Black River Wolf Pack

Black River Wolf Pack

A small pack trying to thrive. Need another alpha and many other members if possible

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We are the Black River pack. Our den is in the mouth of a large cave at the base of a large knoll. Water is close by and food is plentiful. Winter is at its close and the pack is hungry so their at the top of their game on the hunt.
There are 4 other packs in the surrounding territories. Negotiations have been peaceful so far the the Pines Peak pack is somewhat sketchy and they have a bad reputation of hunting outside their assigned territories.

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We run off a basic pack set of rules
2 alphas (male/female is unimportant as we are gender accepting)
4-6 betas
and as many "normal" ranks as needed

If you wish to challenge for alpha do so respectfully and know that you fight to the death or until one wolf concedes to the other

Pups are the lifeblood of the pack and are to be protected at all costs

Be friendly and polite, treat others as you wish to be treated

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