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When a race of Fallen angels want to be free from their exile, 5 of thier children are arranged to marry 5 children of the royal angelic family, but not everyone is as excepting as the rest.

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Setting: Ravenwood2011-12-23 03:23:06, as written by Zodia195
Mystique watched as her siblings went about their things. She noticed her sister leave and knew something was up. Despite the brave face her sister put on, Mysti had a feeling she wasn't too happy about the situation. She was just handling it differently. When Jaden asked where Alex was, Mysti just strugged. He would show up at the right time, he always did. Than her brother complained about his toast. Sighing, the young lady got up and got Jay's toast herself before giving it to him.

"They'll probably be here soon. Ary might have gone to spruce up a bit more." she said.