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What if Aizen didn't die? What if Gin lived? What if Aizen had a daughter and a son? +Open and Accepting+

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Sol Solis shook her head idly when Toshiro asked where they were headed. “No where… were exploring seeing as their isn’t any real threats anymore… we can find out all the secret places we don’t know about yet.”

Luna had jumped caught off guard she clung to her Hollow Bear sniffling before she realized it was just one of Aizen’s pets. Her tears seemed to vanish instantly as she stood back up. “You shouldn’t startle us like that! Its very mean…”

“You mean startle you…”

“Nu uh… you just hide it better, yesh that’s it!” She turned her gaze towards Toshiro which narrowed slightly. “Where are you going anyways meanie.”

Gysake descended in front of Lilly and Blaze, a irritated glare on his half covered face. “Those were mine to kill… Name one reason why I shouldn’t make up for the lose of my targets by replacing them with you…” He flicked his wrist as he raised his deadly straight blade, the black and red Reistu raged around him “Actually… I haven’t killed a Soul Reaper in a while… it should be fun… if you fight well enough when I kill you I’ll keep your sword’s tassels… an honor…” He said drawing his free hand over the assortment of strung battle trophies… tassels, mask shards, crosses, and miniture vials of dusts. “Take the first move…”