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What if Aizen didn't die? What if Gin lived? What if Aizen had a daughter and a son? +Open and Accepting+

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Setting: Soul Society2011-04-30 21:10:54, as written by Talisman
A hollow's roar echoed throughout the dying Seireitei. And another, followed by another. A medley of roars ripped through the air as the Hollows congregated on whatever target they had been hunting. They had found their prey, two vulnerable Shinigami by themselves. Strange however, is that they wore dark cloaks... And seemed to be bickering.

"I thought you said you didn't see anything," Lily called over her shoulder as she stood back to back with Blaze. Blaze's head went limp for a moment, then responded, "I told you, I didn't see them! This isn't like the desert, they could have been hiding behind the buildings!" "Behind the buildings!? Blaze, there are at least twenty of them! How could they all fit behind a building?!" Lily chewed at Blaze. Blaze then tossed his hands in the air clutching his twin Zanpakutou in annoyance, "Hell if I know! I just know they weren't there when I checked!"

The Hollows surrounding the pair merely looked at each other as the two Soul Reapers bickered amongst themselves... They weren't acting like normal cornered Shinigami, they weren't begging for their lives, they didn't even seem to be afraid... Merely agitated at each other for some reason or another... "Check better next time!" Lily griped at Blaze, who of course responded in like, "How about you check next time? You seem to think you could do better," Blaze challenged. Lily scoffed and elbowed the man gently in the back, "Of course I can do better, a blind monkey could do better!" Blaze tapped the top of the girls head with a hand, "Hey! Now is not the time-" He was cut off by the medley of roars from the hollows around them.

"Right, I think that's-" Blaze began before Lily finished the sentence for him, "Enough of that. Shall we dance love?" Lily asked Blaze in a more amiable tone, to which Blaze replied, "Of course dear, lets." And with that, they both disappeared in a Flash Step. Blaze was the first to materialize again, in the middle of the congregation of Hollows that had been situated in front of him. As it was, the first strike rang true down a snake hollow's mask, and the second strike from his other blade ripped through a gargoyle looking beast. In moments, they dissolved and left the other Hollows stunned... Things were not looking bright for them. "Come on then, it's not going to be challenging if you just-" Blaze paused for a moment as he pierced a bear-like hollows mask, "Watch me."

Lily on the other hand had appeared on the other side of the group, the one she was facing. Instead of brash strength Blaze used, she had more... Finesse. As soon as she appeared, she spun on a heel, raking her own Zanpakutou through a hollows mask. She began to spin on her toes, her blade stretched out, and caught another Hollow. Then she dropped down to a knee, at the same time cutting another beast in half. "Dancing by myself is so boring..." She admitted as she stood up, cutting another hollow diagonally.

Finally, the Hollows sat upon the Shinigami in earnest. They tried to tear at them, tried to bite them, tried to rake them, just... Tried. None of the attempts hit the Shinigami as they faded from view and back right behind the them and ended it. Lily was always in motion, dancing around the hollows, cutting every chance she got, never stabbing. never piercing, always slashing. Blaze was a force of reckoning, using savage slashes and pierces, utterly decimating those he had in target. The twin blades were everywhere at once. One may be cutting a Hollow in twain, while the other my be piercing the face of another. Blazes movements were random, savage, and deadly.

Within moments, the Hollows were gone, and the pair of Soul Reapers walked towards each other. They stopped and stared at each other, first a hint of annoyance playing across their faces... However, the facade dropped and they both smiled warmly and laughed, "Right, lets go before they send some more. I really would hate to completely raze this place to the ground so soon," Blaze said with a confident gleam. Lily laughed and nodded, "Let's go then... Just remember I get to check the area next," She said spinning on a heel and walking off, leaving Blaze with his head in his hands. "Not again," He muttered as he followed the spritely girl.