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What if Aizen didn't die? What if Gin lived? What if Aizen had a daughter and a son? +Open and Accepting+

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Sol Solis and Luna calmly walked down a hallway, Luna dragging a Teddy bear with a Hollow mask by the arm while Sol Solis was trying to figure out where exactly they were. Which was the worst part of working here… it was so giant the two were always getting lost. “Oh… Solis where are we! Its all dingy here… you know I think were going the wrong way…”

“Shush Luna… you said that when we were going the other way… clearly I was right… but were going to keep going this way seeing it has to lead somewhere! And I bet it leads somewhere faster then the somewhere the other way takes us. Besides… its not like we have much else to do… the Soul Reapers are no more… all they could do is be a thorn in our sides… and that’s giving them the benefit of the doubt that they’re not all weak… and that means…”

“…We can explore, Yay!” Luna said clapping brightly as they pressed forward blindly winding their way through Los Noches eventually spotting Banira and Ulquiorra. The two stood idle not wanting to disturb the two if they were conversing.