Bleach|| A New Era Cont.

Bleach|| A New Era Cont.


It has been approximately five months since passing Shin'ō Academy, six individuals are now settling into their respective Squads. However that doesn't change the bonds they formed while at the Academy, but they will soon face the coming storm

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A New Era

A new class of graduates have emerged from Shin'ō Academy. Within this group of graduates were six students who bonded and found friendship while attending the academy. Though they all entered various Squads, the connection they have with each other will surely help them in the trials to come. A force unlike anything they have ever seen or heard before is across the horizon. With what little strength they have mustered through their training, they will help shape the future of the Gotei 13 for centuries to come.

+The role play will start a five months after everyone has joined their various squads. They will be unseated but they may move up the ranks as the role play progresses but that too will take time.
+All characters will have their Zanpakutō and know its name, but will not currently have a Shikai or a Bankai.
+The role play will feature both Soul Society and Earth with a few additional locations tossed in for good measure. However when writing the general clothing or their description they shouldn’t be wearing Earth Clothing.
+Antagonists will be introduced and can be created, but they will not be created until we get to a good point in the role play least we lose interest or what have you.
+Keep in mind you won't start out with all the awesome abilities you see on the show, so particular attention should be paid to molding them just how you want.
+This is not canon so don’t go about creating characters related to those from the show/manga
+In regards to character creation, please don't all choose the same type of areas of specialties, especially if it has no correlation to the squad they chose to be in. Say if they were battle prone and skilled with the sword then they would be in the Eleventh Squad, not the Fourth Squad, if that makes sense. Also, try not to go for particularly quiet characters (or putting everyone in one squad). It will be difficult developing other characters and what not if more than half of the cast barely talk.
Be aware that there is only ONE OPEN FEMALE role currently
Male||Kaito Minami||Twelfth Squad||Reserved by Byte
Female||Junko Kita||Sixth Squad||Relinquary
Male||Yasei Kuma||Second Squad||duramon
Female||Ryuu Shosuke||Eleventh Squad|| Polarisbear12
Male||Joel Hiataka||Thirteenth Squad|| Damioa
Male||Iehira||Fourth||Reserved by Nekohina

Female||Name|| Squad||Open
(Look to Rule 6 if all the roles are Reserved or Taken)

Waiting List

General Rules

1||I ask that you try to post at least once a week, more if possible. I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity. If you feel your post is good with only two paragraphs, don’t fill it up with useless things. Just so long as you describe how they feel, think, what they see etc. For those who know me from my past role plays this will be Literate. And it will be a long-term role play so don’t join if you know you won’t be able to stay long. I will do a short little background check, mainly because I’ve dealt with enough players in Fan-Based role plays who join then leave shortly after losing interest.

2||Reservation lasts only 48 hours no more and no less. I’ll give you a set time in which you must turn in a COMPLETED Character Sheet, and do NOT submit a WIP or it will be ignored. Especially to those who’ve already reserved their places before I put up the role play.

3||I will only give you about a week (7 days) to post once the role play starts and I will send out pms after that week is up. The same goes for if you disappear, I will send out pms and you will have about 3 days to respond to the pm. After that I will move your character to the side and later remove them from the role play altogether. However if this is a repeated offense I will remove your character after the 3rd pm, and you will not be welcomed to join even at a later date. So please make sure to inform me of when you’re getting busy, going away, having trouble with the site etc. I’d hate to get mad at a good role player because they forget such a simple thing. And I am aware of some being so busy they are unable to inform their respectful GMs, I myself am very busy with college, work etc. Just try to let me know!

4||Make sure when you’re creating your character to keep them unique. I don’t want two of the same characters so please make sure to read over other characters. Also when submitting your Character Sheet make sure to provide a link in the OOC so that everyone can have a look at it and know not to follow in your footsteps. When you make a post, you NEED to use the correct location and tag the appropriate parties your character interacted with directly. This way a player knows when they need to write out a post. It just really aggravates me when people don't do either qnq

5||Now I know some of this may seem unfair especially since most of the roles have been taken. However this is a continuation of the previous role play, meaning many of the events that occurred before hand have already been in place prior to the start of this role play. I also did this by invitation as this is, as mentioned before, a continuation of the previous one. It wouldn't make sense to make it a continuation if the cast is made up of entirely new characters and players. If you've any questions, then please ask! I don't bite! I promise!

6||Also if you really, like really want to join I may allow you to join, but I’ll only have one or two more characters than what I have now.

7||OH! And if you have an entirely new idea that you feel might not be acceptable for this role play, then send me a pm! I don't bite at all! If anything, I absolutely love discussing character and story developments/ideas! It gives us a lot to work with if you just message everyone about ideas. I'll hear you out, regardless of how silly you think it may be! Just be aware that I also tend to get random ideas from the ideas of others, so be prepared for a lot of discussion, usually.

8||To prove that you have indeed read these tedious and boring rules, place in your reservation the Face Claim of your character, their Squad Number, the Color Text you will be using and your Favorite Character from the anime/manga. I won’t acknowledge your reservation if you don’t have all these requirements, since usually those who make super-fast reservations are the ones who didn’t really read the rules and didn’t really give much thought on the role play. If you find that as you posted your reservation someone else beat you to it by a close margin (by close I mean by a few minutes, not hours) I will allow for the both of you to compete for the role. And if you really wanted the role but was unable to keep it I will keep you up-to-date and you can join in at a later time if a role ever opens up.

Fun Fact||I am generally a very open person!! Just don't break any of these rules and I will absolutely love you by default! Also my grammar sucks, so don't hate me qnq

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Ryuu Shosuke

The large crowd that had gathered for the expedition was quite unexpected to Ryuu. She was aware that there would be many from each squad going through with this plan, but she didn’t think it would have been this many. It didn’t surprise her though when some of the other shinigami were getting restless. The redhead herself was also beginning to feel antsy. They were all waiting for the call to pass through the Senkaimon but alas, it wouldn’t be for another ten minutes until they were allowed to leave. Ryuu examined the faces of her peers with interest, trying her best gauge what was going through their minds.

She had only gone to the human world once however it was just for a training exercise. It was completely different to what they were doing now. They had to wear gigais for the majority of this mission unless they had to confront an adversary. Ryuu grumbled under her breath and held her sword closer to her body. Earlier that morning one of her seated squad members suggested that she get something to hold her sword in so that she could free up her hands. Ryuu understood that having a sling of some kind to hold her zanpakuto would be helpful. She would have full mobility of her arms, but Ryuu couldn’t bring herself to. As much as she hated to admit, and she had no intention of sharing this knowledge with her friends, Ryuu has begun to depend on the warmth and security Ten no Bana gave her while in her arms like this.

The thought of the others hearing such a sappy line made Ryuu scowl at them. Her eyes darted away in a fruitive manner. Those same eyes noticed Lt. Hosoi was approaching the mass of shinigami. The shinigami that had gathered for the expedition became alert immediately. Ryuu watched the Lt. for a moment and a grin began to make its way on her face.

Finally the lieutenant gave the call. The downside to being so close to the front was that those behind them were rushing to get through. To avoid being trampled Ryuu ran ahead of the others but made sure not to separate from them completely.

Few days later

It was the early morning with the sun just barely peeking out over the tops of the houses. Ryuu was already up along with whoever else however she was outside. They were stationed at some apartment complex along with a few other’s for the duration of the expedition. There wasn’t much to do that she found interesting, but there was a large river that Ryuu was currently spending her time at. Ryuu liked the way the water sparkled with the morning sun, and the air still felt crisp. Looking around, Ryuu made sure no one was around to see her. Satisfied that she wouldn’t be spotted, the redhead began going through some exercises. Under normal circumstances she wouldn’t have cared if someone saw her but being in a gigai was not something she was used to.

Like almost everyone else, Ryuu moved around in her gigai awkwardly. She felt heavy and sluggish wearing the damn thing. It was also frustrating. She couldn’t get it to move the way she wanted it to sometimes which was why she was going through these exercises. Ryuu needed to get used to moving in this body.

At one point, Ryuu tripped over her own feet and fell to the ground with her face red with anger. “Dammit.” She punched the ground out of irritation before sitting back on her heels. The human world was a strange one at least to her. They hadn’t gotten any calls and they hadn’t noticed anything amiss just yet, so they’ve been exploring the area. Today would be a good day to explore again. Standing back up, Ryuu brushed off the grass and dirt from her body. Once back at the apartment Ryuu checked in to see who was still around. “Hey I’m gonna go exploring. Does anyone want to come with?” The expedition seemed like it would be some crazy hardship but so far it was relaxed. Ryuu got a towel to wipe off some of the sweat but decided changing clothes entirely would be a better idea. She threw on some random tee shirt she had found and grey sweatpants. Wearing clothes that weren’t her uniform also felt weird, but she was getting used to it.

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#, as written by Byte
“Feels restrictive...”

Gigai's weren't exactly tailored to personal taste, and while Kaito had some prior knowledge on the working off these 'How did the captain put it?' human dolls. It wasn't as though he wasn't feeling the dampening on his strength. Limbs felt doughy. Muscles pushed and pulled, like strings strung a little too tight. With time they'd all acclimate to the circumstances, but all the way Kaito couldn't help but think this wasn't a good move on the Shinigami's part. Helped blend in, sure, but it'd be a hassle nonetheless.

And he didn't like it one bit...

“Hey I’m gonna go exploring. Does anyone want to come with?”

“I'm game.” Wasn't like he'd been doing much else sitting in their apartment musing on the value of the mission. Besides, it'd make a good excuse to stretch his legs and get a lay of the land.

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#, as written by Damioa

Departing in the morning was one thing, but having to wait until half noon was another. The hurry up and wait approach was a reminder of his time in the academy and gave him a feeling of gratitude to his own squad for not having to deal with time saving efforts of this sort. Joel didn't like to see it as such, for he knew this was just to prevent people from being late. It was even worse considering that he had never been late due to his speed which was the downfall to being so fast. It didn't keep him from trying to get faster each day, but it was an annoyance none the less. More so because when given an early time to be somewhere, Joel couldn't take his last minute approach of being the final or close to the last person to show up to a gathering.

He crossed his arms and sighed as he stared up at the grey morning sky. The sun hadn't even arose yet, and by the time it did, it would still be awhile before the event actually started. No doubt, the wait was for people to still gather into mixed teams before being forced into ones. Surprising as it was, he had a few stragglers walk past him and ask him if he had a team, most of whom were people he's never seen before, despite his time as a shinigami. He was relieved when the first of his friends came in to save him from the unwanted interactions and though he wouldn't say it, being around them made the wait pass by quicker. It was then he learned that only the people without a team had to show up early, which made him feel bad for feeling so negatively about the ones who talked to him. He had to admit, he wasn't a morning person and everyone in his division knew so. Especially fourth seat Forza, the man who told Joel and the rest of the squad members departing thirteenth to arrive early. No doubt a prank for the first time human world visitors. Joel hadn't seen the others since they left and had a feeling he might not get to see them for a long while. He looked towards the direction of the base area and realized he wouldn't see a lot of them for a while. This brought him both a sense of relief and a hint of sadness. They were like his family after all. How lucky that he'd be able to spend this time away from them with others whom he'd call family. How lucky indeed.


Joel flopped over to his back, giving his arms a rest and taking a moment to relax his chest. He couldn't believe how weak the Gigai's were in comparison to his non-corporal body. Everything felt different with it on. The way the earth's gravity was more apparent. How he could only do fifty push ups, twenty pull ups, and a hundred sit ups. Even the way his balance felt when he walked. Everything was out of whack. Usually, when he walked he felt light as a feather and he could exercise all day in one muscle group before getting tired. This was even worse than being a child again, he thought. He sat up, wincing and using one hand to grab his stressed chest area and the other to grab his abdomen, which he think he totally destroyed the night before. When he was finally able to relax he curled his legs together and began his breathing training while looking around the room. The humans really did believe in comfort of the mind as well as the body. Joel hadn't even used his bed since being there, seeing as his carpeted floor was so comfortable. He couldn't decide if he'd rather sleep on the patch of grass near the koi pond or sleep on the soft floor lining. It made him especially happy, that he could literally work out, then nap and go to working out again without having to worry about pulling off heavy sheets, or getting away from the clutches of a mattress. He wondered if the mattresses in the human realm were any different from the ones in his. The only one in the room who would know the difference was Jin. Jin was the name Joel's zanpakuto growled out one night. The growl was so slurred, Joel could tell that Jin wasn't all there was too it, but the fact that spirit in his blade was calm enough to try saying something that didn't have to do with eating something meant there was progress happening in their synergy. He looked at the sword that was leaning against his bed thinking about how there wasn't even a peep from it since they've arrived. The man could only hope it wasn't a bad omen.

Joel sprung to his feet, forcefully stepping back while flailing his arms to catch his balance. He was able to avoid the fall and was relieved that none of the others were currently in the room to see his close fail. It was then that he started to wonder where the others had run off to and if they were ever going to get a call to actually do their jobs. He headed to the bedrooms exit to leave and get something to eat when he heard a loud bang sound, followed by a smaller thump and some muffled voices. Joel went back to grab his zanpakuto and a pill of his nightstand just in case.

When he opened the door he could see Kaito down the hall checking out his person. Surely he too was feeling weird in his human prison. Joel sighed and walked towards him thinking to maybe start a conversation, but kept his eyes away until getting closer when as soon as he was opening his mouth, he heard Ryuu call out to them. "Exploring..." Joel repeated under his breath to register the thought completely in his head. 'As cold as it is?' This thing the humans had called winter wasn't something to laugh about and made the young man instantly use his "allowance" to buy heavy hoods and clothes. Kaito seemed to be game, as he had said so himself and Before he realized it, he blurted out, "Sounds fun," He still had his zanpakuto in hand and the pill in his pocket so he believed he was set to leave anyways. There wasn't an excuses not to go and frankly, Joel didn't think he really wanted one. He knew as well as anyone else that you can't just stay in a box exercising all day and night without any interaction. It wasn't good for the psyche. He threw on some really baggy Jeans over the sport shorts he had on and put on long shirt over his t-shirt and then a jacket before throwing a hood jacket over that one. "Ready when you guys are," he said dressed as if the winter holocaust was beginning.

The setting changes from City of Igarashi to Seretei


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Hira wasn't enjoying the stay in the human world - sure the drinks were plentiful and there were more books available to read than he'd ever have the time to fully read. But the sensation of being in a gigai just ruined the whole affair - the tastes were as vibrant as they should and aromas were just flat to the nose; worst of all he couldn't see the stars! The human world just had so much going on that the night sky was pitch black save for the moon...and it just made it sky feel so lonely.

The reality of the situation made the formerly excited shinigami little more than a husk of depression as the stay lasted. In fact, his answer to the invitation of a walk was little more than a blank stare and a nod. Hopefully there was SOMETHING is this world that could bring him joy would show up. His lack of skill made the action of standing up far more reliant on his "cane" than his usual lazy habit.

"...Me...too." Half crazed from boredom from the whole affair, Hira was desperate to actually come across a chance to do something or actually have some fun.

The setting changes from Seretei to City of Igarashi

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Ryuu Shosuke

Her red eyes snapped over to where Kaito stood. Ryuu hadn’t noticed him being there, so she was a bit surprised by his presence. “Well that’s one person. Anyone else want to come with?” It was frustrating not being able to sense the spiritual presence of her friends. Not as well as she would have without the gigai. She leaned against a countertop, waiting for someone else to join them. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy Kaito’s company, but it would be a lot more bearable to have more to interact with. Kaito wasn’t the most talkative of people, but Ryuu wasn’t much of a talker either.

Joel was the second person to pop. He carried his zanpakuto with him which Ryuu realized she should probably take with her. She looked over his attire with some disbelief before snickering. “Joel we’re not going to Antarctica if that’s what you were thinking. It’s not that cold, but I guess I should throw on a jacket so you don’t look too out of place.” As stood up straight and went to her room. She grabbed a random jacket as well as her sword. Ryuu kept it in a case that the humans used for some game called lacrosse. Leaving her room, she came upon Iehira as well.

“Well you’re an awful sight. Are you already getting sick of the human world?” She poked fun at his dull mood. They all gathered in the main room, and Ryuu looked around at the bored faces. They were missing Yasei and Junko, but she was desperate to head out. “Well I guess the other two went off on their own or something.” Ryuu wasn’t expecting to be the one to lead the group as it just wasn’t her thing.

With the way they carried themselves and the mood that was radiating off of them made anyone they passed by uncomfortable. If the public didn’t know any better they were all delinquents being led by some angry looking red head. Ryuu didn’t help the situation much either by glaring at anyone who stared at them too long. They had already gone through this area before, so there was nothing new to see. Eventually they reached the shopping district which was bustling with activity.

Ryuu hadn’t been through this part of the area yet, so she was curious as to what was inside all the buildings. “Well I guess we can just explore on our own for a little while. I haven’t been through here yet. I’ve heard that these areas are like candy to a baby. Hollows can be found here, so maybe we’ll find one or two?” A wolfish grin flashed across her face. Ryuu was aware that wishing for Hollows to appear wasn’t exactly great but in all honesty she needed something to do. She knew the others probably shared the same thoughts.

As Ryuu explored a bit, she saw a boutique full of clothing. When she got close enough she saw that it was full of frilly gowns. She stood in front of the window at just the right spot to where it looked like her reflection was wearing one of the dresses. She snickered at the idea of being forced to wear it. Turning on her heel, Ryuu decided to lean against the wall of the building with her hands stuffed in the pockets of her jacket. Red eyes surveyed the area in hopes of finding something interesting or maybe one of the others. A frown began to grow on her face. She was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of activity around the area. Ryuu had heard news of Hollows appearing in other areas and groups were already gathering points.

With a frustrated sigh Ryuu stepped away from the wall, turning her back to the rest of the shopping district as she took the first steps back to their apartment. Suddenly a man scream and there was a loud boom and debris was flung everywhere. She whipped around with a grin on her face. “Well it’s about damn time something happened!” The mask belonging to a Hollow appeared among the dust. The large creature walked towards her general direction. At first Ryuu was thinking of just taking care of it on her own but then the dust settled and Ryuu saw just how large the thing was. “Well shit. I guess there’s more for us to cut down.”

Ryuu found an alleyway and quickly disposed of her gigai. It was a bit of a struggle, but she got out somehow. With zanpakuto in hand Ryuu ran back out. The Hollow was indeed big. The front arms were thick while the legs were thinner but they ended in points. A long tail whipped around destroying a bit more of the surrounding area. The shopping district was nearly empty save for a few stragglers, but Ryuu didn’t particularly about that. “Y’all better get your asses out here!” she looked around for the others before she ran at the Hollow.

She at one of the back legs, severing it completely. The Hollow began to tilt and struggle to stand up right but it didn’t fall. Ryuu was focused on the Hollow itself, so she was unaware that the leg she had cut off was beginning to morph into something. It was turning into a smaller Hollow. It was much larger than they were, but only half the height of the big one.

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#, as written by Byte
If anyone was talking, Kaito wasn’t hearing it. For all his lack in diligence, he hadn’t exactly radiated calm. The human world had a talent for making him love and hate it at the same time, and the fact that the others were just about as ecstatic didn’t help the situation. So there he was, clothed in as casual an attire as he could find and walking somewhat behind the three other Shinigami in disguise and thinking of where the bear and the stiff upper-lip lady had gone to. It felt uncharacteristic of Yasei to go without a word.

Then again, he was unusually quiet at present. But Kaito hadn’t felt like lingering on that fact any more than he’d already had done, and quickly decided to let the thought go lest he grow a depression streak.

“Well I guess we can just explore on our own for a little while. I haven’t been through here yet. I’ve heard that these areas are like candy to a baby. Hollows can be found here, so maybe we’ll find one or two?”

’Don’t jinx it.’ Kaito gave his own little smirk. Somehow Ryuu’s excitement was a welcome change in an otherwise quiet gathering, and the scientist couldn’t wait to see some of it himself. It’d at least sate his boredom for a while, and at this point hollows were as good as any distraction. Not so much for the humans, of course.

So he went off on his own, outwardly disinterested but keeping a keen sense out for anything out of the ordinary. Shopping was never his thing, so instead Kaito had remained somewhere close the the centre of the district and finding a nice bench to sit on while waiting for the problem to come to him. On the other hand, Ryuu seemed eager to look for it. Always was the way with her, impatient to get on with things.


The Shinigami garb stood out among the oblivious humans, and Kaito wasn’t slow to react either when a hollowing rivalling the size of two double-decker busses jumped into the lovely dinner table that had been the shopping district. His gigai was hastily removed inside a photo booth that was “out of order”, and not a moment too soon he’d closed the distance between himself and Ryuu, and greeted the second (much to his own surprise), smaller hollow with an elbow to the face and knocking it back into a wall.

“Just two, huh?”

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#, as written by Damioa

While walking, Joel wasn't paying much attention to where Ryuu was leading the group. He figured any place would be better than the room he was staying in, but that was until he began to hear the loud sounds and chaos of a crowd of people all going about their separate business. He was about to ask why they came, but Ryuu made a good point about this being basically an all you can eat for the hollows. He sighed it off, trying not to show how much regret he had for leaving, thinking about how he was supposed to conduct himself? He slowly took steps back waiting for everyone to wave each other away and finally turned walking off to nowhere in general, almost sulking at how uncomfortable he felt.

He walked in a straight path, heading to the outskirts of the shopping district and finding himself in a quieter area. Finally he stopped and looked back, paying attention to the noise of the crowd. Joel wondered how could people have so much fun spending their money. Though, it wasn't his place to question the humans anyway. He figured he was just bored and chuckled at the fact that he was missing his old home in the soul society. The human world was much too loud. However, the sky was just as beautiful, so he decided he could make the best out his time.

Joel began walking towards the noise of the district and the further he stepped inside, the more he could tell the difference in noises. Soon it seemed people were running, looking confused and scared.

"What's happening," One man came rushing out of a building Joel passed.
"We don't know. We just heard a loud crash and the buildings are crumbling, the earth is shattering. I think it's an earthquake," a lady answered.

Joel couldn't help but to crack a smile in excitement. He was finally able to do what he came there to do. He cut one of the corners and headed inside an alley way. He put a pill into his mouth and was forced outside of his corporeal body. Having been the first time in weeks that he had been able to feel fully comfortable he over powered his jump, sending him rocketing to the sky. Luckily, it gave him a good view over the entire shopping center and he could see Ryuu and Kaito fighting against two similar looking hollows. Once his gaze fixed on the hollows he could feel his sword calling to be fed.

Landing on the building, the shinigami hopped from roof to roof until he made it to the others. With a loud crash he jumped down with all of his weight on top of the hollow Kaito had just sent flying. He paused for a second, losing balance and leaning heavily on the wall before flipping off of the fiend. He quickly looked towards the hollow and then the one Ryuu was fighting and quickly saw that they may have been the same type of hollow. Their masks and bodies were too identical for them not to be related in some way. Upon closer inspection he could see a cut on the leg of the hollow Ryuu was fighting. It was apparent that it was a reproduction type. Something that could be truly scary if not handled properly. Joel even remembered, while learning in the academy, that these types of hollows could start as big and then become smaller with each piece of their being taken from them. There was a chance that if he cut at it all day, there would thousands of small hollows by the end of his struggle. This excited him more. For he knew that soon, the hollow would be so small, that he could erase it from all existence. He didn't care at this point how many stabs and slashes he would have to take. All that was a back drop to his combined hunger. For his blade wasn't the only one that was hungry.

He took his blade from his under his now black jacket and flipped it around in his hand, readying his draw stand with his right hand on the hilt and left around the sword sheaths trigger. Now was his chance. A chance for redemption. A chance for revenge. A chance to satiate his hunger. The hollow seemed mad at the fact that he was not only tossed easily, but also stepped on by two smaller entities. Joel scoffed at its primitive mindset.

Like an animal it shook in anger and screamed. It knew it was cornered. Joel could tell it could feel either his lust to destroy it, or his swords lust devour it. It's animalistic fear only made Joel want to slice it up even more, but he waited. It pounced, being at the end of its on patience and directed it's rush towards Joel, mouth wide open, possibly wider than the man's body. Truly, it was trying to eat him whole. Truly it was also hungry. However, Joel could tell just by the contrasting feeling. His sword was hungrier, and on this food chain, it was also on top.


With the pull of the trigger, Joel released his blade and flung his hand, breaking it in the air, and tightening the muscle in his arm before flipping his sword and placing it back into its sheathe. the hollow closed its mouth in cadence with the bang and landed chin first on the ground. The shinigami breathed and looked down at the half split hollow and then towards the sides at its masked snout. He was disappointed. Though, he cut through it like butter he wasn't able to cut it perfectly in half. Deciding to finish the job he kicked one half of the hollow, making it tear and screech in agony. The force was strong enough to send on half flying in the direction he kicked it in and returning to his relaxed look, Joel sighed and began walking over towards the half he had made just for himself.

"C'mon. Heal. Now it's even. Three on three," he said in a low tone while walking towards the half of hollow husk. With perfect timing it started forming into its own body, smaller than the one Ryuu was fighting. Joel grinned at the creature in anticipation. "Good. Now, it's time to eat."

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City of Igarashi by Polarisbear12

The city in which the first expedition for team building is being held in.

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City of Igarashi

City of Igarashi by Polarisbear12

The city in which the first expedition for team building is being held in.

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