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a character in “Bleach: Under Aizen's Rain”, as played by Exilewing

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Name: Etto Voidheart

Age: About 500 (looks late 20s)

Gender: Male

Hollow Mask Location: Top of head

Hollow Mask Description: Looks like a Elongated upper jaw. I goes up around the top of his forehead.

Hollow Hole Location: Where his heart would be


Espada outfit:A white long sleeve T-shirt but the hole is visible and the entire left sleeve is missing. Loose pants. A dark blue scarf hides the lower half of his face. His teeth are pointed.


He maintain a calm collect state most the time. Talking soft, calmly, and logically. In battle he can maintain at the start but his true nature can show during the fight.


Zanpakuto Name: Romper Caimán (Tearing Alligator)

Zanpakuto Description: The Blade it jagged. Dark blue sheath.

Resurrección: Shred, Caimán

Resurrección Description: (in game)


Before he became an Arrancar he was like any other Hollow that came as far as he has, He keeps every thing to himself. When he became an arrancar, as one of Aizen's new risen, he was determined to kill all for him.

So begins...

Etto Voidheart's Story