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What if Aizen didn't die? What if Gin lived? What if Aizen had a daughter and a son? +Open and Accepting+

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This was all that remained… such pathetic creatures were Soul Reapers… they couldn’t survive. Not against the hordes of weak worthless trash known as Hollows… not against Bounts… nor Humans… not even against himself did they pose a threat it seemed. He walked idly with a sigh through the rubble, his Reiatsu cut free as it raged in a column of black and red flattening the ground beneath him. “I shouldn’t have expected much… I guess that just means more fun for myself. Pity…” He idly bounced Kuro Kansou still sheathed as a cane against his right shoulder. He let forth more Reiatsu until the ground began to shake violently. “Come out, come out… where ever you are. Little Hollows come out and play.”

The sky became spotted with black dots… hundreds of Cavities opening thousands of hollows pouring out as he crushed Hollow bait between his thumb and index finger, taken from a Quincy he had slain several years back. Now the weak creature actually was serving a purpose for his time wasted in killing the fool. He calmly drew the deadly but breath taking blade. It was time to fight… fight with out thought… kill with out meaning… kill to kill… kill to survive… survive to kill… a brutal cycle that would never end. “Kuro Kansou… Recall, these dark memories of dread.” He let forth a horrid screech as he felt the dark spirit force merge with his mind. A massive spike of power rippled from him leveling the ruins until a good twenty yards around him was completely flat and enveloped in a mass column of withering energy. Darkness had formed a silhouette of a mask over the right half of his face as his katana blade straightened, its pure blade becoming jagged. Thought was gone.. Now that he had recoiled into his Zanpakuto… his blade moved like wild fire as it cut through Hollow after Hollow. They were all to weak… none of these Hollows could satiate his hunger… his thirst for blood.