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What if Aizen didn't die? What if Gin lived? What if Aizen had a daughter and a son? +Open and Accepting+

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In the heart of the cold castle, in the throne room, a twisted Soul Reaper walked in. He sat upon his throne beside his daughter, Banira. His elbow then sat upon the arm of his throne holding up his bored looking face. However, a smile, a cold and deathly smile stuck to his lips. The smile was... disarming. It held no humor, no cheer, nor mirth. It only bespoke of the man's wickedness and twisted soul. Aizen, the ruler of Los Noches and all the arrancar who inhabited it sat upon the cold throne.

He ventured a glance to his side where his daughter was sitting, now revealing his eyes... Dark and hollow orbs that just screamed the wickedness of the man's soul. It showed no love, no pride, nothing. They just sat upon his daughter. "Hello Banira," He said. The words were stiff and heavy like stone. He then laid eyes upon his son, Kuroki. He received the same cold and dark stare. His lips still set in the deathly smile that held no charm. "And you too Kuroki. Done anything... Exciting today?" He asked. He didn't expect and answer and wouldn't care even if he received one. It was almost as if he did not care for his children, and truth be told... He might not.

The cold greeting of his children was interrupted by Ulquiorra. Aizen had gotten word that the arrancar had caught himself a... Pet. His daughter greeted the Arrancar rather... Enthusiastically. However, Aizen paid it no mind. She was just a foolish girl with delusions, and not worth his time. Ulquiorra's pet seemed to be a Soul Reaper. The thought evoked a laugh from Aizen, a cool dead chuckle. "Where did you find your mite, Ulquiorra? I do hope you intend to care for him yourself. You know I do not like to associate myself with such filth," all the while he talked, his smile never left his face and his eyes were still cold as steel. "He wouldn't know where the others of his kind are, does he?" Aizen pried, not expecting an answer in the slightest. Soul Reapers were always an... Indignant bunch, so full of themselves. Aizen refused to speak to Toshiro directly.

As it stood, Aizen returned an arm to his seat and leaned his head on it, looking bored once more. "Come now Kuroki. No need to rough him up yet, is there? I still need answers from him remember? If this goes well, you may very well get to fight more Soul Reapers," Probably a lie. Aizen would probably not uphold his end of the deal to allow Kuroki to actually fight Soul Reapers... He was after his son and heir. Not that Aizen cared enough for him to get hurt and injured, but that he were to die, Aizen would lose such a valuable... Tool in Kuroki.