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"Give me a name...scent and I'll find it"

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Name: Sora “Moon” D’vorn
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Role: Hybrid Hunter

Personality: Sora is a very quiet and simple person. He does what he has too and nothing more. He doesn’t care what others say about him. He doesn’t like talking much even if he is extremely intelligent. That is why he became a hunter. All he has to do is track people. The job involves being silent, patient and following clues. All things Sora is good at. After tracking someone, he will leave it to the warrior to deal with them. Sora only opens himself to those he trusts. He does not dislike killing someone for their blood...but it’s not his favourite thing to do. Even if he is extremely quick and strong, he doesn’t do to well in close combat. He like's better a more silent and stealthy approach, killing with one strike. Because of his closed personality, when he actually opens himself to others and acts...”normal” it tends to be a little awkward.

  • Tracking
  • Reading
  • Hunting
  • Mysteries
  • Darkness
  • The Moon

  • Cats (Allergic)
  • Sun
  • Teamwork
  • Daylight
  • Talking
  • Large Crowds of people

  • Speed
  • Stealth
  • Intelligence
  • Tracking
  • Solving Problems
  • Hunting
  • Strategies

  • Ice Cream (He loves it)
  • Extreme Heat
  • Colds (His nose gets blocked and he can’t track)

Quirks: When thinking hard, sitting still or stressing, he will play with his fingers.

  • Reading
  • Solving problems

Brief Description: Sora has white medium lengthen hair with red eyes. His skin is pale and smooth. He wears a long black trench coat that belongs to his first victim. He has kept it ever since that day. Under that he wears a red buttoned shirt he keeps opened at the first 3 buttons. He wears ripped jeans and has brown running shoes. As a wolf, he is completely white, which makes sense because of his white hair and skin. As a wolf his eyes are red as well. He is smaller than most wolves but is also faster.

Other: As a Hybrid, Sora has means to defend himself. A part from his poisonous fangs and razor sharp claws, Sora carries around a 10mm hand gun with silver bullets. He also has a a oversized curved dagger. The blade is slightly curved and the handle and hilt is made of solid wood.

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Sora "Moon" D'vorn's Story

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Farren blinked before sitting up straighter, looking up towards the night sky. A resonant howl cut through the cool evening air. He recognized it easily from the clear tone, and its meaning was always the same – Sora had found prey. It was a good thing, since it had nearly been three days before any of the hybrids had managed to find decent prey. Farren himself, hadn’t tasted good blood for nearly four. The hybrids would need the nourishment, especially since the moon was waning.

Farren’s grey eyes flickered towards the shining orb in the sky, its round shape thinning as it approached the new moon – it would become increasingly difficult for the hybrids to shift between the two forms. He didn’t mind this as much – after all, it was easier to blend into society under mortal guise. Actually, the form would most likely pass for vampire rather than mortal… which brought up another point to discuss with the others.

In a swift movement, Farren leapt down from the tree he was resting in. At the edge of the forest, it was quiet – he had taken a moment for himself. He followed the sound of Sora’s howls, and eventually picked up the familiar scents of his allies – not just Sora, but Eclipse had apparently arrived as well. When he came upon the small clearing, he saw Eclipse greedily lapping at the corpse’s cooling blood, with Sora on the ground. It was an all too familiar scene – one that never failed to irritate him. He gripped the bridge of his nose, his black hair falling into his eyes as he sighed.

“In jest or not, fighting over food is pointless, Eclipse,” he said flatly before straightening and approaching the two hybrids. “Sora, be more wary. Next time it may not be Eclipse.”