Las nochesShimoyo Isuri

An Arrancar with a shred of humanity left

a character in “Bleach: Phantom Chronicles”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Here is what Shimoyo looks like normally. He stands at 7 feet tall, and his remnants of being a Hollow are seen in the hole in his abdomen and around his eyes, where it looks as if he is wearing a pair of bone sunglasses that wrap around his head like a headband and cause him to have what looks like a second pair of cat-like ears as well.

This is what he looks like in his released state. Under that band his eyes are large and bright like a tiger's, the tail is actually a peice of his, 'Hollow-armor', since i don't know the actual term, and it extends up his back and down his arms to his hands, causing his back and arms to have a tiger stripe pattern, only the stripes are white. They are hidden under his clothes, so it supirses evemies when they hit him and nothing happens.

Shimoyo Itsuri
Looks about 20, not sure how old he really is
Not sure, but with the Obake at the moment


Shimoyo is conflicted. He doesn't like Haku, and only follows him because he was defeated by the Obake leader. There is a part of him that, for whatever reason, wants him to kill Haku, and all of the other Obake, sinply because they want to destroy the balance of things by taking out the Soul Society.
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Before released, both sets of claws on his hands are his weapon. He has half of his Hollow nuclei sealed within each one, and their name is Otora (King Tiger)

Resurreccion: Trigger- Lose yourself. Name- Confusion
When Shimoyo triggeres his release mode he changed from the first to second picture in the Description section. Otora's form canges quite alot. the claws on the outside of the hand grow and extend about a foot farther out, while they mout out a little and extend to that they reach about three feet out behind his elbows, and run against his forearms. The inner claws grow just as far out and forward, however they only extendbackwards half way down his forearm and then dull. The center claws extend out about a foot and a half, taking on the shape of an upside down katana blade, and the backs become sharp and extend back over his forearm to just before his elbow. All together they fit on his arms in a sort of gauntlet.

Tora Hoeru (Tigers Roar): from between the three blades of Otora on one, or either hand, he releases a current of air that turns into a roaring cyclone aimed straight for the target. The sound it makes as it spins is siilar to the roar of an angry tiger.

Kossoriha (Stealth Blade): swings his blades and sends three blades of energy, like black tiger stripes, at his target. After they are launched they turn invisable, then reappear just before they hit their target, however you can tell they are coming because the change in wind and air currents and such around them

Tigre Cero: fires a huge orange Cero that has black stripes like a tiger, and leaves three black streaks in it's trail

Cero: fires a normal Cero from his mouth

Bala: fires a regular Bala from his hands

Pesquisa: can sence, and then track, spiritual pressures

Sonido: the Hollow equivilant to quick stepping

Shimoyo also has some basic skills involving wind and air currents, and can therefore sometimes change the weather slightly, such as move away clouds from an area, etc.


Shimoyo because a Hollow through unnatural means. Afer dying he was ready to pass on, however, before one of the Shinigami could reach him a Hollow ripped out his Chain of Fate, curious to see what would happen. this caused him to instantly become a tiger-like Hollow, however he was very large and powerful right off. He was also very swift and still very smart. Over the years he was conflicted, and often ended up picking fights with other, stronger Hollows as he roamed through Las Noches. Eventually, wanting to end his life, he ripped his mask off, and instead became more human. Though this process Otora were created.

Five years ago Haku came into his 'territory,' the place he called home in Las Noches, without asking permission to be there. This lead to a fight where he was easily defeated by Haku, and so, when offered, he joined the Obake, and became a general. Now he is of the level of a Shinigami Lieutenant, maybe a little higher, and a sort of assassin for the group, as his spiritual pressure is naturally low, so he seems less of a threat until he releases himself.

So begins...

Shimoyo Isuri's Story