sure he was alright, he stepped out the dining area he was in, grabbing his bag and jacket, he got a lot of funny looks for wearing his gloves constantly, then again he couldn’t let anyone see that his left hand and arm was scaled and had claws.

“Fucking hell man, you guys alright?...” he had stepped into a quiet area out the way, to have his call, if there was one to be had. But that same feeling from the garage grew over him, he began to choke, like an invisible noose wrapping around his neck and pulled tight.

Sebastian dropped his mobile and grasped at his neck clawing with his left hand resulting in three clean shallow cuts to the left side of his adam’s apple. even now you’re weak, fall. know true power the words formed in his mind, Sebastian came back to reality collapsing down the wall when someone from further down the hallway around the corner came through, Sebastian didn’t allow a drop of his blood to fall, using his dominion to keep the blood from leaking from the three claw marks. He stood up and picked up his mobile, looking to see if the call was still on going.


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Having been discharged from the hospital not long after arriving, Felix had spent the rest of his weekend and Monday not up to much. Since he was here to study, he would just be working a few evenings a week, plus Saturday, so he wound up in his room most of the time, refusing to go out for fear of something weird happening again, reading comics and novels to pass the time. He had decided to stay away from TV for the time being, after switching it on and immediately seeing a news report about a death here in Timberland.

What certainly didn’t help was that his ‘annoying sidekick’, as he was now calling it, had figured out it could essentially shapeshift and cast illusions on him, being part of his psyche and all. On Sunday night, he had been kept up by scratching and distorted, unearthly whispering noises at the door. Now he had figured out the culprit, it was slightly less nightmare inducing for him, but the trick where it turned into a horrifying mutated goat and charged at him still made him flinch, which obviously amused the creature, as it changed back to its normal form and rolled on the floor in hysterics. Throwing in a few spiders and snakes seemed to be working pretty well too.

He was actually relieved on Tuesday morning when he finally had to leave the flat. He thought he would be a nervous wreck walking around town after the recent incidents, but he always felt safe surrounded by other people, especially in the daytime.

Everything went pretty normally from there. His walk to the campus was short and peaceful. His first lessons of this year were more like poetic rambling than teaching anything practical but he listened intently nonetheless. Last year he had gotten looks from the others as he was one of those students who take excessive interest. He still managed to work up a small mountain of notes, but his peers were used to it by now. Even his inner demon found him hard to distract.

Having spent far too long reorganising said notes, and struggling to stuff them and his books back into the brown laptop bag he was now keeping in his locker, he set off to grab some lunch.

Nearing the dining area, he heard some scuffling and what sounded like someone collapsing. He hurried around the corner to see if something was up, only to run into one of the people he’d met the other day. Sebastian was standing up and seemed fine, and although it seemed some kind of wound was on his neck that hadn’t been there before, there were no signs of bleeding.

Felix approached him, waving to the young man just has he was picking up his phone, making him wonder if he had fallen over or just dropped his mobile and struggled to get it off the ground quickly.

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Epsilon walked with Upsilon through the rocky corridors of their lair. People hadn't found them in years, but there was always the chance someone could get by. Epsilon smirked to himself as he thought about this. Before stepping out into the light, his form changed into his old man disguise that he showed Yohan before. "Get those new Dark Wizards shaped up quick!" Epsilon's voice struck out to the others. Upsilon chuckled to himself as the others panicked. The only reason they followed Epsilon was due to his power, and he reminded them of that power every day. Raising up his staff, he struck the ground and caused the roar of thunder to strike loudly across the room, with all of the Dark Wizards, new or old, kneeling down and bowing their heads to him. Epsilon huffed to himself and continued to walk, the Dark Wizards quickly getting up once he was gone and focusing heavily on their training. "God damn it Ken, why did you pick the room in the back of the evil secret lair?" Both of them continued on their way, nobody shooting them a second glance out of fear that one of them would turn them into dust.

It was still dark when Kogo arrived at her destination. The necklace was giving off a strong and familiar force. He was near, but she didn't see where. She was just staring at a bunch of mountains! Unless...these weren't actually mountains. Of course, it was never simple with Epsilon. Sighing angrily to herself, Kogo quietly cast a spell. Simply worded, simple magic, but it would get the job done. "Reveal to me what I cannot see." The mountains seemed to recede slightly to show the walls of Epsilon's palace. However, she couldn't see inside the palace or the goons that were inevitably guarding it.

Now, she could go in guns blazing and easily kill off most of Epsilon's group...but she needed to actually speak to the man. No doubt that his "Dark Wizards" would sense any magic she it was time to do this the old fashioned way. She concealed her horse in a secluded location, put her dark cloak on and headed out towards the only entrance.

It wasn't hard to slip by the first couple of guards. She was nearing the door when one of the guards must have heard her. However, Kogo was quicker than the guard and was in before they could even turn around from where they heard her.

Once inside, Kogo could hear the thunder of Epsilon's voice and the frantic scurrying of feet. She quietly followed Epsilon and Upsilon. His apprentices were too busy trying not to piss Epsilon off to notice much of her. Epsilon hadn't noticed her yet either. She just had to wait for Upsilon to stop kissing ass and split from his dear old master...

Epsilon chuckled to himself for some reason as he looked over his shoulder briefly before looking back to Upsilon. "Old man, you go and tell Ken to hurry his ass up." Upsilon looked over to Epsilon, but did as he was told. Epsilon tapped his staff lightly a few times on the ground before beginning to walk off towards his own room. Once he arrive there, he opens the door and leaves it open, walking inside as he sits down at his desk and begins to shift through papers he kept inside.

The element of surprise was up, but he was at least kind enough to send his lackey away. She waited a few moments for some extra protection and then quietly stepped into the room Epsilon was in. She shut the door and locked it, staring quietly at Epsilon. The two were completely alone, not a sound to be heard from the outside. She waited for Epsilon to fully acknowledge her.

"Hello, Kogo." Epsilon spoke up, looking over at her with a smirk upon his face. "I see you have found me through that gift I gave you so long ago." He chuckled as he rose up slowly to his feet. "So, what do you require from this old washed up bag of bones? Are you trying to accomplish the impossible? Or perhaps you are looking for something more in the present?"

"Epsilon." Kogo said quite flatly. To be honest, she didn't fully understand yet why she was here. She approached the desk and took her hood down. Her hair was slightly different. Instead of her twin bun style, her hair was pulled into a low ponytail, just high enough that her hair hovered slightly above the ground. Her eyes pierced into Epsilon, but if he looked closely, he could see her concern. "They're looking for you. You know you can't keep this up much longer."

"So it's personal. Let's shift the table to you, shall we?" Epsilon pulls out The Fool card. "You've just found your son. He's just regained his memories. You abandoned him in order to come visit me and try to make things right. Tsk, tsk. You don't even know the trouble that's going on right now." Epsilon pulls out The Lovers card. "Then we have your other boy. You hardly gave him any mind, it's almost like you don't even mind writing down deceased names in that magical book of yours." Epsilon pulls out The Death card. "Then there is the odd behaviors everyone is taking. War is coming. People are preparing to have the upper hand and kill off those they deem in the way. Meanwhile, your son shall be in the middle of all of this. And yet, once again, here you are. Taking up selfish desires to pursue me." Epsilon throws all the cards up and watches them burn. "The fool's journey has begun, my dear Kogo. Are you aware of Lady Alpha's growing paranoia? How she relies on Omega to take care of anyone she deems unjust? What about all the strange murders? The White and The Black spreading throughout Gaia?" Epsilon chuckles. "It is not me you should worry about, Kogo."

Kogo glared hard at Epsilon as he gave his speech. Always with the cards, the god damn cards. She waited for him to completely finish before speaking, even though she knew he would turn it against her. "I know more than I want to know about what's going on. War is coming, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that you're going to be directly involved with your little group here." Kogo came around the desk and stood in front of Epsilon, looking up at him. "I know women are the bane of your existence now, Harold, but remember I'm not here as an executioner. Like I would listen to that bitch anyways." Kogo sighed. "Regarding my son, you know as well as I do that I cannot prevent what destiny has laid out for him. I can only try to make the obstacles a little less harmful."

"But you can be a supporting mother. Ten years the boy went through pain and suffering, the only person to relieve some of that suffering is the daughter of your hated rival. Though both of you should suck up if what the cards have shown me will prove true. The boy is more like you than you realize." Epsilon chuckled darkly. "But as for his destiny, well. He and I will, without a doubt, have differing ideals. He will challenge me, and I will be ready. But it will not be by prophecies or pre-determined fates that he shall face me. He shall do it of his own choosing, and if he doesn't, he will fail my expectations and I shall blame you as the cause." Epsilon gave her a sassy grin. "But you must have realized Upsilon is a cranky old fool. Such paranoia in his old age that he has to resort to keeping an eye on me. But let's stop beating around the bush and get to the real problem here." Epsilon slowly sat down in his chair as he put his fingers up together like that of a villain. Yes, he was totally doing this right in front of her. "Why have you come here?"

The woman looked him in the eye. "I need your training gear. I'm in charge of some of those effected by the sudden outburst of magic." Kogo said as she sat down in a chair opposite if him. "You owe me a favor, so I came to collect."

Epsilon chuckled to himself as he rose up and raised up one of his hands. "I should of known. I had some training gear prepared and you came at the perfect time. Even if I can't fully predict it, I can have multiple options available just in case someone comes along." Epsilon had the training gear fly over to his desk in a stacked pile. "There you are. Simple and done as that." Epsilon returned to sitting down. "Is there anything else you require of me while you are here? I am more than happy to assist you if I can. Just know that you are violating Lady Alpha's rules. But that probably makes you giddy more than worried. That woman is becoming more self-centered as the years go by her."

"'Lady' Alpha isn't much better than those she goes after. Karma will catch up with her one day. Besides, I don't think anyone currently in the Order would let her do harm to me." Kogo sighed. They sat in silence for a few moments, Kogo trying to gather her thoughts and Epsilon being...well, Epsilon. "How is he?" Kogo asked suddenly. "Is he what you wanted him to be?"

"He is what he wants to be, not what I want him to be. He has my genes for sure, but he has chosen his own path." Epsilon brought his hands up together. "He has been searching for you. Not because it's personal, but because he hunts bounty's now. He's been challenging himself against a great many beasts and people. I believe he has been holding back though, because none of them ever died while facing him. I believe he is testing himself, and his opponents by extension. He wants them to try to find him again, to try to get stronger and, in turn, make him stronger as a result. It's how he has been for some time now. He is not a bad person, but he does not fully trust morality to guide his actions. Be wary, he may seek interest sooner or later in those kids. I fear if Takeo doesn't get a good grip on setting aside his laziness for battle, he will be the first to fall in battle to him." Epsilon shook his head. "Some advice if you train the pink haired girl. Tell her she needs to start accepting her Dragonborn side more and needs to use it in a fight. She can't play the white mage forever, sooner or later, she'll have to fight to protect someone else's life."

"Searching for me...oh dear. I probably have a pretty penny of a price over my head." Kogo commented. "My charges include one of the Dragonborn, but not her. The one I have uses their blood pretty liberally. A real go getter for sure." Kogo looked up at Epsilon. "Takeo is smart. His intelligence rivals even yours. I'm sure he'll figure out how to fight. If I tell him, he'll just blow it off as another one of 'Mom's Many Wisdom's.'" She rolled her eyes. "Anyhow...thank you for the equipment. You probably won't get it back, but I've a feeling you won't need it soon."

"It was spare equipment anyway. I have one thing to say at the least. That Sebastian kid, he's going to head down a dark path. Regardless of what you say or do with him, I believe he has already taken quite a step over towards the darker side of things. He may be best friends with your eldest son of the two, but the younger one he will have growing issues with. You may try to deal with that as you wish. But soon, that boy will hunger for more than he wants. And it will get him into trouble. Trust me on that one. He's going to be facing a lot of trouble by the looks of things. If you are done talking with little old me, you may want to hurry back over to Timberland before more trouble comes it's way. Today is the day training will start. Knowing Delta and Beta, they'll start on it once school is done for the day." Epsilon pulls out a newspaper and begins to read it.

"You never miss a thing, do you?" Kogo said calmly. She was used to this behavior, considering the two had quite the history with one another. She made note of his comments about Sebastian. "You seem like you want to be left to your old geezer things, so I can leave your presence if you wish, oh great Epsilon." Kogo snickered. She couldn't help but pick on him. It was one of the only things they still had in common. She did have to wonder if the old Epsilon would ever return, but it had been almost 30 years. The chances were slim to none.

"Have you ever heard of the Book of the Damned?" Epsilon spoke up out of the blue. The newspaper he held looked rather old as he didn't bother to lower it to speak to her. "It was said to be one of the most terrible things magic ever created. It held the power to kill people at the user's command and drain their remaining life force into the book. There have been a lot of criminals dying as of late all over the world of Gaia. Someone appears to be taking the Kira route with this. Though the higher ups will never admit that something called Death Note predicted this would happen." Epsilon chuckled to himself. "I had thought I knew where it was located, but it seems someone has popped up and fit it's description all too nicely. What do you think about the matter?"

"That's a name I haven't heard in a long while. I heard it had been sealed away, though I didn't care much for the details. So, someone must have killed the Guardian and gotten it." Kogo sighed. That was probably part if the cause of the problems arising regarding magic. Whoever had it was either lucky or extremely strong. The Guardian was no laughing matter. Kogo put a hand over her face. The issues only kept getting worse and worse. No doubt was she concerned, but it seemed like a lot was piling onto her plate. She had been by the door when Epsilon started speaking, but she turned back to him now. "I'm surprised you don't know who took it, more likely you're keeping it from me. No matter. I appreciate the warning."

"The Guardian may be connected to our little thief. Though we do not know who sealed the book up in the first place, so it is hard to tell without asking them. And well, they are nowhere to be found." Epsilon chuckled from behind his newspaper. "My dear Kogo, I may have knowledge to share, but spoiling the finer details would ruin the surprise, now wouldn't it?" Epsilon couldn't help but grin, even though Kogo couldn't see it. "In any case, I can suspect who are the prime suspects behind all of this ruckus. Though you will eventually find that out for yourself soon enough."

"I see..." It was all she could say. Despite his standing among many as an enemy, Epsilon's instincts were normally spot on. She knew to trust him on these sorts of matters. "Am I to suspect they're going to come to Timberland or already there?" Kogo asked.

"They will announce themselves to the whole world in a week's time. They have already started to recruit those of The Black and The White under their wings. It's not just Timberland they have eyes for though. But they will come sooner or later. You'd best prepare those kids whenever you can. One more thing before you go though. I want you to answer me a question. Have you considered what would happen should a major force present itself a threat to any of your family?"

"You already know the answer to that. And if you don't, then you're not as much of a genius as you think." The reply was prompt, but to the point. "My sons are both going to be in the middle of this, that's for certain. The only thing I can do that will make a difference is to prepare for the absolute worst. It's the only thing I know how to do." Kogo looked at him. "I will take my leave now. I hope you know what you're doing, Harold. I don't want to hear about you dying on me." Kogo unlocked the door and opened it, concealing herself once more. Within seconds she was out of sight, out of the building, and riding off into the dawn.

Epsilon couldn't help but chuckle to himself. Upsilon peeked in after a bit. "Is she gone?" Epsilon nodded to him, putting down the newspaper. "Finally. Stupid woman! I hate that dumb brat. But at least it's good to know she's staying in Timberland." Upsilon couldn't help but rub his staff in a creepy manner. "I'm going to enjoy seeing them struggle! Mwehehehehehehe!"


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The Great Journey


"Free the blue hairs?" The Emperor repeated Sigma's words, as if he had just been struck over the head with the request. The Emperor's helmet lowered as Sigma and the others could all start to hear a laugh rising up from within the armor. Even Ryan, as he looked up to see what was going on with his father, felt fear enter into his heart as his father rarely ever laughed like this. "My, such bold words, Sigma!" The Emperor rose his head up as he rubbed the side of his helmet lightly. "What makes you so certain I will agree to this? Are you prepared to clash with me over a matter I have built up over the years as the truth?"

"Indeed, I am." Sigma replied without any hint of worry ringing through his words. Ryan could only watch the both of them discuss this as he was the only one in the room who was able to watch them fully without breaking down into fear. All of the soldiers had been horrified and become like statues, Ryan knew what he was witnessing here today. Ryan quickly rose up to his feet as Sigma went on to continue, interrupting him as Sigma and The Emperor turned to Ryan. "Oh? Do you have something to say in response to this, General Ryan?" Sigma asked Ryan. Ryan tightened his hands into fists as he looked boldly at the both of them. Now all the soldiers had backed away from all three of them, feeling something big was about to unfold before them.

"I know what you are about to suggest, Sigma!" Ryan threw his words out loud and clear. "You have found a Belmont. Not just any Belmont either, one who has the dominant genes to allow for his hair to become blue. We have long suspected that any surviving Belmont may have received recessive genes and not gained blue hair. However, they seem to have not awakened to any true potential a dominant gene Belmont would." Ryan took a few seconds to gather his thoughts before continuing. "You are about to suggest that this Belmont has blue hair. If that is true, he is the last of his family with said blue hair. The records I have read show that only one Belmont survived. Any children he had before his death may have inherited the blue hair." Ryan was about to continue, but heard his father clapping again. Ryan froze up with a sudden fear as he could only look over at his father along with Sigma.

"Well done, General Ryan. You did some research, I see." The Emperor's words sent out a chill throughout everyone in the throne room. "It is true what you say. Should the only known Belmont to have survived the incident were to have children, it was always a possibility they would receive the dominant genes. But we did not detect him having any children, only word of his death rung out. I had thought the Belmont family to have died with him. But it seems Sigma is about to suggest otherwise." The Emperor couldn't help but chuckle. "I truly do apologize for interrupting the both of you. However, let us hear what Sigma has to say first before throwing anymore accusations out at him. Sigma, you have the floor open to you. Please, share with us what you have in mind exactly with this."

"Thank you, Emperor Sukodo." Sigma bowed his head briefly. "Ryan is correct. I have indeed found a Belmont who has blue hair. He is the last survivor of the family with said hair. I shall not confirm or deny if he has any siblings, that is not my intention here today. My intention here today is to free the Belmont family from these chains that have weighed upon them for a great many years now. I do not go before the Dragonborn Council with this because this at the heart of all of this, it is up to the Sukodo Empire whether the Belmont's are devils or innocents. You both may have asked yourselves why I would suggest this, and I believe both of you already know. But for the sake of the soldiers here, I will state it anyway." Sigma cleared his throat before going any further. "I wish to propose a Great Journey for him."

"I KNEW IT!" Ryan shouted out after hearing Sigma speak the words. "You mean to clear his name by having him find the great treasure that was lost to us!" Ryan calmed himself down quickly before speaking again. "Many have taken The Great Journey in search of the great treasure that we now know today as Yggdrasil. During the time of The Gods, many a great legend undertook The Great Journey in order to find it. Even after the time of The Gods had ended, many great people still took it in the hopes that they would be the one to find it. Many have since given up hope that Yggdrasil is a myth or unobtainable." Ryan looked over to his father and bowed his head down. "My apologies. I did not mean to interrupt, only to clarify my suspicions."

"That is fine, my son." The Emperor spoke up before turning to look back to Sigma. "I am sure you have heard of the famous tree from Norse mythology: Yggdrasil. The legend we know for our Yggdrasil goes that when the unspeakable Ancients were done with whatever mission they had been set on, they entrusted a seed to the Gods. The Gods named the seed Yggdrasil. This seed is said to hold the power of Change. Should a mortal plant the seed and make it grow, it is said they will have control over the domain the Gods rule over. In other words, they would become the most powerful force anyone has ever seen. The Gods hid away the Seed somewhere long ago and allowed any mortal, be they good or bad, find it to see if they would prove themselves worthy. But to this day, none has ever seen or heard of the seed that will bloom Yggdrasil." The Emperor turns to Ryan. "My son, would you be kind enough to explain to Sigma what The Great Journey means now?"

"Yes, of course father." Ryan looked over to Sigma. "The Great Journey is something that was started originally as a way to find the seed. It is said whoever found the seed would be the one to plant it and enter into the domain of the Gods. It is said that the seed and, by extension Yggdrasil, holds the power to rewrite reality itself. When the Gods departed, people continued to search for the seed regardless of how hopeless it seemed. The man who defeated The Wizard, The Blue Haired Warrior, went on The Great Journey and couldn't find it. Not even the greatest users of magic we have ever known could find it. You may have heard of the two chosen heroes of The White and The Black. Kuro, The Black's Chosen and Shiro, The White's Chosen. After they had defeated and slain Dracul, they too went on The Great Journey. Although Shiro died before they could finish it, leaving Kuro to abandon it. By offering The Great Journey to us here, you propose to have this Belmont find the Seed of Yggdrasil in order to clear any and all accusations that have been thrown at him and his family."

"That's right." Sigma stated to them both. "I could care less what happens to the Seed of Yggdrasil. I am only here to clear the name of the Belmont family. I assume neither of you have a problem with this?" Sigma waited a minute before continuing. "Right. Here are my terms then. He shall be given a year's time to train and grow. In other words, by September of next year, he will have to start The Great Journey. He shall be allowed to gather his own crew of whoever he wishes. I shall allow a second crew to be formed in order to rival against his own, so that it does not seem unfair. Should the second group find the seed before his does, you may imprison him if you wish. If someone outside the two groups manages to find the seed, you may do with me as you wish. It can even be execution for all I care. I know I am stepping on what is essentially holy ground for all of us here, but I am willing to bet my life in order to free them!"

"Give me a moment to think." The Emperor responded. For a while, all became silent in the room. The soldiers could not believe they were basically witnessing what would be the start of possibly a great legend. It had been roughly a hundred years since anyone had taken The Great Journey. Shiro and Kuro were said to have been two of the greatest magic users of any age. However, not even they together, with all the best forces they could summon, could find the Seed of Yggdrasil. Ryan and Sigma both stood watching the Emperor as he gave it some thought. Finally, he rose up his head and looked from within his helmet to both Ryan and Sigma. "I have decided. I will accept this offer and let the Dragonborn Council know that in a year's time, the next Great Journey shall begin! Sigma, you may leave now. I know you may have other things to tell me, but it will have to wait. I am busy as of late, and I promise you, I shall hear them out as soon as I get the time." Sigma bows his head to The Emperor before heading out of the room. Ryan looks over to his father in shock.

"You... Accepted? I am surprised." Ryan could not hold back his emotions from spilling out through his voice. "I am sorry, but I need to follow him!" Ryan dashed out of the room without a second thought, the guards and soldiers not even being able to catch a glimpse of him before leaving. Sigma stops in place as if knowing Ryan was coming, seeing him run up beside him and gasp for breath. "Sigma! Please, do not go just yet! I need to talk to you!" Ryan took a moment to control his breathing. "Do not go through with this! Everyone involved will be put at great risk, do you truly believe this is the correct choice for all of us? Think about it. Should it end badly, my father will have you imprisoned or worse, executed! The people you intend to save will forever be known as devils! To fail The Great Journey is to commit the greatest sin known to the magical world! I insist you do not go through with this, please!"

"I appreciate the concern Ryan, but I have chosen my path. We all must face judgement someday, and I will always protect others before myself. It does not matter how many obstacles everyone puts before me, I will save the people that matter most to me. I must inform Lady Alpha of my rash decision, I am sure she will be overjoyed to hear that my life is pretty much at risk in a year. Do not worry about me or anyone else, worry about the Empire and your family. I will not inform the boy or his friends of my choice here today, they shall be informed when the time comes to start the journey. I do wonder how your sister will react to the news though." Sigma gave out a light chuckle before leaving the castle of the Sukodo Empire. Ryan could only stare on at his figure as it left Seishin. Ryan clutched his chest lightly, knowing that something great was just over the horizon.

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Sebastian hung up the call, and the words hung in his mind, he didn’t realise Felix was approaching him until, the natural human sixth sense of ‘being watched’ kicked in, Sebastian looked up. “afternoon, how are you holding up?”

Seb felt the shallow cuts with his right hand, holding his phone with the left, the fingertips to his glove on the left hand cut open exposing the retracting claws, if anyone was observant enough anyway.

“do you know where the infirmary is, so i can get these stitched up, i don’t want to focus on keeping my neck from spewing blood for the rest of the day.” Sebastian’s voice had that note of annoyance it always got when he was even remotely annoyed or angry, though Felix listened to that any time Seb was speaking to or about the inner demon.

“oh and by the way, do you want your bow back?” he sighed and lost the not of annoyance, after all, he didn’t have a reason to be pissed off with Felix. Thankfully, for the both of them, Sebastian, pocketed his mobile and turned back to head into the cafeteria, really to fetch his stuff.


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Hanging her head, Saiph was still kneeling amidst the debris. Yohan had been taken to the hospital a while ago, but she had broken down herself. She had considered today would be fun at least, but all it was was lead to more misery. This world was only proving time and again to be a cold, cruel, and unforgiving place, threatening to take away anything that mattered. It made her think of things she didn't want to think of, of the high probability that she'd watch as everyone else around her dies, that she'll instead be doomed to remain the same, doomed to be alone.

"My, my, what a burdened mind," the familiar warped voice come to Saiph, as the familiar form of Maddy appears to her, sitting down behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Oh Maddy, perhaps... dad was right," she mutters, as people, unable to see them pass by. "I shouldn't have gotten involved... but... if I didn't, they'd have died... but... but they are gonna die anyways... I... just... I-I don't know what to do."

"Not knowing what to do is part of learning what to do, like you must be lost in order to be found," Maddy responds, softly stroking her head. She doesn't however respond as usual, continuing to hang her head. "And right now my dear, you are quite lost..."

Lifting up her goggles slightly, she reaches up and wipes her eyes, catching something reflecting back on a shard of glass with one of her yellow eyes. It was Frederick, who was also on the scene, cleaning up the broken glass and debris. With a brief moment, she sighs and glances back before standing up and pointing at the debris that was once Chase's knife and brass knuckle. "Careful with the metal bits, they are evidence, y'know, don't wanna put your fingerprints on them," she warns, trying her best to joke, her tone however void of the more chipper one of before. She looks down for a moment and kicks her feet, then places her hands in her pocket. "Oh yeah... I almost forgot about our deal, um..."

She digs around in her pocket then pulls out a paper which she hands it to Frederick. It was the terms of the contract in detail, including the confirmation he made to follow through. The terms were, quite simply, for him to make a sequel to "Planetary Wars- War for Planet Hopitus." Apparently it had appealed to her, and she was a fan of it.

"Sorry for leaving you hanging, I... just wish it could have been under... happier circumstances I delivered this," she says, running her fingers through her hair. "I'm a fan, though."

Kraus had made his way to the principal's office, feeling it appropriate to report on the circumstances of the recent fight on school grounds. By the furrowing of his brow, it was obvious he felt like he should have done a lot more, even if he couldn't have possibly predicted today was the day. For the many years Chase had been a problem there, particularly to Yohan, he had only been there for two of them, and he was barely present even then. It felt to him like he had failed as a peer. Added to that, he started to understand the dangers presented by magic, that it could turn out a doped up thug into a real monster... if Puck's assessment was to be believed.

"Relax, the kid will be fine," Puck says, rather nonchalantly as usual, as he suddenly is floating beside him, lounging back with his arms behind his head and legs crossed. Kraus almost jumps, until remembering he's the only one that can see him. "Well, bruised and beaten, but he'll recover, besides, that girl is a healer... bout all she's good for I imagine!" He begins to laugh. Kraus lifts a brow, a quizzical look upon his face.

"How... do you know this? Because I didn't see anything that would have clued me in on that," Kraus whispers, covering his mouth so others don't see him muttering to himself like a nutter.

"Oh yeah, didn't I tell you?" Puck says, sitting up and slapping his hands down on his knees, giving Kraus a wide grin. "My Dominion! Well, part of it... Eye of the Beholder, what I see I see for what it is! What I see... is how it will be."

"That is... weird... but... so you see the reality of things around you?" He begins to say, but his eyes widen, then he furrows his brow and glances over at Puck. "Wait, what did you mean with that last bit?"

"That would be telling! Said too much already, better if you are surprised!" Puck exclaims, clapping his hands together twice, a whimsical grin across his face. "In fact, it probably is better I don't tell you yours either. Just keep doing what you've been doin' brother!"

Kraus held up a finger, getting ready to press Puck further but the joker had already poofed back into whatever recesses of his psyche he crawled out from. It was strange to Rupert, on how polar opposites they were to each other. Never in his life did he remember being maniacal or cynical... or whatever it was Puck was. Shaking that from his head, he now stood at the door of the principal's office... well, time to give the news. With a deep breath and a small sigh, he knocks on the door first to announce his arrival before opening the door with his head down.

"Just thought I'd follow up, Yohan Belmont has been taken into the hospital, and well... as it turns out, Chase was also found with a considerable amount of narcotics on his person," he then begins to scratch his head nervously, grumbling a bit to himself. "Actually, to be perfectly honest, that Chase was allowed to go on like this for this long, someone who has a notorious reputation, it was kinda... no, it was irresponsible, and I believe the boy has done us a major favor today and shouldn't be held accountable. I mean, high chances anyways that he was simply defending himself. Er, that is simply my opinion though." With that he sighs, and begins to lift his head. "But, I'm just glad to say that this wasn't as bad as-" he begins, before something catches him off guard.


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”I’m doing alright. In fact!” Felix responded, ”I have deduced! That if I forget about the other day and pretend everything is completely normal, nothing weird or dangerous will happen to me. Er, well, it’s more wishful thinking than deduction.”he finished before realizing he’d disrupted a phone call.

”Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, if you were on the phone, it’s just I thought I heard someone falling over, and was headed this way anyway. I guess was mistaken.” Since Sebastian apparently didn’t know where to go if he was hurt or ill, Felix guessed that this was his first year, or at least his first year at this particular college. He also noted the hint of annoyance in his voice, but put it down to wraith, since he couldn’t see whether it was there or not.

”Er…what bow?” he lied very obviously, before sighing, since there was no point. ”It’s fine, keep it, I don’t really want to get mixed up in any of this. Oh! That’s not to say I expect you to keep it if you don’t want to!” he added, ”I’ll take it you’d rather not hang on to it. Anyway, I’ll help you get to the infirmary, I don’t know what’ll happen if you use that too much after only recently getting it. What if it’s like one of those games where you spend your own health points to cast spells? he asked, also making his way to the cafeteria, although in his case to grab something quick he could eat on the go.

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