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At the age of 18, vampires are to make a blood oath with a human, bonding them for life. The humans give their blood while the vampires protect them. And with darkness rising, that protection will be extremely important.

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Eclipse was running through the forest in her wolf form with hunters on her heels. Dang, If only I hadn't been so reckless!!! she thought angrily to herself. The hunters were after her, mostly because the other night she fed from some lady and was caught feeding by these hunters and she had killed some people trying to get away. She could kill them but unfortunately they had silver bullets. Eclipse ran around a boulder and stayed there, quiet as dead mouse, until all of the hunters ran by. Thinking she was safe for now she walked back from where she came but stopped half way there.

Farren's probably going to rip my ear off if he finds out what I just did. Eclipse thought as she sat down. She just let hunters go when she could have killed them and the fact that they know about what she is. She sighed and shifted into her human form, with her clothes on. She bit her lip for awhile as she held onto the silver chain around her neck. She didn't really want to kill humans but how else could she live? She stood there for awhile, then quietly she looked up at the starry night sky. It calmed her instantly but she was still wondering about what to do now.

"I'm so dead." Eclipse's voice was like a robot, it held no emotion.