RavenwoodAllen Ravendell

"NO WAY IN HELL." (Younger Twin)

a character in “Black and White Feathers”, as played by Siren

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


I am: Allen Ravendell
I look: 15 years old.(Younger Twin) (Middle #2)
I am: A Ravendell
I look like this: Image
My views on the Marriage are: What the fuck is with this bullshit?
I'm like this: Being the...ah, younger twin, Allen has a slight superiority complex and always tries to find SOMEWAY to prove that he is better than someone else. He's very honest with people, even bluntly so, and prefers solitude over the company of other people. He always beats himself up and becomes moody from time to time, making it very hard to be his friend.
I'm into:
- Well, I've always like the organ. And the violin. You know, music in general. I also like to...s-sing...but don't tell anyone, yeah?
- I also like art. And drawing Art.
- Knives. I have an extraordinary collection.
- Anything sweet, obviously.
I hate:
- People telling me what to do.
- People belittling me. (Assholes)
- People in general, in fact.
- This list.
- Sour things. I don't know how Alexander puts up with it.
I am the way I am because: As the sibling who grew up in his slightly older brother's shadow, he did anything to get attention. He misbehaved, he almost flunked the first grade, and became an insufferable brat, rejecting the affections of his family. As he got older, he became rather lonely, but rather than trying to make amends with his family, he made friends and joined a clique. Unlike his brother, he even dated and slept around, but its not like anyone knows this fact. When this marriage thing came along...well, he sort of exploded.
And you should know: Well, no you shouldn't.
I'm controlled by: NO ONE. (Siren)

So begins...

Allen Ravendell's Story