New York CityKirenai Tezawari

"I suggest you hand over your wallet before my finger slips..."

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Kirenai Tezawari

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High Blood Lust Vampire

Kirenai is selfish, astonishingly so. If he sees someone getting mugged he'll just cruise on by without lifting a finger if there isn't anything in it for him. In fact, he'd probably be the one doing the mugging. Kirenai is a crook through and through, seeing nothing wrong with pulling a theft. He's not the crafty con artist, though. This vampire is the bluntest criminal you've ever set eyes on. Ask him if he stole something, and he'll admit it if he really did. Kirenai loves a challenge, so if he sees something he wants he'll go after it ruthlessly. This vampire doesn't take to romance in the least. If some lady waltzed up to him and started making suggestive small talk, Kirenai would either get highly suspicious and inch away or take everything literally, not getting the joke. But despite his thick skull, as a vampire, Kirenai is a natural womanizer. Kirenai does everything with basically the same expression, with only the slightest changes to fit different situations. The same melencholy, lonely face.

-More money
-A challenge

-Getting caught
-Being bored
-Being Thirsty
-Strange People

Kirenai is basically your average, ruthless killer. He uses his gun, sword, and stealthy manuverings to get whatever he wants. And don't forget he unconsiously holds mush sway over the ladies!

Money. Growing up in poverty, Kirenai has a weakness for the stuff.
Blood. Even a wiff of it results in this vampire going shark!

Kirenai can't go that long without stealing something. If he's deprived of criminal activity, Kirenai will snap and do something stupid. Also, Kirenai has a habit of reading the dictionary and listing word definitions in his head.

-Mugging people
-Reading the dictionary
-Bothering people

Brief Description
Kirenai is rather tall, something he enjoys flaunting on shorter persons.An albino, He has silky white hair and skin almost as pale, but not as pale as in the picture. Long lashes frame dull red eyes, and this vampire enjoys poor eyesight. Kirenai's muscles are on the lean side rather than buff, but I wouldn't underestimate him if I were you. He has long fingers, and suprisingly, large feet. Bring ing up his feet is an embarrasing issue.
Kirenai generally wears the outfit in the picture everyday, refusing to change his ways without reason. Just without the bloodstains though, usually.

So begins...

Kirenai Tezawari's Story