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When a race of Fallen angels want to be free from their exile, 5 of thier children are arranged to marry 5 children of the royal angelic family, but not everyone is as excepting as the rest.

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((I guess we could have all the angels fly to the Fallen mansion now if that's okay with everyone.))

Alexandra 'Alex' Everheart

Alex was about to get up to wake up her other siblings when Rose bounded down the stairs followed by Neptune. She smiled as they entered the kitchen. "Morning sleeping beauty and the prince of our family." she said to them. She felt a buzz in her pocket and pulled it out, balancing Brea on her lap. She raised her eyebrow as she read the screen, but lowered it when she remembered she had set an alarm for the time her parents told her to leave to head for the Ravendell's mansion. "You guys might want to get some breakfast. We're leaving in a few minutes." She looked at her sister's bowl and asked, "Are you finished, Brea? We need to get going." It wasn't that she wanted to meet her fiance. It was that she wanted to prove herself to her parents and the better impression they gave off, the more she felt her parents would notice her.

Jaden 'Jay' Ravendell

Jaden dug into his eggs hungrily like someone who had been stranded with no foof for 48 hours even though he had dinner only hours before. He figured it was becuase he was growing. He had finished his eggs before he realized that only his brother and his second older sister were left in the room. "Where's Alexander?" he asked, "and where did Ary go? She hasn't given me my toast yet and I'm hungry..." He looked at the big clock on the wall and made a face. "When are the angel's supposed to get here?"