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    by Himekura

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The moon looks sad tonight.

Yuki stopped suddenly then and shook her head. She didn't know where that thought had come from. Moons couldn't be sad. They were just big ol' rocks in space, but still the thought had seeped into her mind, and what made it even more confusing was that deep in her stomach something told her that she was right.

She glanced up again at the moon but then sighed heavily.
She was going to be late for dinner if she didn't hurry.

Glancing once more around the school grounds, she made sure there were no mischievous day class students trying to sneak out to get a glance at the night class students. Thankfully tonight everyone was where they should be.

She wondered then where Zero was. He should have been out here helping her patrol the grounds, but she hadn't seen him…. Actually now that she thought back to it she hadn't seen him all day.

Worry clenched her stomach and she hoped he would be at dinner. She hoped he was ok. Lately she had been so worried about him. He'd been growing more and more distant from her and she knew it had to do with the fact that he was ashamed at the changes that were happening in his body. It was only last month that he'd fallen to the urges and took her blood from her in the stairwell. Since then he'd fed from her but in the past weeks he'd declined her more and more when she told him he needed to feed.

She knew he hated himself and fought against the hunger, but it was only hurting him more and more when he tried to fight it.
He would rather die than hurt you.
The words whispered to her and her heart ached for him.
I would give my last drop of blood to you Zero if it meant you would feel no pain.
She could never tell him that. She knew if she did he would never feed from her again… and then would fall to a Level E.

She shook in fear at the thought. She knew it was inevitable but the longer she could keep him from falling the better. She wouldn't give up on him. Even when he asked her too… even when a part somewhere deep inside her told her that she would have to let go…

NO. Zero I will never let go! I will never give up! Tonight I will make you take my blood. I will not loose you…

With that thought she hurried back to the headmasters house where she and Zero also stayed sometimes and a new determination filled her being.

"Oh Yuki! I long for the days when you and Zero would have dinner with me every night! We were like a big ol' family then, huh?"

Her headmaster's voice was high and sad, but Yuki wasn't paying attention. He always went off on these random sad rants and answering his question would only make him delve on it further.

She swished around the soup in her bowl as she stared across from her at the empty seat where Zero should have been. She had hoped to see him at dinner, but once again, he was not here. So her and her father ate alone…

"I… I'm going to bed Headma-"
"Oh Yuki call me father."
"Er… I'm going to bed father. I'll see you in the morning." She said and gave her father a hug before picking up her half eaten bowl.
"Ok." He sighed heavily and spooned more soup into his mouth. "It's just me now then huh…" he said to himself and Yuki felt a pang of guilt. If she could she'd stay up all night with her father if that meant he would feel better… even if that meant her listening to him worry about this and that.

But she wasn't up to it tonight. The determination that had filled her had left suddenly when she'd entered the kitchen earlier to find only her father was present.
She gave him one last hug and then went to clean her bowl in the separate area where they cleaned and made dinner.
She poured out the rest of her soup and let her bowl sit in the soapy suds of the empty sink. She'd already did dishes when her father was cooking and now she was free to take a shower and go to bed.

Tomorrow was Saturday so she didn't have to wake up early for school and that at least made her happy.
She padded down the end of the hallway where the headmaster's private bathroom dwelled and almost pushed open the door when she heard the shower from inside.


The determination that had so soon left her earlier suddenly flooded back into her.

"Zero?" she asked through the door and knocked lightly.

There was no response so she bang the door a little harder and called out his name so he could hear her better, but once again there was no answer.
Was he purposely ignoring her?

"No…" she answered her own question and fear suddenly clutched her heart.

"Zero! Are you alright?"

She waited but all she could hear was the sound of running water.
She cried out and twisted the handle, grateful that it wasn't locked, and shoved open the door.

The warm steam immediately hit her face and she squinted in through the heavy steam. The shower had obviously been running for quite some time.

"Zero!" she called out and hurried into the bathroom as the door closed behind her.

She saw his figure in the shower and gasped.
He was curled up on the shower floor and was completely still, his hands clutching his throat and chest, and eyes closed.

"Oh my… Zero!" she cried and hurried towards him, making sure to not slip on the damp tiles.

She flung open the shower door and grabbed ahold of him under his armpits before dragging him out of the shower.
He was heavy and she soon fell when he was finally out of the steaming water.

"Oh Zero. Zero…" she whispered and turned his face towards her as she leaned over his body.

He didn't open his eyes or make a move and she suddenly grew fearful. Could it be possible that instead of falling to a Level E he would just…
She couldn't think the word. No. He's not dead.

She took a deep breath and then reached towards the pile of discarded clothes before she found the pocket knife he kept in his pants.

She pulled it out and then with an intake of breath she flipped the blade open and dragged it across the flashy palm of her hand and watched as a line of blood formed there in a small little puddle before dripping down towards the tiles below.
Then without hesitation she leaned over Zero again and smothered her blood drenched palm over his cool lips and waited. She watched. Waiting for any sign of movement.

Tears filled her eyes when none came and she let out a gentle sob as her heart sank.

"Zero please… please come back to me… I can't… I can't lose you. I… I…" she trailed off.

It was then that she felt his body shudder next to her and she let out a gasp.