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A Kido Master who should not be underestimated... that is not a healthy thing to do.

a character in “Bleach: Reign of Chaos”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

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Name: Ichiro Akihiko

Race: Shinigami

Age: 3000
Height: 6’
Weight: 185lbs
Hair: Brown and black cut at the neck line
Eye: Blue
Skin:Light Tan
Appearance: Ichiro is often found wearing a typical Shinigami garb with a white overcoat that bears blue accents (the white suit in the picture is not there in game. He often holds his sword by a strap and slung over his shoulder so that the blade swings behind him and the bells on the sheath ring as he walks. He is not in the greatest of heath normally and has fits of coughing or must sit after a short distance of walking. Still, this seems to lift when he enters battle. He has the air of his wisdom but rarely sleeps and thus remains looking young. He has the symbol of kido tattooed on his right shoulder.

Personality: Will be developed in game, though I can say he has a tendency to be a bit of a lecturer to others who are younger then him.oh, and one other thing… one word, Tea Lover! Or is it Sake? Who cares, the point is he can drink.

Theme: Hero: Skillet


Reiatsu: His Reiatsu has no colour (though many think of it as Blue), and no intensity normally. Most wouldn’t think he has any power if it wasn’t for the few moments when he does get serious his power is something that can make anyone turn about to double check what they are feeling. His total energy is about what a Captain’s would be on average, but for some reason when he releases his shikai many would mistake it for a bankai by the massive increase in his reiatsu, his bankai has never been felt by anyone as he’s never used it within the dimension. total power: 1.5 times that of average captain.

Mental Capabilities: Extremely high, years of experience and a brain that rivals the greatest in strategists make him someone you don’t want to face in chess (or the japenese equivalent)

Physical Capabilities: Lower than your average shinigami with his abilities, his body is strong enough to withstand some punishment but in a lock against anyone who is potent enough to be ranked as a threat (PC’s mainly) he is going to lose fairly swiftly.

Combat Skills-

Combat Style: Defensive or Balanced
Zanjutsu: He can hold his own in a battle against most. But its more experience than talent.
Hakuda: He is good, like with Zanjutsu, but there are better and if he faces a person with half his knowledge but twice his talent he’ll lose.

Hoho: This is one place he can brag about, he is easily one of the best there are at Shunpo, it’s all Kido to him and with his talent and experience if you want to get in a foot race with this man you had best be in the best shape and any of your lifes. He is deseivingly slow normally, often his sickness that he seems to have makes him seem weak and slow and he has been hit by many things that other’s reflexes would easily dodge. However, this is a front he puts up, as he could easily dodge a flying frying pan and still have enough time to move who threw it into the path and get a cup of tea before it would have reached him (an exaggeration, but not by much).

Kido: Ah, now we come to his true power. This man in simply put the single most powerful Kido user many have ever seen and easily the most potent alive. He can use Hado 1-86 without incantation and not lose any power from the spell. He slowly loses power as he goes higher but he is capable of using even #99 and only having its power halved without incantation. The same can’t be said for Bakudo… he can cast up to 90 without losing power with those spells.
He is rumoured to have a secret kido spell. A student of his once reportedly found a writing of his mentioning that he had finally mastered Kido #100. None are aware of what it is, and so most believe this rumour to be false.

Zanpakuto: Howaito Utahime (White Songstress) the blade in its unreleased form is a simple white sheath and a black handle katana with a black sash wrapped about the top of the sheath. The sash has a bell hanging from either side every 3 inches and a long tail which he hold and draps over his right shoulder to let the sword hang behind him.
Shikai:Phrase-“Sing a requiem to tyrants… and raise a song of honour, Howaito Utahime” His sword’s release command is unusually long and complex, but he normally only says part of it to release the blade partially. In its first release the sword splits, turning into a double blade on one hilt. The hilt remains white and the blade polished steel. However, when he says both lines the blade lengthens as does the hilt, a 2 inch in diameter ring extending from the bottom and letting two chains of bells fall from the ring. The blade turns white and the hilt black.
-1st Song- Ichiro taps the blade against the sheath and a strangely angelic ring is emmitted, he then points the blade and fires a concentrated blast of blue energy. It seems that he can do the same and use the blade to redirect energy and kido based attacks such as Cero or Hado (this has its limits)

-2nd Song-Ichiro taps the blade as before but the ring is lower and there is a gong like sound in the background. At this he seems to form a shield before himself that is hexagonal in shape and clear that blocks most attacks. It ripples like sound waves and is maintained until the ringing stops

-3rd Song- This is his swords true ability, the blade rings but if one listens carefully they can hear a small female voice speaking swiftly. This is his sword providing the incantation for a kido spell, and while doesn’t need the incantation’s usually they greatly increase the power of his already potent spells. He also doesn’t have to speak the type of kido or number when using this and that means less warning for the opponent as to what is coming.

Bankai: This is something he is not believed to have achieved. It is thought that this is because he is s sickly and thus couldn’t master his swords spirit. The truth is that he has gained it, but none have seen it at all. He knows this for a fact, as he mastered and practiced it within the dimension between the worlds, meaning that no one could feel his power and no one could find him. He still doesn’t seem willing to use the bankai in battle and never speaks of it to his students which enforces the belief he doesn’t have one. Then again, some who know his ability might find the explanation of his poor health to be a tenuous reasoning, and they probably doubt that he truly doesn’t have one.

History: He is old, old enough to have been there in the palace when the King was killed. He is one of a few survivors from that attack, and he knows the leader of the Arrancar, Varick Roux, more by reputation. He has once met the being, and he escaped that encounter as well mentioning that “…You’ve, monster, have failed to kill me twice now… do so again it may be you’re downfall…”
Since then he’s founded a dojo in the Rukon district and protects those there from wondering Hollows. His students are young and few have reached Shikai, but they are still loyal and he’ll fight with them to the death against Hollows or Shinigami. The various warring factions of Shinigami have tried to recruit the man several times each, yet his men constantly say that, “Master Akihiko has no interest in fighting for fools…”

So begins...

Ichiro Akihiko's Story