Blade CityVincent Margrave

A drifter who owes too many debts

a character in “Blade City”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Vincent is 21 years old and stands at about six feet tall with a thin yet strong build that allows people to think he's weaker and slower than he actually is. Hair eyes are a deep green and his hair is dark brown, wild, and randomly spiky. As far as clothes go he normally wears a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and an open long sleeve button up shirt, along with boots and fingerless black leather gloves. Around his neck is always a black necklase with fifteen wolves teeth on it.


Vincent is quiet and friendly, and on good terms with all of the gangs and the people of Blade City. He doesn't like to fight, but he will, and even with his unique sword he is deadly. Often he would rather walk away from something than fight over it.


Vincent carries a reverse blade katana, with a dull red sheath and hilt, and a snake eating it's tail is the design of the guard. Aside from this he doesn't really have anything he keeps with him.


Vincent's was raised in Abladeboro, his father was a worker in the factory, as his grandfather had been before him, and he thought that someday he would work there as well. but when he was seven or so his family moved away, and he thought he'd never see the place again. But then one day things started going bad. His father got a new job, but when Vincent was seventeen he was killed in a job related accident. A year later his mother died in an accident, and at eightteen he was left on his own. He tried to continue going to school and keep up a job, but it just didn't work out. He'd heard about everything goint on in his hometown, so he decided to go back there.

At first it was hell. He had no weapon and was mugged and beaten, but then the Guild of Blades found him a home and a job, and one day while looking the abandoned factory over he found a hunk of steel and brought it home. Over the next couple of months he rigged up a forge and made his own sword. Over the next three years of his life he made his way in the town without ever actually joining sides. when he needed something, he'd ask for it and do favors in return. He has also set up a small tavern near the center of the town, where all the gang territories come together on a single street corner where his tavern, The Hat, now stands.

So begins...

Vincent Margrave's Story