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What if Aizen didn't die? What if Gin lived? What if Aizen had a daughter and a son? +Open and Accepting+

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Toshiro looked around the area he was walking on. It had been a while since he was captured by Ulquiorra. The fight had left a scar on his arm but it didn't matter his arm was still of use. He carefully walked past a hall way and saw Ulquiorra ahead of him with Banira. He silently walked past the two and saw Luna and Sol Solis standing idle away from Ulquiorra and Banira. Toshiro was in a good mood or what he called one and slowed his pace to chat with the two girls. He hoped that they wouldn't confront him, it wasn't every day that you saw a soul reaper but Azien though he was of use to him at the moment.

Toshiro gracefully glanced over his shoulder and saw that Ulquiorra had noticed him. Thoughts swirled in Toshiro's head of why he didn't use Bankai or why he didn't even use his Shikai power. Any one of the two could have saved him but he kept it from them. That still left unanswered questions in his head like why Azien keeps him around is he just a toy or does he have use. He let out a low sigh, he could feel his zanpakutou weigh him down when he had problems. Why me why is my life filled with such pain but his face and eyes were controlled he would be a weakling if the Arrancar's ever saw him reveal his feelings.

As Toshiro was walking he felt the feelings quickly disappear as if they were never there. He didn't know much about himself but he knew he was powerful and diffrent in Bankai. His Bankai ,he actually never used it ,he could've tried to help the soul reapers but it would've been pointless they just would've been killed another time. He looked in front of him and into Luna and Sol Solis ",so where you headen," he cautiously asked them.

(If you don't like the post I'll change it but it tells you how he got there so I think it's fine)