Soul SocietyShora Aikaku

Formerly of the Seventh Division, she only joined the Eighth a decade before being called to fill the Vice-Captain position

a character in “Bleach: Shattered Rebellion”, as played by Kiina

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Name: Aikaku Shora

Species: Shinigami

Rank: Lieutenant

Squad: Eighth

Hair Color: Chocolate brown, with faint lighter brown highlights underneath

Hair Style: Straight, with even bangs cut to just above her eyebrows, and going to just past her shoulders. Worn loose most of the time, but tied back when she’s writing. When she IS writing, she tends to scratch absent-mindedly at her scalp - she’s thinking, she doesn’t actually have an itch - so it begins to stick up after a while.

Eye Color: Grayish-blue

Height: 5’4” or 164.92 cm

Weight: 109 lbs or 49.44 kg

Description: Aikaku is a very average-looking girl. She doesn’t stand out in a crowd, because of her small stature. A pair of navy blue wire-rim glasses are perched constantly on her nose.

Highest Zanpakutō Achieved: Shikai


Shora is the stereotypical girl-next-door. She isn’t given to being overly-outgoing, yet is still friendly and approachable. The only exception to this reputation is when she's around Harouken Kilick. The two of them clash on nearly everything, and it has become second nature for Shora to use nothing but sarcasm around him. She will never raise her voice outright, being able to keep her head and wits about her when others become angry.

She has genuine concern for those under her. There is a huge responsibility when leading others into battle; she could very well be leading them to their deaths. Therefore, she will do all she can to make sure that everyone returns safely; this includes strategizing beforehand, and working to protect those who need it most during the fight itself.

She had a high respect for Ise-fukutaicho before her, and will work as hard as she can to fill the void left behind.


Zanpakuto: Sealed form

Shikai form

The sealed form of Shora’s zanpakutō is a regular katana, with a dark blue grip. In Shikai, the dark blue is gone, as the katana becomes a shortened chokuto, which is more suited to close-quarters.

Zanpakuto/Shikai name: Samazamahi (Varying Fire)

Release command: Hibana (Spark)


After her death at age 11, and being reborn into Soul Society in Area 23 of the Rukongai, Shora spent the next 23 years just getting by and generally killing time. In that time, she gradually showed signs of stronger spiritual energy. In her 24th year in Soul Society, she made the decision to enter the Shinō Academy.

She was the typically average student, doing well in the more scholarly classes, such as Soul Society’s history and Kidō theory. She and several of her friends formed their own little “study group” of sorts, often meeting outside of class to practice zanjutsu and their Kidō spells. After six years, Shora passed the final exams and was admitted into the Seventh Division.

She stayed there for the next 76 years, eventually transferring to the Eighth. It was something of a more relaxed atmosphere, and Tōsen-taicho’s rigid adherence to the rules was beginning to wear on her. She was not a rebel by any stretch of the imagination, but she was definitely feeling . . . confined.

By the time of the battle with the Arrancar, she had been a member of the Eighth Division for twelve years. She was briefly involved in the battle, but hung back to help a wounded comrade. By the time she finished with him, the battle was over . . . and they were left leaderless.

It was by pure coincidence that she was chosen as the new vice-captain. She had the skills, and her reiatsu was on par with the other lieutenants being selected. Simply the luck of the draw.

She enjoys her new position, and the duties that come with it. Now if one of those duties wasn’t “baby-sitting” her Captain . . . .

So begins...

Shora Aikaku's Story