Soul SocietyKazuma

A Vasto Lordes that is not always what he seems

a character in “Bleach: Reign of Chaos”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Rank:Vasto Lordes
Age: 3,500
Hair: A single braid of grey that flows from the back of his masked head and into the wind
Eyes: Grey with black outlines and white iris.
Skin:grey in the few places it peeks out from his white armor that seems to be one with his bod as well.

Appearance:Standing taller than most, he casts a long shadow where he goes and his armour makes him intimidating. His mask remains the same as ever, like a human skull plastered over his face. I’m not really good at description for this kind of character so here’s a picture:

(Yes, that is from Prototype)

Personality: He’s cold and ruthless, but he does take orders if he sees profit in them. Then again, the last time one of the Arrancar tried to lord over him he turned and walked away, making a point of himself as a mercenary to them and thus refusing to be ranked below them. They may be stronger than him, but they needed him to command the Meno’s who seemed opposed to following the strange creatures without his approval. (This is from the show, where the Arrancar had to have Aduchas control the Gillian as they wouldn’t listen to them otherwise, I’m spinning off of that)



Reiatsu: Very high, grey and raging the power flows from his eyes and mouth like smoke when he gets into battle.

Mental Capabilities: High

Physical Capabilities: Extremely High, he is able to hold off the combined Cero’s from his entire legion of Gillian (nearly 500) with one hand. A show of strength he used to sell his force to the Arrancar.

Combat Skills-
Combat Style: Aggressive
Hakuda: He is both Talented and Experienced and a force to be reckoned with. His shapeshifting arms and legs make his style hard to pin and his weapons array great. His speed is also amazing.

Hollow Techniques: His Cerois varied, but the specialty version is what he is known for, a wave he fires from his sword form of his arm.

Unique Hollow Powers: Shape shifting and expanding limbs he can form many weapons with his body and fights like a bat out of hell with them. His other unique power is what he calls “law breaking.” Put simply, the laws of physics don’t apply to him when he wishes or they can be doubled. He can make his momentum twice that of what it should be without feeling any worse inertia.

So begins...

Kazuma's Story