A failed Obake turned into a low level Shinigami

a character in “Bleach: Phantom Chronicles”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Name: Zeromaru
Type: Obake
Age: actually about 60, appears about 20
Side: Soul Society

When Zeromaru enters his Hikidasu he doesn't look very different. Although he becomes stronger, and gains two larger swords instead of the one, the only real difference in apperance in that he gains a suit of white samurai style armor that was a Hollow-esk faceplate, which he can remove at will.


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Sword in normal state: Hakari

When Zeromaru enters his Hikidasu state Hakari doubles in size, almost turning into a long sword, and splits into two sperate swords, On and Yo, (Yin and Yang), with On being white with a silver blade and Yo being solid black. In place of the yin yang On has a black circle with a white dot at the center, and yo a white circle with a black dot

Hikidasu (Trigger: Survive)

Bala: creates a condensed 'bullet' of spiritual energy about the size of a baseball from his palm and fires it at the enemy. Pale red in color, powerful enough to knock a target a good distance away, but with no real destructive power

Futaga Bala: an ability unique to Zeromaru, he can hold up Hakari and create one Bala on either side, one black and one white, each about the size of a marbel. These two Bala, however, are as powerful as the normal Bala used by an Arrancar

Iriguchi: (Doorway) one of his abilities which has been called the 'Shinigami version of a Garganta,' he uses his sword to cut a temporary doorway between the human world and that of Soul Society

Kido List:
Sekienton- creates a cloud of red smoke to allow for an esaier escape
Kyokko- hides Zeromaru and his spirit energy and pressure as long as he doesn't move around
Tsuriboshi- creates a star shaped net of spiritual energy hat can cushion falls or catch falling object/people

Sho- pushes target away
Tsuzuri Raiden- sends an electric current through an object, which then flows into anything or anyone touching it

When he goes into his Hikidasu state he is able to fire a gray Cero

Whenever he is around the skies are always dark and it usually rains, however the rain always depends on his mood, but the dark skies always happen


Zeromaru was one of the first few Obake. When he was first created everything thing seemed fine, however they quickly discovered that he was nearly useless as an Obake, and so he was sent off to become a Shinigami. While he was able to learn a few of the duties of a Shinigami, and was a bit stronger than the others, he was still pitiful.

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Zeromaru's Story