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"Well your a funny one"

a character in “Bleach: Under Aizen's Rain”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Louise Neo
Gender: Female
Appearance: Image
When she throws a fit form: Image
Personality: She is calm and looks at everything plainly.She is powerful, she has been thinking of challanging espada number eight to a fight. Louise can be kind and gentle but perfurs to having a firm hand on eveything. She dosen't accept losing and some times throws a fit because of it. She has funny sense of humor and can make jokes at some times. She would use her looks to enthralled her opponets
Zanpukatou: Image
History: A recent and new Arrancar. She has been making a name for herself and is ranked arrancar number 11. She was assighed Toshiro's watchman for making sure he didn't try anything.
Resurrección Form: tentai Otome ( Celestial maiden ) The Zanpukatou is the one in the pic.
Resurrección Powers: Kagayaiteiru Kiraboshi (the shining star) in which she summons three stars that are extremly hot and fires them at her opponet. Another move is Kamikaze (divine wind) which she slashs that conjures up a line heading for her enemy. kyoufuu (Gale) she holds out her hand and a gale of wind comes out spinning at her opponet. Arashi (storm) a extremly powerful move that she rarly uses due to the fact it is really powerful. The move gives her the powers of lighting. tentai kaminari (divine lighting) arcs of white lighting fall onto her opponet attack ,they move at 224,000 mph -- or about 3,700 miles per second. Yami kaminari (dark lighting) she only uses it when's she's angry and it comes from the palm of her hand. Some of the powers are avalible to her normal form. (Will be adding more as the story progresses)

kaminari no kiba, ( meaning "thunder fang" or "fang of thunder") a yellow with black lighting crackling on it shard like thing appears in her hand and she fires it. She can do this for a long time and use ir as rapid fire, it is extremly powerful and it barly miss.


Pissed off form:

So begins...

Louise Neo's Story