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Neptune is a quiet person, he doesn't speak unless he needs to. This means that he will not directly strike up a conversation with someone, he must wait until he has something to talk about with them or they start the conversation. Even then his answers are short and lack any detail. He's not exactly shy, he just doesn't see the need to talk all of the time but he's a great listener. Neptune will listen for hours without ever interrupting or tuning out. If you have a problem it is best to rant at him about it. He can be full of very good advice too. Neptune is experienced in life, despite his age, meaning he can give you useful advice on almost any subject. He doesn't judge anyone either. Neptune is a very accepting person who will never hold anything against races, species, opinions of people ect. These qualities make him the ideal person to be with if you just want a friend to grieve too and you know they won't judge you, even if it's about themselves. Neptune can come across as very distant and somewhat cold though since he never actually attempts to comfort anyone. The exception of this being his family. He cares for them deeply and never wants to see them hurt. He'll jump in front of a bullet for any of them at any time and place. This will never change, even if they had a fight not long ago. Not that they would ever fight. Neptune gives no reasons for people to fight with him. If a fight was to occur between him and someone else, he'll try and sort out the problem and will never lash out at anyone. He remains calm and collected at all times -- ready to listen and respond in the appropriate manner.

Marriage Views

+His Family
+Cake and Sweet Things
+Birds and Other Animals
+Moonlit Nights

-The Loss Of His Family
-Spicy Food
-Those Who Are Nasty To His Family

Neptune was the first born of the Everheart Family. He was the son his parents hoped for, a role-model and an Angel who was seen and not heard. He never protested against their wishes, he was obedient in every way. Neptune was enrolled in many different activities which his parents wanted him to do. He never had a say in anything and quietly went along with their wishes. He hadn't the heart to turn them down. When his father cast the Fallen out of Heaven, Neptune finally spoke up. He used his voice to protest against his father in the hope the that Angels would be able to return to Heaven. It was Neptune's idea for his own family to look after the Fallen and prove that they weren't as bad of Angels as everyone made out to be. His father agreed finally on the condition that his own family would marry the Ravendells. Neptune was unsure that the marriages would work but he decided to give it a go. Though he never once mentioned that it was his idea in the first place to bring them back to Heaven. He merely felt as if their father was being cruel and unjust to them. No Angel should have to deal with that.

Neptune cannot swim. He never learnt and the only time he tried to, he almost drowned.


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