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What if Aizen didn't die? What if Gin lived? What if Aizen had a daughter and a son? +Open and Accepting+

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Setting: Karakura Town2011-05-01 03:17:11, as written by Black
Kuroki turned around to see his father, just watching them, with that cold-smile ever present on his face. He looked a little bored, due to him leaning his head on his hand. "But..." Kuroki whined, turning back to Toshiro who was more than willing to fight and being rather cocky about winning too, this enraged Kuroki deeply and he took a step bad, putting his hand on the hilt of his sword and taking a defensive stance.

"Lord Aizen-" Ulquiorra started, to give his report to Aizen, however he was interrupted by Kuroki.

"You'll need much more than a Bankai if you want to defeat me!" Kuroki growled, almost yelling at the anger rising inside of him.