It's been three months surviving a supposed attack upon your city. A virus has crippled it, most of humanity wants to eat you. Suddenly you're mysteriously contacted by "A" who promises to help you survive. For a price.

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Paradome Industries Pty Ltd (or just Paradome) is one of the worlds largest global corporations. They are the only commercial entity to span all seven continents and have some of the biggest influences within the major sectors of almost all global industries throughout the modern world. Since 1875, as the beginnings of one seemingly preposterous idea, Paradome Industries has been changing and enhancing the lives of you and your family for over a century. With humble beginnings in the pharmaceutical industry Paradome has since expanded into almost every commercial and popular business zone known to man.

But it was in 1990 Paradome Industries was officially brought to global recognition for their singular effort in the discovery of a cure for the common cold. Though they had been around for more than a hundred years, and effectively brought many pharmaceuticals into the health sector, it wasn't until they unveiled their cure that they really became a household name. Shortly after their public success, it was only a matter of years before they emerged as one of the worlds largest corporate entities.

With businesses that now delve into many different areas across the globe such as mining, pharmaceuticals, fashion, agriculture, aquaculture, science and more!

Paradome Industries is here to make your life better!

Paradome is responsible for the breakthrough in the cures for the common cold, late stages of rabies and many vaccinations that now make previously deadly diseases and life long illnesses manageable and even reversible in some cases, such as dementia, narcolepsy and more. Paradome is also largely responsible, with help from its affiliates and allied governments, to bringing about and initiating the Berlin Collective. A world breakthrough scheme that saw putting an end to the rise in green house gases and global warming.

As you know, it was in 1996 they announced their cure for Rabies; an achievement that saw thousands of lives saved. It was 1999 that they announced cures for many various diseases and illness once thought incurable and once again Paradome was the savior humanity had been waiting for... Then it was 2005 when Paradome announced their end to global warming though a sort of terra-forming machine they had created and it was then the world saw for the first time the motivation and determination Paradome Industries had. They wanted to become not only a house hold name globally, but one that was apart of your everyday life no matter what you did. With their roots so deep into the entirety of the earth, we were blind and stupid not expect a company like Paradome to be bigger than what we saw. We were even more ignorant to not see that a tyrant company of their size would do anything to aid in their research...

When they were good they introduced new ways of travel, education, medicine, science and it seemed like their giving could never end! That was until 2012 December 21. Paradome and humanity across several countries was razed to the ground in a matter of hours after a secret virus the company had developed in Antarctica was released. They're claiming it was a foreign terrorist organization. But when the company is a global entity, there is nor foreign government that opposes them.

Don't believe them! Y-u need to -now the tru-h.

The truth is – Paradome had b--- cre-t--- bi-l-g—al we----s. The company's fou-d—g father R. K. Wh---'s --- w-s looking for a cure to --------. Along the way he discovered b-o-o-ic-- war---e. He implemented human testing zones throughout the world. I had to -atch and ob-y orders as he –rried out these tests, otherwise I promised a fate worse than death. I have managed to encrypt this email and get it through the Paradome system to you in the hopes you will help me. I -an't te-- you my -ame j-st yet. But I can help you. It won't be easy. I've contacted other survivors in your quarantine zone. Each of you has exactly what we need to expose Par-d-me. You're going to need to move hard and fast. To the outside world, what's happening to you looks like terrorist attacks... Paradome has “helped” governments quarantine infected zones. But only you and I know the truth. P-ra-o-e has to be s-opped! You need to get to the local police station and log on to their system. I'll help you hack their system and together we can show the world what Paradome truly is. I've got allies to help you on their way there now. You need to hurry!



The Survivors

The Insider A is Paradome's worst and seemingly only enemy at the moment. Stumbling onto their delicate secret, he's taken it upon himself to locate survivors within the American quarantine zone so they may help him bring Paradome's inhumanity into the light and stop them.

The Tech Savvy - "Theo" a surprisingly resilient 16 year old who has managed to put his technology skills to the test and so far has kept his head above water. "A" found him trying to surpass Paradome's blocking system for the internet in the Quarantine zone. He's keeping himself and his brother Max alive through their conjoined efforts of survival and familial bond.

The Lucky Student {DECEASED} - Fitch was your regular college student studying at the local college that was unfortunately within the quarantine zone. A moment of panic led Fitch to make a disastrous attempt at survival. Operating a bus is no easy feat and for Fitch, it cost him his life when he steered one straight into the side of Lassidus Metropolitan Police Station. He crashed through the wall of the building and wedged himself between the steering wheel of the bus and the seat. He met his end at the merciless hands of numerous shamblers. His screams echoed throughout the streets as his life was snuffed out.

The Heartless Survivor - Briar didn't survive this long through the outbreak by helping others selflessly. Not the most savory person before this apocalypse of sorts, the threat of death hasn't changed his attitude towards people in the slightest.

The Savior - Through tragedy arises the greatest of humanities heroes. Allison, while not always being completely on the straight and narrow has seen her fair share of horrors, heartbreak and now pushes herself towards heroism. Humanity needs someone in their darkest hour and it looks like Allison is ready to step up to the plate.

The Professional Athlete - Claire Fuller has always been endowed with natural athletic grace. Visiting the main city in the middle quarantine zone for an interstate competition left her reeling after her training session went to hell. Quick thinking, a little bit of life-saving theft and a lot of will to survive has seen Claire smartly and almost seemingly effortlessly survive.

The Betrayer Derek Mansfield seems to be your stand up guy. He's ready and able to help you when you fall down and doesn't seem to be scared of much. But while everything he does aids in your survival, there is something about him that's.. not exactly threatening... But it seems like he has another agenda.

The Professor - A local teacher at one of Lassidus' most prominent schools, Thomas was widely known as what many called a "progressive scientist" Thomas was an expert in the field of unconventional sciences. His research, while theoretical, was only just out of reach of possibility. Seeing his potential Paradome tried courting him to their causes, but admirably Thomas turned down their offer for a more humble existence.

The Teacher - A newly employed teacher at a local school unfortunatly caught in the quarantine zone, Lauren has used her calm, cool and collected demeanor to put everything she knows to the test. A born leader, educator and honestly warm woman. Lauren makes existence in the quarantine zone bearable.

The Biologist - Mariam is a woman of humble origins who worked as a biologist privately outside Paradome's huge scope. Intelligent, warm hearted ad easily side-tracked when distracted by her life's work, Mariam was one of the last people you'd expect to survive an apocalypse. But Mariam gets more surprising every day.

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Blindsight is a re-imagining of the zombie RP. I know you're probably rolling your eyes in disgust, and crying over your keyboard in wanton pain. But I tell you to shush and read further. If my introduction has caught your eye, then keep reading and I'll explain a few things to make your life easier if you're thinking of joining this RP.

It's currently 2013 and it's late March. While I'm not from America, this RP is set there. However, there is no specific city/location within America, so the idea is that this RP could be happening "anywhere".

The concept of what Paradome is doing, if you haven't understood yet, is that they've unleashed a virus into a quarantine zone under the guise that it was a terrorist attack by a "foreign terrorist organization." And they have done this globally across a few countries.. Which I haven't disclosed yet.

Your character has been chosen by the mysterious "A" to help you survive the virus outbreak, and hopefully expose Paradome, because within the quarantine zone lays the pieces of the puzzle to bring Paradome down.

Within your Quaratine zone there are other survivors like you, NPC and other characters played by RPers.

"A" works for Paradome. They are not within the Quarantine zone, but through the many various technologies Paradome had thoughout the world, they have been able to locate you and contact you. "A" will instruct you how to survive through periodic and scheduled contact using various methods.

There are special zombies and whatnot, and they all range from the insidiously slow and irritating to the athletically fast and horrifying. I do have a list of the "special zombies" and I promise I'm not keeping them a total secret, but there is a place and time to unleash them onto your unsuspecting survivor.

This RP is intended to be fast paced and continual as quickly as possible, so commitment is looked upon favorably.

There are only one type of "survivor" character archetypes.

Although your character may be a military professional or doctor, I would like you to keep them realistic. This is in regards to usually their weaponry and what they carry. I understand that an ex-army officer might be fantastic with a gun, but keep in mind they're a civilian now, so they're not going to be running around with an army issued hand gun or rifle. Besides the fact its the end of the world, most other people probably went apeshit with the ammo in the early days. You've been surviving for a few months now.

Electricity, technology and the like have remained largely intact throughout the last few months since quarantine and the introduction of the outbreak. What has changed though is that television and radio are ceased, and the internet for the most part is blocked down so you cannot email or contact other outside the quarantine zone. This was so Paradome could also study the effects of the surviving population and how it reacted to prompts by the government and Paradome.

The governments are unaware that Paradome is behind these virus leaks. But due to Paradome large global influence, you shouldn't be surprised if you meet Paradome-sided people throughout the RP who are helping to cover the scandal from within the government.


Character Archetypes

I only need four RPers to start the RP, so the list below is just a compiled list of survivors I think could probably have survived thus far.

The Doctor
The Ex-Military
The Rev-head (car enthusiast)
The Professional Athlete
The Biologist
The Teacher
The Cautious Survivor (A general good at nothing/bad at nothing survivor)
The Tech Savvy
The Lucky Student
The Journalist
The Heartless Survivor (would rather sacrifice a child to live another day type.)
The Police Officer
The Savior (They lend their supplies to anyone who needs it)

If you have any more ideas, feel free to create your own archetype, but just be advised I may have some changes for you. These are by no means the set list of types of people who could survive.


Character Skeleton:

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[b]Three Skill Sets (e.g. Guns, Endurance, Strength.):[/b]
[b]History Since December 21st 2012 (Survival Techniques and stress toll.):[/b]

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Mykeisha honestly wished she'd received any kind, shape or form of sleep that night. She was practically a driving zombie herself right now, driving empty streets, occasionally being involved in a couple 'hit&run incidents', which absolutely did wonders for her hood. She hadn't gotten any sleep after hearing that absolutely ungodly scream, one of which was engraved into her very eardrums. She had attempted to find some sort of refuge in a parking garage that night, and her phone had rang, when it happened. She couldn't do anything after that but just drive all night, just as she needed to so now. She even left her cell phone, not that it did her any good yet.

Armless, Mykeisha relied on relocation to survive. Always keeping tabs on where higher and lower concentrations of the 'crazy damn infected things' and moving whenever need be. But now, even upon the impact of bodies, with the wind blowing on her face from the lack of a windshield Mykeisha's head was starting to Bob, until eventually, she turned a corner and passed out.

But was shaken awake about three seconds later upon realizing she made a wrong turn, a building having collapsed on that street. Taking her food off the gas, Mykeisha made a swerve to the left, her worn-out tires barely catching the pavement. Not only that, but there seemed to be some kind of small group of zombies. She mentally cursed and grabbed the biggest socket wrench from her toolbox as she exited the car. It wasn't a couple spoonfuls of instant coffee, but it did her well enough.

The setting changes from Area 1 to Area 2


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Haytham looked off to the side, staring at nothing. Three things had occurred to him all at once. One, he hoped Max didn't seriously believe any of his friends had survived out there for this long. They themselves were lucky to have weathered the initial pandemic—their father had been crazy prepared, and they benefited. Not everyone was so fortunate. Two, this woman, she had a really... sweet? voice. Calming yet authoritative, like a teacher's. But she had yet to introduce herself. Neither had their latest stranger. The only other person's name he knew was Ciggy's—Briar, though that was thanks to A. Haytham chalked it up to the phone call interrupting everyone's train of thought. Three, her idea was a good one... he guessed. They could use as many supplies as possible, true, but no amount of random items would save them if they got caught out in the dark. He looked up at the woman, who was busy rummaging through her bag. An emotion he couldn't identify coursed through him like an electric shock, playing across his face. Something was wrong with this... this... everything. This world was going crazy. What was he even doing here, with these strangers?

He hadn't even learned to drive a car, yet he was holding a gun. A weapon of war, meant to take lives. He even threatened to kill a man. Kill! Hytham looked down. "Yeah... ... I guess that's a good idea." His voice sounded addled, even to his own ears. Bleh. He turned quickly, coming face to face with Max. "What?" He challenged, trying to organize his thoughts and settle his stomach. Panic had taken root in his gut, fluttering around like a swarm of gnats. He really really didn't want to get caught out in the dark, and the very possibility of it was freaking him out.

Afraid of the dark? the small logical voice in his head asked sarcastically. Isn't that a bit childish? He inhaled deeply. Trust his logical side to give him the kick in the rear he needed. He narrowed his eyes, standing up straight and taking a few steps past Max, who looked slightly confused.

"Come on, let's make this quick," he said, his confidence restored. He couldn't afford to sound weak in front of these strangers. Couldn't afford to be weak, not if he and Max are to survive. "The sooner we get out of here, the better," he muttered, looking back towards Max. "Don't just stand there, come help me with this."

Max nodded, following his brother as they started rummaging through various overturned desks.

The setting changes from Area 2 to Area 1


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God, Claire hated the feeling of being trapped. The situation they were in wasn't much different from Claire's a few months back. December came washing over her, a tidal wave of emotions, mostly guilt.

She wasn't the same as back then, dammit! They were going to get out of there, and alive. They had to. They would....

"If we go up on the rooftops and something follows us up there we're basically fucked," Claire found herself saying in response to Derek. Her voice was wavering, trying to keep in control. Talking fast, she tried to make sense of the situation. "The only way from there is down, so if we get trapped it's either broken necks or the Alamo. We can't exactly go through the street, tho', 'cause that's instant suicide. So the roof's the best idea...."

It was waaaaay too cliche to work. The daring heroes somehow find their way out of a sticky situation by thinking on their feet. Totally shitty zombie movie material. Next, all the people who had sex with other people present would die a horrible, drawn out, agonizing death. Or the zombies would actually start saying 'braaaaaaaains'. Complete and utter bullshit.

See? This is what happens when you spend too much time on your own. The lightbulb in the attic goes poof! Breaststroking zombies! Everywhere you lo-


Lightbulb. Bingo.

"Everybody up! Let's go, people, I have an idea!" Claire looked around frantically for a stairwell of sorts, but everything was shrouded in a cloud of black. Strange, for being midafternoon. Oh well. She whipped her backpack around to her front, feeling around in the front zipper pocket. "C'mon, where are you... Got it!"

Of all the things Claire had with her at the swim meet, one of the only things she had left was her backlit GBA SP (adapted to take triple-a's, thank you!) Fixing her bag, she pointed the device towards the darkness and turned on tentatively.

In an extremely anticlimactic moment, the stairwell was revealed, and no zombies. Go figure.

"Okay. I have a plan. We're gonna go up to the roof, and I'm gonna shoot out a far away streetlight. Then we're gonna run like hell across the rooftops in the direction of the city center while the zombies are stupified by sparks and broken glass. Sound good? Great. I'll go first up the stairs. I've got the light. Mim, you go second. Don't want you to have to duke it out with a stray zombie. Derek, can you bring up the rear? You fend off any of the little bastards that get any ideas."

With that battle plan said, the trio moved cautiously towards and up the stairwell. The first flight was fine, but the second flight of stairs had scattered office equipment all over it. "Watch your step, guys-!"

Claire was never good with watching her step. About halfway up the second flight, she tripped violently up the stairs, a red stapler being the culprit. "Shit!" she hissed. Her fall had caused a lot of noise. They needed to be more careful. They could attract all sorts of baddies this way.

SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH! Something below them was pissed.

Well, shit. "RUN!"


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Derek followed in a stern silence as he mulled over what Claire had said. They really didn't have any options and unfortunately their best option wasn't even ok by anyone's standards. Derek took the rear as they ascended and his nerves grew increasingly frail as he realised the extent of the darkness surrounding the them in this building. Derek watched as the women climbed higher and had to make an effort to open his eyes more so what little light was trickling through this boarded up building was useful. Derek stumbled for a moment and regain himself in time to prevent any loud noises; but he stopped for a moment and let the silence fill the air as he swore he could hear a car pulling up from down the street. It was faint, that was for sure. But Derek could have sworn he heard a car. They were only on the second flight of the stairwell in here any way.. And these stairs were open planned it seemed, always opening up onto a sort of landing before circling to go back up.

Derek's intense listening exercise was cut short when Claire seemed to trip up the stairs, a little punching sound and a click gave away the culprit as a stapler. A short whispered "shit!" hissed downwards as Claire regained composure and Derek froze solid as he prepared himself for something bad to happen. But as a few moments passed her took a deep breath in and almost screamed when a high pitched screech echoed from the floor. It sounded as though it was coming from the bottom floor, perhaps in one of the office rooms that had a door closed?

Derek's breath was released as Claire yelled a definitive "RUN!" and Derek wasted no time in following orders. Looking behind him he made sure to keep the rear clear as the girl run upwards, something was bound to be hard for all of them after they'd just escaped the police station not long ago by running.

A loud bang clattered throughout the building as it became apparent it wasn't as empty as it first seemed. The darkness had been hiding shamblers in the offices about the floors. The loud screaming that echoed again, almost piercing Derek's ears was just a single flight of stairs down. As Derek turned onto the third flight landing he was tackled by an incredibly tall zombie and found himself and the attacker being plunged over the side of the landing and falling through the third story glass and out onto the street.

The screamer hit the ground first and Derek landed -somewhat safely- on it's body. His muscular frame was enough to crush the creature and cause it pain, but not enough to actually stop it. It flung itself out from under Derek and began to writhe in agony as the sunlight seemed to be causing it pain. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Derek yelled as the Screamer writhed and roared about the ground. It's gangly deformed body was a hideous sight in daylight.

The screamer was beginning to attract the shamblers. Derek looked around the street, his hands clasping his ears tight. The scream was incapacitating and Claire and Mariam were, as far as he knew, inside the building too climbing to the top hopefully. The stupid thing wasn't making any attempts to move to cover, it seemed it would rather writhe in pain from the sun's blinding effect and alert everything in existence to it's pain.

As Derek knelt to his knees, he saw a woman approaching with a wrench, making her way past the small horde that was coming closer. "HIT THE THING OVER THE HEAD!" Derek yelled as he the screamer deafened him. As the monster was put to rest Derek, still deafened by the screamer yelled to his saviour, "Thank you! Come this way!" as he yanked on her hand and made a mad dash back into the building, pulling the girl behind him, "Our only way out is up!" he yelled. Derek supposed subtlety now was gone, so yelling wasn't going to give away what already was.

Derek dragged the woman up the stairs, all the while growing nervous as they never saw Mariam or Claire... Had they made it to the roof without hassle or had they been dragged to the depths of the building while he and this stranger had been in the street? Derek let go of her hand and hoped she would follow him in his crazed state and began to hit and kick the shamblers that attempted to block their passage up out of the way.

As Derek and the stranger reached the last flight of stairs he felt his hearing sort of come back and his spine shivered with a chill as a shrieking echoed upwards from below. Another screamer was in the building; he probably hadn't heard it from the deafening he'd received from the first one. He reached the door and was met with nothing but panic when he went to push it open and found it barred from the other side. "HEY! It'S DEREK! MARIAM? CLAIRE? ARE YOU OUT THERE? LET US OUT!" Derek could only hope the girls had made it to the top before he and this stranger had and barred the door, otherwise he'd doomed them all.

The setting changes from Area 1 to Quarantine Zone - America

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The Socket Wrench, though was a good tool for giving a person a concussion, wasn't the best zombie-fighting tool. Though the socket wrench was essentially a small metal club, it made an ineffective tool for taking down zombies with. Also, it wasn't a very versatile tool in general. The crowbar, however, having a sharp end, was very effective at dealing damage to the ineffective, and was an extremely useful tool for numeral situations.

Nonetheless, Mykeisha fought with a socket wrench, as it was always the tool she grabbed first. And with such a tool, she fought the zombies, and though it tool several randomly placed hits toward the head, it at least protected her. However, she knew she needed something else to keep her awake so she didn't make a wrong move and get scratched or bitten. And then, it came to her just like that! The upmost horrifying scream had been emitted from one of the building, the same kind that kept her up all night. And as a bonus, she'd got the displeasure of seeing it's maker fall out of the same building's window, with another mass on it.

Mykeisha had to cover her ears and kick a zombie away from her, as from that close, it's cries were deafening. She was just about ready to put the thing on Snooze. Running toward it, ducking under zombies, she heard the second mass yell something to her. Undoubtedly, it was a person. "What?!" she cried, "I'm gunna kill it!" she kicked the thing over, and releasing her ears, she started pounding on the creature's face until it's horrible screams died down.

Mykeisha looked over the ungodly creature's corpse, rather satisfied of her kill, but grossed out and ready to puke out her guts, had she eaten anything. However, the second mass had other plans. He grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into the very same building he'd fallen out of. Did he want to do it again? "Hold on, where the hell are 'ya taken' me?" she cried, but the man continued to drag her up along the stairs. Upon seeing zombies in their way, he let go of her, and started clearing them out of the way. Mykeisha took the moment to hitch up her pants and get herself mentally prepared for the day, and then proceeded to catch up with the man in front of her. it was nice to have company that wasn't inclined to killing you.

The setting changes from Quarantine Zone - America to Area 2


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#, as written by Deguu
Lauren sighed as she ransacked the drawers of an old desk, the wood stinking of rot and decay. She grimaced, opening a drawer to reveal nothing but a pile of moldy papers and the stench of damp. She closed the final drawer, and looked up, looking at her companions. The boys; close, working together. Well, more or less. Lauren could see the elder one frozen, almost in shock, and she was just about to say something when he appeared to recover. Haytham was a brave lad -they both were- and she could only admire their tenacity in this fucked up world they had to cope with. They were just kids. And then there was the man, who reeked of alcohol, sweat, and cigarette smoke. Christ only knew what he thought of the situation. Then there was the girl, around her age - maybe a little younger- who she hadn't taken much notice of, who reminded her just a little of herself. Well, what a motley crew they were.

She straightened up, stowing a few cans in her duffle as she did. They weren't anything particularly impressive or desirable, just various foodstuffs that they could turn to if all else failed, like spaghetti. She hated spaghetti.

The young teacher spoke up as she zipped her bag up again, introducing herself. "Hey...I guess if we're all like together now, we should make introductions, right? You can call me what you like, but my name's Lauren."

She continued speaking as she went about looking around the rest of the room, searching drawers and cupboards with an efficiency that suggested she'd been in this same situation before. "Umm, so I grew up around here. Just around the corner, I guess. I was training to be a teacher before the outbreak and all the crap that's going on now. I was going to teach Drama and English mostly. I suppose they're not really useful skills for this now but...hey, you can always use me as bait or something?" She suggested, simply talking to fill the silence.

By the end of her little speech, she had accumulated a new knife, some matches, a looted first aid kit, and a spare change of men's clothes. It wasn't anything fancy, but she would have to make do. She stashed her new belongings in her bag, filling it up, then decided to look up and grin.

"You can't really use me as bait... I can run fast, but I don't think it's something that I'd personally excel at"

The setting changes from Area 2 to Area 1


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The screams, even three floors away, were thunders of anguish in her ears. Mim buried her eyes in her hijab, the darkness of the closet granting the emptiest hug she had ever felt. First the young man in the station and now Derek. Her previous group had torn apart too suddenly, a mere couple of days ago. Two deaths in one day were painful enough as it was, but with the scar of the people she'd left behind so recent, these came as salt to the wound. Claire's presence beside her was comforting, at least, a warm beacon in a cold storm.

When the screamer had pushed itself, along with Derek, out the window, it had attracted the attention of most shamblers on the floor. Claire and Mariam barely had enough time to make themselves scarce as the zombies staggered towards them. And making themselves scarce had meant hiding in the nearest door they could find. A janitorial closet. Some zombies had seen them hide and had pounded on the door for a few seconds yet the sound of the thing shrieking outside the building had proven a greater distraction. They were left alone after a few terrifying seconds. Mariam's breath was still accelerated.

Silence. Mim looked up. Warm eyes met Claire's own. Her head felt as if she had met peace for the first time. Like the rush of cold water on her skin after burning herself with a Bunsen burner. With what little newfound piece of mind they had, the women looked around the closet. Sunlight streamed in from a dirty windowpane lighting up the utter featurelessness of their tiny safe haven. A bucket and a mop on the corner, a dangling keychain, cleaning supplies with faded labels, new lightbulbs, a firevextinguisher and an unshakeable feeling that they hadn't been the first people to hide in that very room.

"What should we do?" Mim asked in a careful whisper. She liked certainty and there was none to speak of at the moment. Her left hand brushed against her pouch.

That's when they heard them. Foot steps. Heavy ones. Going-up-stairs ones. The women shared another stare. "Derek?" She heard herself whisper. It sounded like he wasn't alone either. Could it really be him? At the very least, the people were going up the stairs. There was that.

Her uncertainty dissipated but not the way she would've liked it to. More screams. Except this time her ears didn't just about bleed; it was definitely Derek. Not to mention a couple of flights of stairs above them.


"Let him out from where?" (Us?) As she asked the question, her eyes fell on the keys hanging on the wall. The answer flowed into her head like a needle through soft fabric. "Aren't roof doors usually locked?" Miriam grabbed for the keys, over them the words "Service doors" were sloppily written over old masking tape. She threw the keychain to Claire as she lurched for another item. It wasn't light of weight.

She shot a last look at Claire, and it seemed to Mim that she understood what she planned on doing. They shared a nod and Mariam burst out the janitorial closet, extinguisher in hand. Good grief it was heavy. She locked on her first shambler, a grown man, and pulled the trigger. It stumbled back and fell.

The good news was that the extinguisher was potent and still functional and brought her memories of lighting stuff on fire during her undergrad. The terrible news was that, as she triggered the extinguisher, another dreadful shriek rang out. On the floor right below them.

"Claire, hurry on up with the keys, I'll cover the rear." Pause, "Go!"

Truthfully, she would've liked it better to have Claire by her side but the extinguisher was just so heavy. Derek might need the help right away and, though it embarrassed her a little in front of a competitive athlete, she was slowed down by the big red can normally used to treat fires.

Alone, with the screams coming ever closer, Mariam felt the release of epinephrine in her body, the release of glucose from her liver, the fermentation of pyruvate in her muscle cells... she sped up considerably, taking in mind she wasn't a young woman anymore, that she was climbing flights of stairs backwards while carrying a heavy container. Some shamblers came after her but she had the upper hand - literally. Even a single shambler stumbling back took down others as it fell down the stairs.

The upper floors didn't seem to be populated by zombies. If Mariam had to guess, she'd say it'd be because some had found their way out windows whereas those on bottom floors weren't keen on going up stairs without bait. Now she was the bait.

Minutes later, she backed up into a person. Mim's irises flashed with alarm as she failed to recognize the person until she saw Derek through her peripheral vision. A sense of relief threatened her. Except the door behind them was still locked. Likely because there had been way too many keys in the keychain. Shamblers gathered before them. Mariam set the fire extinguisher's contents loose on them. They had to get out. More were coming their way.

The shriek came again. It was so close. Mariam covered her ears.

Several clangs rang out as the extinguisher fell down the stairs.


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Running up multiple flights of stairs would be really good exercise, if Claire wasn’t trying to escape from a couple of screamers and the horde of ‘normal’ zombies. (It really wasn’t good that she was beginning to think of the shamblers as normal.)

She’d yelled when Derek had been tackled out the window by the screamer. Two down, two to go, right? It was going to be her or Mariam next, and that couldn’t happen. She had to protect the older woman. Her screams and that of the screamer’s had caused the shamblers to, well, shamble up the stairs. The two women had had to scramble into a temporary safe haven: a cramped janitor’s closet. Blergh.

Claire’s fraying nerves weren’t helped by the pounding on the doors or the cramped space of the closet. She was biting down on her lip almost to the point of blood. Claire looked over at Mariam.

For some reason, that short look reassured her. Hell, if this lady wasn't flipping her lid, she could keep it under control til they got to a safer point. Claire half-smiled at Mariam and nodded, eyes scanning the room. There wasn't much, aside from a fire extinguisher and a keychain with a gazillion keys.

"What should we do?" Mariam whispered to her.

"I..." Eloquent to the last. That's Claire for you.

The sound of heavy footsteps (male's, by the sound of it) and a pair of lighter ones (a female's, of course) going up the stairs startled Claire. She jolted. They weren't an animal's and were too even to be a zombie's. "Derek?" Mariam whispered again.

God, she hoped so.


"The hell?" They must've thought that Claire and Mim were already out.

"Aren't roof doors usually locked?" Mim asked, then tossed the set of keys to Claire as she picked up the fire extinguisher. They shared another look, and Claire understood what she had to do. She didn't like it, but whatever. It's not like she had any plans anyways.

The fire extinguisher still worked, though. Mim took out a grown zombie with the spray, but it managed to alert a screamer on the floor below them. Not good at all. Claire'd lost her only melee weapon, and she was shit with a pistol. If it came down to it, hand-to-hand combat was her best option- and she didn't like those odds.

"Claire, hurry on up with the keys, I'll cover the rear." Mariam had a look in her eyes that said 'I'll be fine, don't worry." Claire rarely liked that look. "But-"


Claire bit her lip again and sprinted as fast as she could with the keys upstairs. She hated splitting up, but there were people upstairs that needed her help, and she'd be damned if they wouldn't get it.

"Note to self- do not suggest to the trainer about running up and down stairs," Claire panted as she finally hit the last flight. Derek and another woman with a wrench were pounding on the door in an attempt to get out. "Outta my way, guys, I've got keys!"

Fat lot of good those did her, though. There had to be at least fifty keys on that damn keyring, and they kept slipping out of her hands! Claire was about to go ballistic, she was so pissed. She'd only gotten through about half the keys when Mim backed into Derek with a slight squeak of alarm.

"Doin' the best I can, guys!" Claire said, putting in another key. The shamblers kept coming, and the others were doing their level best to keep the bastards away from the door.

And then the screamer sounded again.

A few things happened in quick succession. Mariam dropped the fire extinguisher and it rolled down the stairs with a clanging noise. Claire proceded to accidentally break a key in the keyhole.


Oh, this was going to get ugly quick.

"GRAAAAAAAH!" The keys fell to the ground as Claire angrily slammed her left shoulder into the door. The poor door was no match for Claire's brutal beating, and with a final smack the lock broke and the door flew open.

Claire fell to the ground, her shoulder in flaring pain. Gritting her teeth, she managed to get out a few words. "Everybody out! Hurry up!" She struggled to get up, the others pouring out of the building. Anytine her arm touched something, it burst into a blossom of pain. She managed to get out of the way in time for the door to be pushed closed somehow. She'd hit it hard, so it was barely standing anymore. Fuck.

"Well, we're in a pickle, huh?" Claire tried to laugh, but it ended up in a gasp of pain. She'd dislocated her shoulder again. Dammit! Things just kept getting worse. There was no way she could get across the rooftops like this, without causing further injury to herself. Not to mention her aim would be even worse in this condition. "Anybody know how to relocate a shoulder?"


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Derek was beating profusely against the locked door. "Jesus girls, come one! We're gonna-" His pleas for help were cut short and left Derek stunned as Claire pushed past and puffed "Outta my way, guys, I've got keys!" Derek backed to the wall and let Claire do her thing while it suddenly occurred to him that Mariam wasn't nearby. Over the blood curdling sounds suddenly Derek heard the schffff of something being sprayed and looked down the stair well to see Mariam methodically spraying the zombies and causing them confusion as she slowly made her way up stairs.

Derek trusted for the moment Mariam knew what she was doing and turned his focus back onto Claire, she wasn't having much luck and the situation was more than life or death as he heard Claire mumble "I'm doing my best". "Do better!" Derek yelled in earnest as suddenly Claire abandoned all hope of unlocking the door and started throwing herself against the door violently. "I coulda done that!" Derek shouted as he pulled his leg up and kicked once, helping Claire's weight shift the door and break the lock, swinging it open and sending Claire out and on to the ground.

Derek acted quickly, grabbing Mykeisha and pushing her out, turning around and grabbing Mariam second, shoving her onto the roof top and quickly turning around when a shambler bit down on his hand to kick it in the face and topple some of them coming up. Derek burst out into the sunlight and turned around slamming the door on a shambler's face. He held his weight against the door as the horde began to push against his weight. "Damn it, I just want a break." he hissed as he scanned around him quickly to find some way to bar the door.

As the adrenaline took hold, Derek suddenly moved in to action all in a few seconds. There was some sort of steel piping running up the side of the door and Derek worked a plan out within seconds. Shoving his weight back against the door suddenly he managed to create a few seconds where the zombies were pushed back long enough for Derek to use his strength to actually bend the steel on angle enough that it jarred the door and gave them a few seconds respite as they searched for a way down.

As Derek backed away and turned around he came upon Claire on the ground and her shoulder nicely jarred out of it's socket. "Anybody know how to relocate a shoulder?" She said jokingly. Derek hesitated for a moment, in actual fact, he knew very well how to pop a dislocation back in for shoulders, knees and wrists. But it could bring up questions with the others that he didn't want to have to answer. It was only a few seconds while Derek contemplated his move and decided these people knew nothing about him but his name.

Acting fast Derek grunted, "Get out of the way, we don't have time to mess around." Derek approached Claire and pushed her good shoulder down to the ground so she was laying flat. He put his knee over her chest, it wasn't orthodox, but he didn't have time to muck around with her possibly fighting with him when he touched her and she wasn't going anywhere until her shoulder was back in check. "On 3, i'm going to-" Without giving Claire any opportunity to hesitate Derek surprised her by rotating her shoulder and with a quick CLICK! Claire had her should back in place. "Alrighty!" Derek said with a an almost yee-haw guffaw in his voice. "We need to stint her arm and get the hell out of her!"

Derek took a loose bit of material from one of the other girls; they'd managed to tear off a bit of their clothing for him and tied Claire's arm up, "Don't knock it anymore." He said sternly as he stood up, extending a hand out, getting her to her feet. "The fire escape!" Derek yelled as he turned around to see the stairs almost waiting enticingly for them. "Those go back onto the street we came in on, but I think the zombies are too busy coming up here... we should have a clear route to the street and then we can get out of here!!"

The setting changes from Area 1 to Area 2


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Max cringed at Lauren's bait joke. Together, he and Theo had managed to come across some interesting items: an electric lock pick, a taser, a little mini-flashlight (the type you'd see on a keychain), some Ramen Noodles, and a few old bags of peanuts.

Her joke really made him think. As Haytham quickly reintroduced himself and Max, the younger brother was stuck pondering the teacher's earlier words. What if the time came where one of them did have to act as bait for the others to survive? Who would it be?

He shuffled some papers around on the floor, hoping against hope to find another handgun... or something. Anything, really.

Who'd be the best bait? Probably him. He was definitely the fastest. Definitely the strongest. Maybe even the smartest. Max nodded to himself, looking sideways over at Haytham, who was tapping furiously on his sat-phone. Okay, maybe not the smartest. Just all around the most able. His mind wondered towards more morbid topics as he sifted through the devastated remains of the dispatch office. Sacrifice. Death. Max... he just couldn't fathom his own demise. It just wasn't possible. He couldn't see it. As long as they stayed in at night, these zombies were nothing. It was almost as easy as Call of Duty's zombie mode! ... well, at the lower levels, at least. He grinned to himself, basking in his own self-confidence and notions of invincibility.

Plus he and Haytham were working together?! These zombies won't stand a chance.

Even with all of that bravado, Max couldn't quite manage to completely dispel a sort of queasy feeling that had taken root in his lower body. The feeling began to spread after hearing A speak through the telephone, and it hadn't yet subsided. In fact, it only grew stronger as the minutes flew by. He recognized the feeling immediately: self-doubt. It was the same pre-game emotion that would assail him before he'd run out onto the field with his team during paintball competitions. The same stymieing force that tried to caution him, to get him to tone down his actions, to wait and think.

But that just wasn't Max's style. Hesitation meant the other guy shoots you before you can shoot him. He thought back to his first encounter with Briar—Ciggy, as Theo called him—not half an hour ago. He hesitated, that's how he got in such a bad spot in the first place.

Shoot first, ask questions later. That sounded a lot better. And easier.

Max gritted his teeth. Yet and still that nagging self-doubt persisted. He had to dispel it, and there was only one way to do that.

Conquer it.

Max, who had been crawling under an overturned desk, stood. He could feel Haytham's eyes on him the moment reached his full height. That didn't matter though. He had to do this.

As he once again waded through the sea of debris back toward the entrance from which he'd initially entered the room, Haytham spoke up. "Max, what are you doing?" He was speaking in his "listen to me I'm the authority figure" voice. Max never liked it when he did that, so he didn't respond. When he unlatched the door, he could hear commotion behind him. Haytham had stood as well, and was probably making his was over towards him. "Max..." he started.

Before Max could open the door, Haytham grabbed at his hand, catching him by the sleeve. "What are you doing, idiot? Are you trying to die?" Haytham scolded, his tone bitter and icy.

Max gritted his teeth again, snatching his hand from Haytham's grip. "No Theo, I'm just taking a look—"
"Latch the door," Haytham ordered.
"Fine, I'll do it myself."

As Haytham reached over to latch the door back, Max tried to grab his hand, but Haytham was moving too fast. Max ended up pushing Haytham's arm into the door, causing it to open slightly. It was dark in the hallway, though a light shined from the open door they had used to enter the facility earlier.

They never did close that back door behind them.

"What was that for?" Haytham asked, attempting to speak in a hushed tone so that the others wouldn't overhear them.
"Because you're acting like you're the boss when you're not!"
"Oh my... GOD. In the middle of the end of the world and you still manage to bitch about something!"
"How about you—"

From outside the door, something reached in with lightning speed, snatching Haytham's arm and pulling it towards the small opening. Both boys stopped fighting instantly, eyes on the rotting appendage that clutched Haytham's arm in a death grip. The creature on the other end moaned. Loudly. Very loudly.

That initial period of shock lasted but for a moment.

"Max!" Haytham shouted, but his brother had already brought his pistol to bear, aiming the Glock straight at the thing's face. It was trying to ram its teeth through the crack in the door to gnaw at Haytham's arm. With three quick reports, the creature was dispatched, but not before it had dug its nails into Haytham's forearm. "Fuck!" The zombie was extremely agile, and its loud moans and groans combined with the sound of gunfire seemed to have attracted more of them.

Small fast-moving groups of zombies were pouring in through the door they'd left open. Haytham heard them before he saw them—the light succinct patter of feet running upon concrete floors. They were definitely runners.

Without wasting anymore time, Haytham slammed the door shut, latching it. He could hear the banging of the creatures on the other side. It wouldn't be long until they figured out how to go around to the other entrance, like Haytham did when he got behind Briar. The boy held his arm behind his back, hoping to hide the his wound from his new compatriots. Even though it wasn't deep, it still stung. Haytham winced as he slung one of the satchels over his shoulder.

"Guys, we gotta go." He gave Max a look somewhere between you doofus, this is all your fault and are you okay? Max refused to meet his brother's eyes, instead gawking at the arm Haytham was hiding behind his back, a look of horror upon his face. "Uh. Like, now," Haytham reiterated, panic entering his voice.

Then he ran for the door behind Allison.

The setting changes from Area 2 to Area 1


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Mariam scrunched her face in a gesture of shared pain when Derek relocated Claire's shoulder. She had no time to reflect on what had just happened. As had become usual over the course of the last few hours, they were being pursued by the living dead. Inside the building, one of the things shrieked again. She scrunched up her face again. Hands weren't enough protection against that blood-curling sound.

They had to get down, right.

The fire escape, right.

With one last glance at the door they'd just come out from, Mariam followed the others as they made their way to the steel stairs. They were about four stories high. The scientist swallowed with apprehension, hoping that the door would hold the undead inside long enough for the group to get down. She flew down the first set of stairs. All of a sudden, the cyclic nature of the fire escape seemed too long, somehow undoable. Despite the adrenaline pumping through her system, Mim was tired, there was no denying it. She ran down the second set of stairs. She wasn't as young as she used to be. Derek seemed the only one close to her age yet he was clearly in shape, what with bending steel up there in the roof. She pulled through the last set of stairs. It was like she'd forgotten what the ground was up close.

At least Derek was right. The noise within the building had apparently prompted the shamblers in the street to go into their building. The street looked deserted yet even three floors down Mariam could still hear the sound of the zombies banging on the roof's door. A few were banging on the windows directly next to the fire escape, through which their group had passed on their way down but without too much force. Perhaps, Mim hypothesized, the lack of resolve of those shamblers was due to the lack of olfactory stimuli the group had provided. They'd seen them pass alright, but they hadn't caught their scent, which would've been a major stimulus. Still, glass was definitely more fragile than a steel door.

"I think the street is clear. As clear as it'll get, anyway," she panted. The group took the sliding ladder down to the ground level, an accomplishment Mariam had found a lot harder than she'd care to admit. The ladder slid back up to the first floor with a resounding creaaakk. Of course. It hadn't been oiled in at least three months, perhaps more if the appearance of the building was any indication.

Mim's head felt hot, she could feel heat radiating from her exposed face. Okay. They were bound for 72nd street. What way was that again? "Wait. Uhm." She paused to regain her breath, "That car wasn't there before we went into the building, was it?" Hopefully the strenous amount of exercise she'd done in the last couple of hours wasn't playing tricks with her mind.

The setting changes from Area 1 to Quarantine Zone - America

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#, as written by Soki
OOC: Sorry for my post being placed in the wrong Area, fixing now.

The setting changes from Quarantine Zone - America to Area 2


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#, as written by Soki
Well his day had started out odd, usually he enjoyed a coffee and a bagel in the morning. Though his usual mornings didn't involve surviving encounters with zombies. Thus, he would have no coffee nor bagel this morn. He had received a call from A early that morning letting him know that he needed to move towards the police station post haste, or at least as quickly as he could manage. He hadn't been to far from the police station when the call came through in fact; no more then a couple of blocks, which was fortune at the last as he stayed low to the ground a knife held tightly in his right hand as he placed his left on-top of the hood of a car, peaking over it.

His eyes locking onto a small hordes of what appeared to be agile zombies, and one or two small hordes of Shamblers. already making their way into a door left wide open. "Well that was a mistake on their part.." He said keeping low to the ground as he moved off to towards the side of the police building; if anything he needed to get in there, find the survivors help them; if they needed, get out of there and somewhere safe; he just hoped. Then al the sudden his ears were ringing, and he realized his face hurt. "Damn....should have seen that coming." He said rubbing at his nose and forehead that had taken the most of the blow from the door. When his eyes could finally focus he made out a few survivors seemingly scared out of their wits and running. "Easy, where's the fire, can't you at least stop to ask the guy you bashed with the fucking door?" he joked checking ot make sure his nose was still straight, and attacked to his face. That was when he remembered the hordes on the other side of the building. "Oh right, yeah running from the dead...yeah forgot my bad; for a minute there thought the only thing I had to worry about was a nose bleed." Another bad pun from the worlds most efficient assassin. "Look I'm not a zombie, if i was i'd be rather pissed about the door; I saw you alerted quite a good amount of zeds, you've two choices, you can run like idiots and alert them more." He paused for a second to rub at his nose, which was still hurting. "Or you can follow me quietly, and I can lead us towards a safe place without alerting more zombies with heavy footsteps and gunfire." He only paused for a moment and then pointed off over his shoulder in a diagonal way. "It's two and a half blocks that way, and you can hide out there until your friends don't wanna play anymore." His ears began picking up on the groans and grunts from the zombies at the front of the police station, turning to look and making sure none were peeking around the corner. "Look, keep low, and keep up; or have fun being chased and eaten, cause I'm no ones main course" He said that and was already ducking behind cars and making his way quickly and quietly back the way he came.


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As Haytham bum-rushed the door, with Max and what he could only hope were the others quick on his tail, there was a barely audible oof, as if someone had been punched in the stomach. Haytham, the first person out of the door, turned to see what looked like a menacingly well-toned yet affably upright zombie standing behind the door. Haytham slowed to a halt, glaring at the figure, his stare quizzical in nature. It took but a moment for his brain to catch up to his eyes.

That's not a zombie!

Max, the second person through the door behind Haytham, lay witness upon the same sight; however, where Haytham met the circumstance with caution and forethought, Max leapt immediately to action. Before Haytham could even begin to shout a warning, Max had brought his pistol to bear, aimed, and fired three shots in quick succession, straight into the man's chest—or at least he would have had Allison, the third person to emerge from the doorway, not tugged on his arm at the last second. The cacophonous reports rang out thrice into the air, safely aimed away at the sky.

Max shook off Allison's grip like the plague. "My ammo... What the hell was that for?!" He demanded, a venom in his voice, briefly taking his eyes off of his target to focus on Allison. It was for this reason that he was startled when his target spoke. "Easy, where's the fire, can't you at least stop to ask the guy you bashed with the fucking door?" Apparently, this brush with a bullet-riddled demise didn't even phase him in the slightest. Everyone just kind of stared awkwardly at everyone else until one of the others bringing up the rear of their group shouted what Haytham interpreted as "why the hell aren't we running?!"

"Oh right, yeah running from the dead...yeah forgot my bad; for a minute there thought the only thing I had to worry about was a nose bleed." Haytham couldn't tell if this guy was joking or serious. Why was he here, behind the door? What did he want? While his mind was spinning questions, he realized that his legs had begun moving again without his permission. He was about to start running, but to where he didn't know. Somewhere. Anywhere to get away from these things. Perhaps into some random yet well-lit building—

"Look, the stranger interrupted his train of thought and impending absconsion, I'm not a zombie, if i was i'd be rather pissed about the door; I saw you alerted quite a good amount of zeds, you've two choices, you can run like idiots and alert them more." Haytham gave him another quizzical look before taking a quick peek back through the door and into the police station. The zombies hadn't made it around the hall yet, but their time was running extremely thin. "Or you can follow me quietly, and I can lead us towards a safe place..."

Both Haytham and Max looked at each other, each youth recognizing the distress in the other's eyes, before glaring back at the stranger, almost as if synchronized. They didn't trust him. Why would they?

But if he was telling the truth, did they really have any better option? With panic setting in and time running out, Haytham looked toward Lauren. She was the "eldest" of the group in his eyes, and he trusted her more than any of the others—especially Briar. He gave her a questioning gaze: should we trust him for now?

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Be careful walking down the streets of Lassidus. Something is moving, waiting, watching and wanting you.

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From the metropolitan apartment buildings to the wholesome suburbs, countryside and popular Lonsdale forest. If you didn't know better, you'd think area 2 was big enough to be safe.

Quarantine Zone - America

Quarantine Zone - America by macheteshark

Electricity works. Water flows when needed. You can even access the internet to a degree... But none of that matters when the infected never rest. The Quarantine Zone -America... where the American dream rots slowly.

Area 2

From the metropolitan apartment buildings to the wholesome suburbs, countryside and popular Lonsdale forest. If you didn't know better, you'd think area 2 was big enough to be safe.

Quarantine Zone - America

Electricity works. Water flows when needed. You can even access the internet to a degree... But none of that matters when the infected never rest. The Quarantine Zone -America... where the American dream rots slowly.

Area 1

Be careful walking down the streets of Lassidus. Something is moving, waiting, watching and wanting you.

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