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"I wil be right behind you...untill..."

a character in “Bleach: Under Aizen's Rain”, as played by Exilewing

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Name: Moshi Imura
Gender: Male


Soul Reaper Appearance: normal soul reaper clothes. silver neckless wrapped around his left wrist.


He was meek, was cowardice in battle, and don't now how to act around anyone (Especially Woman), Until He got his Shikai. When it come down to it is still most of these, but in battle he will shows a unwillingness to lose and a desire to save all.


Zanpakutô Name: Twilight Dust (Tasogare Hokori)

Zanpakutô Appearance: looks like a normal katana but the blade is semi-clear

Shikai Call: Let it settle

Shikai Appearance: The katana turns in to glittering dust

Shikai Special Ability:

Molding: He can control the dust to make anything he wants. From weapons, armor, to other things. He is limited to the how much he can create. This allows him for a great deal of flexibility.

Enhanced senses: He can us the dust to increase his sensor range.

Kido power up: By designing a gauntlet of different chambers he can amplify any Hadō he uses. He can also Incase some of them in a thin ball of his dust like grenade

Zanpakutô Bankai Name: First Twilight Dawn (Saisho no Tasogare Yoake)

Bankai Appearance: (In game)

Bankai Special Ability: (In game)


Every one looked down on him. In life and after death. He, like many, lived in the slums Rukongai and he would have steadied there if not for his only friend who forced him to go. When they both went to join the Seireitei, Imura was the only one to be let in for training. After that he tried his best to stay in touch wit him but one day he was just gone.

So begins...

Moshi Imura's Story