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What if Aizen didn't die? What if Gin lived? What if Aizen had a daughter and a son? +Open and Accepting+

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"So, do you see anything up there?" A sweet voice called from ground level. The intended target of the query stood on top of a tall grimy building, which looked to have been neglected for years. The man had snow white hair with deep blue, but intent eyes. The eyes scanned the surrounding area, as if he was looking for something... Or someone. The Soul Society. Or was once had been the Soul Society. In the years since Aizen's hostile take over, things have darkened, the whole city was being torn into rubble day by day by the insane man's hunt for the remaining soul reapers. Such hunting has scarred the Soul Society and the scuffles between Arrancar and Reaper never ended peacefully. How things had ended up so badly, he would never understand. He felt... Slightly guilty. As if he felt he could have done something if he had not been off on the Patrol Squad. The deserts were beginning to look favorable to the ruins he witnessed here. The man merely tore his gaze from the destruction and back to the voice below. It's owner and blond haired Soul Reaper.

"No. No arrancar are hunting us... But it's still a damn sad sight," he said, hopping off of the zenith of the ratty building and landing beside the girl. The girl winced in sad pain. She too had witnessed the erosion of the once grand Soul Society. It was nothing like when she had left for the Patrol with the man next to her. Things were almost peaceful, as peaceful as any place could be. but now? Now they were being hunted and their once home was being brought down around their ears. For what? Just to find them and eliminate them! It was a stark contrast than what she had experienced in the Patrol Squad. There, they had been hunters... Here they were the hunted.

"It's just not... Fair. We should have been here Blaze. We should have helped," She said, mirroring Blaze's own thoughts. "It's not fair, Lily. But even if we were here, things wouldn't have changed. Hell, we might have died ourselves," Blaze said, hinting at the uselessness he felt. The girl named Lily hung her head in sadness, "I know... But still," She muttered. Blaze felt a pang of pity and guilt. He approached the girl and embraced her, his Zanpakutou, Ichiryuu, clanging against her own, Sakura. Over the normal robes of a Shinigami, each wore a brown cloak, a staple of the Patrol Corp. A heavy contrast with their bright hair and eyes. It gave them a distinguished look. As if they were wanderers or travelers... And they were. They had only recently returned from the Patrol.

Blaze released the embrace and took a step back. "We are here now, and that is all that matters. We can help now, and with a bit of luck, we might can end Aizen's reign," Blaze said, trying to inspire confidence in his downtrodden companion. He himself fully believed in his own words, that with time and blood, they can win back the soul society. Lily looked up and brushed her goldenrod hair out of her face and smiled. "Of course, it's only a matter of time. Here, let's see if we can't find the others," She said, tugging at his hand gently.

They set off in search of the other surviving Soul Reapers.