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What if Aizen didn't die? What if Gin lived? What if Aizen had a daughter and a son? +Open and Accepting+

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"No." Aizen said with a finality. To punctuate this, an immense sense of pressure heavily pushed down upon everyone in the room, a mere fraction of the man's Spirit energy. The fact that Aizen hadn't broken the heartless smile or even moved at all only made him seem more fearsome. The spirit pressure still pressed upon everyone in the room. "Now put away your toothpick Shinigami. There will be no fighting in my throne room. Understand?" He said, eyes hardened and fierce towards Toshiro. "Ulquiorra. "Is he really foolish enough to threaten my own son in front of me? Tsk tsk, Ulquiorra, I'd imagine you would choose your pets more carefully. If he keeps this attitude then he will not last long." Aizen said, eyes flowing from the shinigami to the Arrancar.

"Kuriko," He called his son's name, his voice steely calm and devoid of any emotion, "Come over here and take your seat beside me. It is not seemly for you to spat with the rabble." He ordered, in a warning tone. While he still held the smile and hardened stare, Aizen was not amused. He would not stand for such insolence in his throne room. "Now, Soul Reaper. Put your weapon up, before I myself personally, end you." He said the threat menacingly, his eternal smile only enhancing the effect.

Aizen then removed his hand from his face and stood, a pulse of spirit energy rushing out to greet everyone. Another warning. He strode down the steps leading to the throne and stood across the room from the Shinigami, "We have uses for you, and one of them does not include you laying on my floor bleeding, understand?" He asked, menacing, "Now where are your filthy friends, hmm?" He said, referring to the other soul reapers.