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'Captain' of the Obake

a character in “Bleach: Phantom Chronicles”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Name: Haku Kaito
Type: Obake
Age: actually about 45, looks about 17
Side: Obake

Haku is short, about 5' 7", and over all he looks like a child in hi regular form.

When he enters into his Hikidasu state he looks older Image and he gains white, jagged ice-like armor on his left arm that comes up to four large spikes on his shoulder, one pointed forward, backward, straight up, and outwards. The right side of his face looks like half of a Hollow mask made the same way, and at will he can cause this icy armor to spread over all or any part of his body


(in story)


Sword: Gintsuki

When Gintsuki is in it's Hikidasu form it appears as the sword in the description pic

He is a master of Zanjutsu

Bala: able to fire a baseball sized 'bullet' of spiritual energy with high impact force that is also able to bust through a wall

Cero: is able to create a full strength, white Cero between his hands

Garganta: can create large tears in the space between the human world and Las Noches

Shimoyake: (frostbite) when in he or his sword are in the Release form anything they touch becomes frostbitten, if it is not living it becomes very cold and covered in a thick layer of frost, but if it is alive it is much worse

Kido List:
All Hado but no Bakudo

Gin Hikidasu: Haku was the unique ability to be able to change his sword from it's normal state into the Release state without changeing his own state, which saves energy, but makes it take longer to use normal Hikidasu

Weatherwise, Haku always causes the temperature around him to drop, sometimes enough for it to begin snowing


Haku was one of the last Obake to be created, and also one of the strongest. It is said that his design was based on Captain Hitsugaya. He was one of the most loyal Obake until he learned that their entire race was to be wiped out because of the mistake of one of them. Vowing to get revenge he escaped into Las Noches with a hand ful of his siblings by creating his first Garganta. Now he is strengthening his forces to get revenge on the Soul Society

So begins...

Haku Kaito's Story