Soul SocietyIchiro Akihiko

Captain of Squad 1 and the Kido Corps he was Captain of Squad 13 for the past 100 years but when the previous captain Commander Died against the Arrancar he was promoted by the Central 46 to the position.

a character in “Bleach: Shattered Rebellion”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

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He is young looking, and wears a White Suit instead of a traditional uniform and is often seen wondering the Seireitei.


His Personality is hard to place, and even though he was made Captain Commander he is not always seen as the best suited for the position. He is the opposite of his predecessor in that he is much more Hand's on, often visiting the various barracks and chatting with any random Soul Reaper he meets. If he isn't out flirting or socializing in some way he is in the newly refurbished 1st Squad Office where he personally installed a pond and balcony that resembles the garden of the 13th Squad barracks, where he sits on a rock in the middle of the pond and plays a flute to relax.


Sword Name: Howaito Utahime (White Songstress)

His Zanpakutō is a Kido type and is sealed away in a white katana that he wears hanging from his back. A set of bells hangs from the sheath and jingles as he moves. All that is known about his Sword is that it is one of the eldest in existence and has surface enough time to have been mastered by almost 1000 Shinigami.


In Shikai his sword doubles its blade and the hilt turns black with the sheath. When tappin the blades to the sheath makes a strangely harmonic ring that is enchantingly beautiful. Its powers are currently unknown (To Be Revealed)
When fully released into Shikia the blade enlongates adn a large ring formed around the couterweight boasting a chain laiden with bells. Two red ribbons fall from the hand guard also adorned with bells. When released his Reiatsu disappears yet it is said to grow to immense power.


His Bankai was said to have been magnificent but the only people who had seen it close up or knew what its powers were are dead, there were only 5 and 4 died in the Arrancar battle, the other one died years ago. All captain's Swords and abilities are on record yet his records are mysteriously missing in the databases and the hard copy is blacked out with a stamp of the Central 46 placed on the page. Whatever it is or does, they apparently don't want others to know. (To Be Revealed)

The Records do say that the blade is one of the eldest and is of the Kido type. If one looks up those who have weilded the swor dthey will find that it has been mastered by almost 100 shinigami and that strangely enough each one of them achieved the Bankai of the blade.


He was about 1000 years old when he finally was accepted into the Academy, once there he graduated with the highest score on the Kido Test in the history of Soul Society. This was around 178 years ago, and in a short amount of time after learning to activate his Bankai he skipped the positions of Seated officers and was made Captain of the Kido Corps. 50 years ago he was awarded the Post of 13th Squad Captain and 3 months ago he became the Captain Commander.

His history is clearly one that the Central 46 would rather hide as his files are almost completely blacked out beyond dates and ranks.

Rumors abound in the Seireitei about his powers and his Captains exam is still used as a perfect example of using Kido in combat. Records show that when he was admitted to the position of Captain of the Kido Corps his Hado # 62 without incantaion was more powerful then the other applicants' who used the incantaion. The most prevalent Rumor that illistrates his Kido prowess is that the former Captain Commander was reported to have said that, "Of all the Shinigami in Soul Society, I fear Ichiro Akihoko most in a battle of Kido."

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