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Espada #3

a character in “Bleach: Under Aizen's Rain”, as played by shapeshiftingirl

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Name: Eloise Beka
Gender: Female
Age: 7, 17
She has the unquie ability to change her age.

Appearance: ... V72DFY.jpg
She has four little animals with her. A bunny(Hito), Racoon( Ban) cat/squirrel like thing(Komo) and a little fox with a long tail(Yoni) ... 2-1134.jpg ... sword2.jpg

Personality: Eloise is a really cheeky person, she is kind and generous. Elosie being Espada #3 is usually undetermind because of her size and how she appears on the outside. She hates anyone who is obnoxious. Cares about the people she loves and will do anything to keep them safe. She is not one to mess with cause she is extremly powerful but, keeps her spritual pressure hidden.. She has a good sense of humor, and takes jokes lightly. She even says a few when the opportunity arises. She hates Grimmjow. She dosen't like people who hurt Zeal and is also in love with him.
History: Elosie is a new arrancar who has proven herslef more the worthy of the rank of espada #3. During one of her missons she encountered a handsome but powerful soul reaper that she fell in love with. His name is Zeal Ryu. They at first meet when Eloise was sent with a search party to investigate a large mass of hollows gathering. Zeal at that time was wounded pretty badly from a fight agaisnt Grimmjow, Eloise healed him with the help from so other Arrancar's mainly two twin sisters that were loyal to her for some reason. The Espada #3 before her had given her his place in the rankings after a little bout with her.

Elosie now is the new #3 espada is ready to dazeel everyone with her skills. She is also happy that Zeal made a full recovery after her promotion which was quiet recent.
Resurrección Powers:

Name: Cecilla & Lily
Appearance: ... 6264_2.png Cecilla (right) Lily (Left) ... SL500_.jpg
Personality: Cecilla is timed and kind she likes to focuse on her opponets weakness and then attack. She is one to never attract alot of attentiontoward herself. Unlike her sister Cecilla dosen't interact much with anyone but Eloise, Lily, and occasionly Zeal. She also has developed a tiny crush on Zeal. On the other hand is easy going and active she likes to get into everyones bussniess and dosen't care much for aninsult that is directed towards her. She will attack anyone who hurts Eloise and Cecilla without a moments thought
Resurrección Form:
Cecilla: ... ymidzu.jpg
Lily: ... /demon.jpg

Resurrección Powers:

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